Work, work, work and work. Nearly everyone in the Vongola family had been really busy for the past few weeks. Why? Because some idiots screwed up big times in an important mission and now it was up to everyone to clean their mess up.

Especially the tenth boss and his guardians were feeling the pressure, which is exactly why Hibari Kyoya was currently sitting at his writing desk typing furiously into his notebook, cursing from time to time. He was pissed off. It wasn't him who messed up, but still had to help saving what could be saved even though everybody knew how much he hated that kind of work. He was totally okay with going and biting someone to death, but paperwork? That was so not his style.

But it had to be done. And Hibari Kyoya always took work seriously. In the end there might be harm to Namimori and he just couldn't risk that, not his beloved town. To protect Namimori he would even stare into his computer nonstop for five hours, not caring that his eyes started to hurt.

The cloud guardian cursed again, due to some typing error, when he heard the door to his room being opened. He didn't need to turn around to know who just let himself in.

"Oya, still working Hibari Kyoya? It's already past midnight." Said person finally turned to face the intruder. "You have a problem with that Rokudo?" The illusionist simply smiled at the raven's harsh voice. "Of course not. I just didn't take the fearsome cloud guardian for the type to stare into a screen for hours. Beside, you seem to have a few problems with typing." The raven growled and turned back, continuing his work.

"What are you here for herbivore?" Hibari asked even though he knew the answer. Mukuro came to him a lot lately. Well, to be correct, he didn't once visit him since everyone in the Vongola had a whole shitload of work to do. The last time he remembered was when that bastard used his illusions in such a kinky way. "Well, I decided to make a break and thought you could need one too." Here we go. Hibari was sure that the mist guardian wore his most mischievous smirk right now and damn, the illusionist's offer sounded really tempting, but the raven wasn't the type to just abandon his work for fun.

"I don't. And now go before I bite you to death." Unfortunately Mukuro would have none of this. He just went in further and let himself fall onto the couch. "Come on now Kyoya, I haven't been here in days. Let's have some fun." Hibari looked at the illusionist again. His smile was now more seductive than mischievous, the look in his eyes suggestive. Tempting, but the raven had more self control than that.

"You can try to be as seductive as you want, my answer won't change. Leave." Mukuro dropped the act and was back to being his usual self again. "Really? And here I thought you'd need some release." Hibari snorted. "What would possibly make you think that?" Now the illusionist's smile turned a little darker. "Well, I saw you giving Dino Cavallone some hot stares yesterday. I figured you were just a bit horny and I'd help you with that, but maybe you really want your former teacher to do something about it."

Hibari lifted a brow. "So what? Even if that is the case, it has nothing to do with you. I can be with whoever I want to be. I'm not obligated to you." The cloud guardian watched the other man carefully. Mukuro looked annoyed, even a tad bit pissed off. "So you wouldn't mind if I'd let someone else fuck me?" The raven simply flashed him an arrogant smile. "Of course not. Don't get me wrong, I don't loath you anymore like I used to, besides you're one of the best fucks I've ever had, probably the best, and maybe I do think that you are pretty, but that doesn't mean that I have romantic feelings for you."

Mukuro looked calm. In fact there wasn't even the tiniest evidence of his former annoyance left. "Well, if you say so." With that he stood up and walked towards the door. Hibari, satisfied with the illusionist leaving, started typing again. When he felt the dangerous vibes coming from the mist guardian it was already too late. Heavy shackles were binding the raven to his chair and before he could even try to use the power of his flames Mukuro removed his ring and let it slide into his pocket.

"What the hell? Let me go! Now!" The other ignored Hibari's demands and moved back to the couch. "Last time I sat there I got you off without even touching you." Mukuro sat down, facing Hibari. "How about we make a new bet Hibari Kyoya?" The raven growled and glared at the man across him. "About what?" Hibari's voice sounded threatening. "Well, I bet that I'm able to get you to admit that you do care." Like last time the raven just had to laugh. "I'm looking forward to see you try."

Mukuro simply smiled as to figures started to take form left and right beside him. Hibari watched closely. He couldn't believe his eyes when he could finally identify the two illusions. On the mist guardians left side was the figure of none other than Byakuran, and on the right side the illusion of the ever so pissed off Xanxus was seated.

Mukuro had to suppress a chuckle at Kyoya's shocked face. He had chosen exactly those two for his show because he knew Hibari reckoned them worthy to be his rivals together with Tsunayoshi and Mukuro himself. The mist guardian himself saw them as two Hibaris, but he wasn't going to tell him that. The thought of either Byakuran or Xanxus touching his body had him shudder, and not in a pleasurable way.

"If you want the show to stop all you have to do is to admit that you do care about me." When the raven just glared at him the illusionist shrugged and got started.

First he had faked Byakuran kiss him while the illusion of Xanxus started to unbutton his creator's shirt. Hibari couldn't do anything other than watch, and god damn him he wasn't starting to get aroused. But it wasn't only that.

He wanted to be the one to lick and bite Mukuro's neck, not Xanxus.

He wanted to be the one to explore Mukuro's mouth, not Byakuran.

He wanted to be the one to take off the illusionist's pants and boxers, not Xanxus.

And especially he wanted to be the one to stroke the mist guardian's length, not Byakuran.

Hibari was irritated. He was aroused, but it still felt so wrong. It just didn't feel right that it wasn't him who made his illusionist moan like that. It was unbelievable hot when Mukuro did all this with an illusion of himself, but with Byakuran and Xanxus? Damn it, did that mean that he really did care about that stupid and fucking hot as hell herbivore? Hibari saw faked Byakuran's fingers circle the illusionist's entrance. Shit, he did!

"I CARE!" Mukuro made his illusions stop. "I fucking care, okay? Now let those bastards disappear and untie me!" The mist guardian couldn't help himself but to smile in sweet victory yet again when he made his illusions vanish. Hibari jumped from his chair as soon as the shackles were gone and glared at the man in front of him. "How could you even do that if you care about me?" The raven really wondered about that. Mukuro did seem to be pissed off at the fact that he checked out Cavallone, so he just figured that the illusionist did care about him. It would be really embarrassing if he didn't.

"As for me, I saw two of you instead of the marshmallow freak and Mr always pissed off." Now that had Hibari dumb folded and blushing. "Kufufufu, that's a cute look on you Kyoya." The raven snapped out of it and headed towards the illusionist, stopping in between his legs to caress Mukuro's thighs. He was pissed. This damn illusionist had tricked him again. But this time he'd make sure that the other wouldn't mess with him again. "I may care about you and what you do more that I actually thought, but that doesn't mean I'll just let you off the hook for chaining me to my chair."

Hibari suddenly lent forward and pressed his lips onto Mukuro's. Pleased by the actions of the raven the illusionist parted his lips a bit for the others tongue to claim his mouth. However in the heat of the moment he didn't notice Hibari's fumbling with Mukuro's discarded pants. Only when he felt the raven's flames activate, did he realize that something was wrong, but it was too late. Hibari took hold of both of the illusionist's hands and pulled them behind his back, creating one of his handcuffs around the man's wrists while stealing the others mist ring.

"Oya? Is this your way to punish me for earlier?" Mukuro looked up at the raven; his cocky smile still in place as if he didn't care at all. He was really good at masking his uneasiness because being restrained by Hibari definitely wasn't something he ever wanted to try out, especially not when the raven was angry at him which he surely was at the moment.

Hibari didn't let the other intimidate him. He simply made his way to the illusionist's ear and started biting on it while whispering. "I simply thought you'd like to know how it feels to be cuffed. Don't you like it? Because I really like seeing you like this." The raven's mouth wandered lower to Mukuro's neck. "This time, Rokudo, we'll do everything my way. And don't expect me to hold back on you."

Hibari smirked against the others skin when he suddenly bit down. But not like usual. This time the raven bit down hard enough to penetrate the sensitive skin of the illusionist's neck with his teeth, hard enough to make Mukuro cry out in pain. Hibari licked at the wound, tracing the outline of his own teeth on the others skin with his tongue, sucking up all the blood and savoring its tasteā€¦. only to bite down again.

Mukuro had tears in his eyes when the raven finally stopped his assault. He had always been a bit of a masochist, but this was nearly too much. It was only nearly too much, because despite all the pain he was aroused. Very aroused. He loved this dangerous kind of play, loved the violence it brought with it. He loved the feeling of being restrained and at the raven's mercy. It was new and it was exciting. He couldn't help but chuckle at his new found kink.

"You still managed to enjoy that?" Hibari looked at bit surprised but it was impossible to overlook the fact that he was turned on just as much as the illusionist was. "It seems like I have to go even harder on you."

The raven then grabbed the other's hair and pulled his off the couch. Since his hands were still restrained behind his back the illusionist landed face down and with a pretty loud crash on the floor. "Now that wasn't nice Kyoya. I even bit my lip." Hibari smirked but in fact he was a bit pissed off that the illusionist could still be this nonchalant.

Mukuro was taken aback a little when he felt the other's hand tighten in his hair yet again. He was being pulled up and turned around so that he was facing the raven who was now sitting on the illusionist's previous place.

"You really did bite you lip. It's bleeding." Hibari stated as if they were having a normal conversation under normal circumstances. Mukuro really wanted to laugh at the whole situation but couldn't when the raven grabbed his chin and pulled the illusionist closer to his crotch. "Say Kyoya, do you happen to want something from me?" Despite the bruising grip on his chin Mukuro still managed to chuckle, which was muffled as soon as his face was pressed into said crotch. Now he could definitely tell that he wasn't the only one aroused in this room.

"How about you use that mouth of yours for something more productive than speaking?" The illusionist tried to say speak but with his face pressed against Hibari only a silly sounding mumble was audible. The raven smirked. He really liked where this was going. "Since you can't use your hands I guess you'll have to open my pants with your teeth and don't try anything funny if you want to be alive tomorrow." The cloud guardian had to suppress a chuckle when he heard the other man growl into his crotch.

Never the less Mukuro did what he was told. And it turned out that he was much more talented with his teeth that the raven thought. It didn't take the illusionist long to get to where Hibari wanted him. Now the last article between the mist guardian's mouth and the raven's pulsing length were silky blue boxers. Anticipating what was coming next Hibari decided to help the other with this one.

"Oya? Getting impatient, aren't we?" Mukuro smiled up to the raven, ignoring the big and hard cock before him on purpose. Hibari scowled, grabbed the illusionist's hair and yanked hard enough for the latter to open his mouth in protest. The cloud guardian used that moment to bury himself deep inside Mukuro's mouth. The fellow guardian chocked and tried to get away, but the hands on the back of his head wouldn't let him. The illusionist had no other choice than to endure the length trusting in and out, forcing him to deep throat. All he could do was try to relax and not to suffocate.

Of course Hibari noticed the other's distress but this was still punishment, so he didn't really care, not when it felt so good. Besides, the view of Mukuro on his knees before him, his hands tied behind his back, his face red with sheen of sweat and his lips swollen and bleeding around the raven's cock with drool dripping out of the corners was simply mind-blowing. Hibari had force himself not to cum this instance. Instead he pulled out of the other's mouth and let him draw in a deep breath.

Still breathing heavily Mukuro noticed that he was being lifted onto the couch, face down and ass high in the air. He could hear the raven undressing and smirked into the leather. "Kufufufu, finally coming to the best part, aren't we?" The only answer he got was a rather hard slap on his behind.

Hibari positioned himself behind the mist guardian and lent forward to nibble onto the cuffed man's ear. "Since you're still acting oh so cheeky I'll fuck you dry and without any kind of preparation. But I guess you're masochistic enough to enjoy even that." With that Hibari got back up into a sitting position, parted the illusionist's cheeks and pushed his huge cock into Mukuro's hot and tight hole.

The raven moaned when he felt the heat envelop him. The mist guardian however had to bite down onto the couch in order not to let out a pained cry. He could feel his insides tear from being stretched way too wide and it hurt. A pained whine escaped him when Hibari started to thrust in and out of him almost immediately. Would he really be able to enjoy this?

The raven knew he was hurting the other. He also knew that Mukuro didn't enjoy this one bit. He could feel that his fellow guardian's entrance has started to bleed. But he was still pissed off. So he started to thrust even harder into the man underneath him, missing the illusionist's prostate on purpose. He continued his harsh treatment for some time, but when he noticed that Mukuro has actually started to shake he stopped.

Hibari was confused. He had never had any problems with hurting other people, especially not this illusionist, so why did he feel guilty? He couldn't even enjoy himself like this. Was it because he cared for this guy? The raven growled and decided not to think about that now. Instead he pulled out of Mukuro and turned him around, letting the cuffs vanish.

"Oya? What's that supposed to mean Hibari Kyoya?" The mist guardian tried hard to keep his voice steady, but Hibari knew better. Besides, he could see the other's teary eyes now. "Shut up! You confuse me!" Hibari wanted to sound as harsh as he usually did, but he knew it didn't work out when he saw Mukuro smirking. He was a bit surprised when he felt the illusionist's hands pull his face down to meet his lips but didn't protest.

The kiss was passionate and their hands wandered up and down the others body, trying to caress every inch of skin they could reach. They were moving against each other and could clearly feel the need they shared. "Hmmm Kyoya, won't you continue what you've started?" Hibari didn't need to be told twice. He spread Mukuro's legs further apart and thrust his arousal into the illusionist's hole once more, but this time much slower and gentler. Mukuro let out a pleased moan and pulled the raven down for another kiss.

They were going quite slow for a while, kissing and caressing each other, moaning and panting in unison when the mist guardian told the other to speed up. Mukuro didn't hurt anymore. All he felt was the absolute and overwhelming pleasure from having Hibari's cock deep inside him, hitting his sweet spot with every single thrust.

The pace got constantly harder and faster until Hibari was smacking his hips against the other's with all his strength. The kisses they shared turned sloppy, saliva running down their lips as they tried to catch their breath. When the raven bit down on Mukuro's neck again the illusionist clawed his nails into Hibari's back, scratching all the way down while he cried out in pleasure, coming all over himself.

The raven grunted when he felt the already tight hole tighten around his cock even more. Only a few more thrusts and he would cum as well. Of course Mukuro knew how close Hibari's sweet release was and couldn't help but tease. "Cum inside me Kyoya! Please, fill me up with you seed!" The cheeky illusionist's dirty talking did the trick. Hibari moaned in his orgasm and Mukuro could indeed feel himself being filled before a certain cloud guardian collapsed on top of him.

"Kufufufu, hey Kyoya, did you notice? In the end I got you to abandon your paperwork, admit that you care about me and to satisfy me. Looks like another sweet victory for me." Hibari growled. "Sweet victory? As far as I remember you got hurt pretty bad in the process." The raven could feel Mukuro's chuckle more than he heard it. "Actually, it wasn't that bad. You know best that I like it hard and fast. You were the one who predicted that I'd like it, weren't you?"

Hibari sat up and looked down onto the other. "Liar. You even cried." Mukuro smirked up at him. "Did I?" At first the raven was confused but then it hit him. "You damn herbivore! You were only pretending? Testing how I'd react?" Mukuro just had to laugh this time. "Well, at least now I know that you can be really sweet when you want to." Hibari glared down at him as if he could attack any moment, but then he smirked. "It seems like I have to punish you again." Mukuro laughed again and welcomed the others lips. "By the way, if you ever pull something like this illusion again or even worse, in reality, I'll go and kill those two herbivores."