It was very quiet at the Vongola mansion. Most of the people living there are already in their own world, dreaming peacefully in their beds. But in one room there were two men who didn't seem to have any intentions of going to sleep. Maybe to bed but none of them was going to enter dreamland any time soon.

The two of them were currently sitting on a leather chair, one above the other, only half dressed, kissing and softly panting. The one sitting on the others lap slightly rubbed his hips against the one beneath, drew back and smiled. "You seem to be pretty aroused already, Hibari Kyoya." Said person let his hand slide up the thighs of the one above. "See who's talking Rokudo." Mukuro just laughed the way he always did and went back to kissing the man beneath him.

Suddenly Hibari pushed the man with the multi colored eyes up and turned them round so that he was now above Mukuro, standing between his thighs. "Oya, it always has to go your way Hibari, hmm?" The raven just smirked while he took off the others shirt. Mukuro looked at him, seeming to think about something and then, pushed him away. "Let's play a little game Kyoya. If I win then this night we'll do things my way." Hibari was a bit startled about being pushed away, but now he appeared to be amused. "And what kind of game would that be?" Mururo showed Hibari his best mischievous smile and then gave him a very promising look. "I'm gonna make you cum without touching you."

Hibari normally tried to seem serious and controlled, even in these kind of situations, but this time he just had to laugh out loud. Making HIM cum without touching him? Impossible. "Oya? You seem to be pretty sure of yourself Hibari Kyoya. Well then, if it doesn't work you win and everything stays the same, but if you do cum, I'll get it my way." The raven still looked very amused, but he also thought that this could be very interesting. "Fine. Get on with it."

Mukuro stood up and left Hibari in the chair. He went to the matching couch in front of the raven, took off his boxers and took a seat facing the raven. He lifted one leg on the couch so that Hibari had a perfect view of his nude body. Mukuro then started to touch himself. He let his one hand slide down to his nipples whereas his other started to stroke his length. Kyoya had to admit that Mukuro pleasuring himself was a breath taking view and that he got harder, but still, this was nothing that could make him cum. While the other was still wondering what Mukuro really had in mind, said person let go of his cock and let his hand slide farther behind to his most vulnerable spot. Slowly, he slid a single finger into his tight entrance while moaning Hibari's name. The raven swallowed, his gaze at Mukuro intense and fiery. Mukuro smirked, and seeing the number in his right eye change, Hibari got an uneasy feeling.

While the indigo haired man still smiled something was taking form beside him. Slowly Hibari recognized the features. They were those of a man, a man he knew quite well. He was very pale and slander, his indigo hair fell over his shoulder and it had the form of a pineapple. Mukuro created an illusion of himself. At first the raven was confused, but he came to understand when the illusion started to touch the real one. Mukuro leaned up and drew his faked self into a deep kiss. While they were still kissing the unreal one seated himself behind the real and let his hand wander south wards to Mukuro's thighs. Breaking the kiss the illusion stared to caress the others neck with soft kisses. Taking one of the fake's hands Mukuro took the fingers in his mouth and started to suck on them. Meanwhile, the other hand started to stroke his length. Seeing the two Mukuros making out Hibari started to think that maybe he was going to lose this game. After the creator deemed his illusions fingers wet enough he let go of the hand and guided it down to his hole. While the fingers circled around his entrance Mukuro looked up to meet Hibaris intense gaze. Hibari could still see a mischievous glint in his eyes but most of what he saw there was pure lust. The multi colored eyes didn't leave the ravens, even when the illusions finger entered his creator.

"Do you like what you see Kyoya? I defiantly like what I feel right now. Having myself kissing, caressing and fingering me feels so good." Mukuro moaned and closed his eyes when a second finger entered him. Kyoya just watched, panting hard while getting closer to his loss. When the third finger entered the illusionist threw his head back and screamed Hibari's name. His faked self thrusted its fingers in and out and turned Mukuro into a shivering and moaning mess. Watching the scene the raven got closer and closer to release, enjoying the illusionist's torture much more than he should. Suddenly the faked Mukuro withdraw his fingers and pushed his creator forward. Hibari saw the illusions cock pressing against Mukuros ass and exploded. Hearing the raven moan his name the illusionist made his creation disappear before it could enter him. Frowning at the fact that he lost this game and that he came inside his boxers Hibari looked up to see a smiling Mukuro.

"Seems like I won. I hope you still remember what you promised me?" The raven just frowned again and nodded. "Kufufufu, that's good, because I'm really looking forward to ordering you around." With that said Mukuro stood up from the couch and walked back to the chair Hibari was sitting in and placed himself once again in the others lap. 'Kiss me' was all that he said and the raven complied.