Hiiiii everyone! I can't believe I'm putting out another story after so long. FFN has become something of a comfort for me -I come back to it during times of stress or depression and seeing as I'm entering my senior year of college soon (can't believe it!), I'm becoming more than a little freaked out. So I've gotten back into reading fanfiction, but mostly DBZ, and the thirty or so fanfictions I've read in the past two weeks have inspired me to crank something out :)

This will be, as always, a Usagi-focused piece. My writing has changed quite a bit since the last time I updated -I don't know if I should call it 'mature' or 'better', just 'different'. Regardless, I may or may not jump back to my previous fics and try and update them, but let's keep our fingers crossed for now, ne? I hope you enjoy! I have about three chapters' worth written out right now so don't think that this is all you'll be getting from me lol!

Beep… Beep. .. Beep… Beepbeep… Beebeepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeep!

Usagi squinted at the screen of her computer as the beeping got more and more annoying. The small blue contraption was projecting a hologram of a map, sharp ridges and abrupt dips an accurate display of her environment. A yellow spot blinked feverishly right before her. She chanced a look down the valley and gulped uncomfortably. The drop was steep and faded into darkness, empty and quiet. She squinted harder, looking back at the map Mercury's computer displayed. Leaning further into the chasm allowed her to see something glimmering against the cliff-face, catching the fading rays of the sun and throwing them back. She grinned. That was exactly what she was looking for; just to make sure, she closed her eyes and did a quick energy reading of her surroundings. Sure enough, she felt the warm glow of her goal below.

Usagi grunted and swung herself over the cliff, her arms grabbing onto loose rocks and the scraggly plants that had dared to plant themselves on the cliff face. She climbed down quickly and efficiently; clearly, she had done this many a time. A small ledge allowed her a brief respite. She calculated the distance to the glimmer below. Maybe another twenty feet. She opened her canteen and took two quick sips of water; she had to allocate the right amount because water was hard to come by in this area. With a sigh, she began her climb once again. The object of interest to her lay in a bed of thin grass on a short ledge, rooted strongly to the rocks. She smiled to herself as her fingertips touched the golden-yellow orb, two small stars dotting the surface. It flared briefly to life, engulfing her in a glow, as if welcoming home its master.

"Yes!" she cheered as she placed the small orb into her knapsack. The cliff was cast further into darkness all of a sudden and she looked up. The sun was setting; a few reddish rays of sun highlighted the tip of the precipice. She bit her lip. Darkness would be hard, if not impossible, to navigate through, especially on something as tricky as a cliff, and she could barely see her hands in front of her. But she didn't want to be stuck on a ledge with barely enough room for her toes for the rest of the night. A sigh escaped her lips. There was only one option left; she had been keeping on the down low since coming to Chikyuu, but she highly doubted something as simple as light would set off warning bells to the planet's inhabitants. She closed her eyes and her forehead burned as a cool light washed over the rocks, glowing with a golden up-turned crescent. Her lips pursed grimly, she scrabbled up the cliff as quickly as she could; this part went much quicker than her descent and she silently thanked whoever was watching over her for it. She pulled herself over the edge with one final heave and collapsed on the ground, arms flung wide, face turned toward the stars. This planet had no moon and she missed it dearly. Any moon would be enough for her to feel less lonely, less like a stranger.

"Senshi," she breathed, closing her eyes as the faces of her nearest and dearest friends came to her mind's eye. They would undoubtedly be looking high and low for her but she was light-years away from their solar system. They would never find her here and she would never return without the right technology. No, she hadn't realized how far behind Earth was in terms of universal technology. They were a blissfully unaware planet, tucked away in an unnoticeable corner of the galaxy. Suddenly, she felt like crying. She wasn't meant to be on her own. She thrived around people who loved her, who cared for her. Here, she had none of that. She was a survivor in every sense of the word. She felt hopelessly alone, unable to connect with the people on this planet. After all, who would be able to understand her? She was a princess of her solar system; sole bearer of the Silver Crystal, a powerful existence yearned for by nearly everyone in the universe; she had protected her planet like no other, suffering pain and torture and death so many times that she had lost track. And her duties would soon expand from her galaxy to that of the universe.

The stars here were unfamiliar and did little to comfort her. She wiped away her tears and sat up. Crying wouldn't get her back home. It certainly wouldn't get her friends to her. Away from the moon, her Silver Crystal didn't work and she still hadn't figured out how to turn it back on, let alone use it. So that left her to her wits alone. She wasn't very smart but survival was etched in her bones. She was one of the last Sailor Senshi in the universe. And her job was to protect it. Survival was intrinsic to her being, as she had found after she was kidnapped. She would definitely make it.


The city bustled with people of all kinds. Humans here were as humans anywhere, with a few key differences. Some of them resembled animals, and she took them to be aliens or perhaps halfbreeds of some sort. And some of them were incredibly off-the-charts powerful. More powerful than her in her current state, even special powers, though she figured her senshi could match them pretty well. But she trusted herself to be able to handle them in any case. Here, on Chikyuu, they had hover cars and capsulated anything. It was rather incredible, really –the technology rivaled that of Mercury's during the Silver Alliance. Usagi pulled her cap down over her head as low as she could go, hoping her golden strands didn't stand out too much –a shocker, really, given that bright red and purple and green were considered normal here.

Money wasn't easy to come by, either. She earned most of it doing odd jobs that would provide her with enough cash to last a day or two. Dishwashing here, cleaning cars there, scrimping in every way possible. She didn't feel ashamed about her dirty clothes or the fact that her hair didn't shine as brightly as it used to –all of it attested to her strength and her willingness to survive. So it was with a grim smile that she entered the grocery store, heading straight for the clearance items. She found cans of tomato and vegetable soup and a few heavy packages of meat about to expire alongside some boxes of pasta and tomato sauce. There was even an entire chocolate cake for a few coins. Enough food to get her through the week. She smiled. It would amount only to a few bills and she would have enough to spend on some new clothes. The cashier gave her a disgusted look but she ignored it, handing over the money proudly. She would feast this week.

It was rather hot outside, with the summer sun beating down mercilessly. Her cotton training pants and tee did little to ward off the heat and she missed her cute sundresses and school uniform from her home. There would be ice cream and milkshakes and long walks with her friends, exploring every inch of the city. She smiled a little to herself. Chikyuu wasn't bad. It was enough like Earth that Usagi figured it was an alternate universe rather than a different part of the galaxy. A group of little kids laughed loudly as they chased one another down the street, their parents worriedly yelling after them. A city was a city was a city, regardless of where you went. The same parents would care for the same children. Society would exist with strange traditions and taboos. And time would go on as generations rebirthed and cycled and fell into soil. The circle of life, indeed.

Back at her 'home', comprised merely of sturdy Capsule Corps metal that created a large enough tent to have a bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom, she pushed her groceries into her mini-fridge and cabinets and set out to cook the meat on the single gas burner. Her house was situated as the edge of a forest, a few dozen feet away from a stream that swelled during the rainy season. She bought what food she could and foraged and hunted for the rest. Fish were plentiful, as were fruits and greens, and she was sometimes lucky enough to take down a bird or wild boar. It was a simple life and she didn't mind it much, although the loneliness became unbearable sometimes. As it were, her home was on the fringes of society, at a place that anyone rarely ever came across.

So it came as a great surprise when she felt two strong auras nearing her home as she cooked her slab of meat. She thought quickly and turned off the stove, running outside to apprehend the intruders. Her eyes widened at the site before her. Large craters dotted the once-green fields. The intruders were giving off so much raw power –it rolled off of them in waves and spikes and they manipulated their energy into densely packed attacks, much like those of her and her senshi. From the looks of it, one was a bulky man, perhaps in his late 20s or early 30's and the other was a young girl, perhaps at her mid-teen years. And the girl was getting beaten. The man hounded down on her with no mercy and the girl struggled to ward off the powerful blows. Usagi bit her lip. She didn't want to immerse herself in their battle but her heart just wouldn't let her. With a resolute sigh, she entered her home again, only to look back. The girl was lying on the ground, her breathing shallow, as the man loomed over her. She cursed her inability to leave people alone.

"Hey! Hey you!" Usagi called out. She ran towards them. "Stop picking on her and find someone your own size!" The man looked at her in surprise, his figure tense. Usagi shoved him back; it took far more strength than usual, but he did stumble and fall on his butt. She placed herself between the poor young girl and her attacker, her body on edge and in a fighting position; she knew that any fight she started here and now would likely end in failure. The man grinned, easy-going, his hands up in surrender. She narrowed her eyes in suspicion, her gaze scraping over the girl's body while looking at him out of the corner of her eyes. The young girl was pretty and delicate, with straight black hair, though her beauty was currently marred with bruises and bumps of various sizes. She could barely breathe and Usagi could feel her life-force draining quickly. "Who are you?" she snapped harshly at the man. The girl needed emergency care. Usagi bent down to feel her pulse. It was becoming faint.

"I can help her," the man said quickly, rising. "We were just sparring. Let me, or she might die."

"Not on my watch," Usagi snarled. "Stay right where you are."

"You don't understand –" the man stepped toward her, and in her fright, Usagi let her power surge. She could feel that her eyes glowed with warning and she suppressed it quickly. The man backtracked, his eyes wide in awe. Usagi ignored him, knowing that that kind of power was nothing to be astonished about –they emitted energy signatures far, far above her own. She pressed her hands into the girl's chest, a maneuver so familiar to her that it brought a wave of aching homesickness through her body. She pushed it aside and chi flowed from her fingertips, engulfing the young girl as skin and bone and flesh melded together. The girl was fully healed. Usagi stood and faced the man again.

"What is your business with her?" Usagi sorely wished she could become Sailor Moon here –the skimpy outfit hid her better than anything else and gave her the confidence she usually lacked.

"Uhh, hi!" the man replied cheerfully, as if he hadn't just beat up a girl and left her to die. "I'm Goku! Nice to meet you." He laughed awkwardly and scratched the back of his neck. Usagi tensed, her body ready to pounce at the slightest movement. The girl below her began to stir and moaned. "You see, that's my grand-daughter! We were just sparring…" Usagi shot him a look that clearly said she didn't believe him.

"Are you ok?" her voice was soft and gentle when she spoke to the girl. The girl blinked her eyes as she came to consciousness.

"What the…." She bolted upright. "I feel great!" She sprang up and did jumping jacks. "Amazing! Did you give me two beans, Gramps?" Goku laughed at that and said no. Usagi felt fear grip her as she came to realize her miscalculation. This was bad. This was terrible. She wanted to bury her head in the sand. Damn it. Months of hiding and it came to an end because of some fucking spar –she refused to believe it.

"You're joking right? You beat your grand-daughter to a pulp for some stupid spar?" Usagi began to hyperventilate. She bit her lip harder, drawing blood this time.

"Who's this?" the girl asked curiously. She peered at Usagi, her eyes as dark as her pretty hair. "I'm Pan!" the girl stuck her hand out. Usagi took it hesitantly shaken.


"Bunny? I love bunnies!" Pan grinned. "This is Goku. He's my grandpa!" Usagi nodded, feeling a little lightheaded.

Goku gave her a comforting smile, as if he realized her fear. "It's nice meeting you, Usagi. Where are you from?" She recognized his gentle interrogation –he knew she wasn't from around here. After all, who could heal injuries like that? She racked her brains for an adequate answer.

"Oh!" she giggled nervously. "I live right there." She pointed at her tent. Goku followed her finger and nodded. "I'm new around here. Would you like to come in for some tea and cookies?" She nearly hit herself. Why wouldn't her blabbering mouth just shut it?

Goku grinned and Usagi faintly wondered if she had made a mistake. "Food? Sure! I'd love some, I'm starving!" Usagi couldn't help but grin at that. Few others could match her ravenous appetite. They were good guys, that was for sure, so what harm could come from a little company? It had been so long since she had shared a meal with someone else, days that had faded into months. The slabs of meat were large enough to feed a family of ten, but Usagi would have finished it in maybe three days, if she rationed herself. Her guests were more important though. She could forego her food for any sort of company. She invited them into her sparse home, where a small table and two chairs sat pushed against one corner and a sofa facing a tiny flickering TV took up the other side. The kitchen took the third wall and a tiny hallway led to a small room with just a cot and a dresser. She felt no shame in presenting them her home, something she had earned through her own sweat for the first time in her life. She was surviving, thriving even.

"Since you guys are so hungry, I'll just serve dinner. I have some meat on the stove as well as soup. I'll put some rice on, too! Here, sit wherever you like." She beamed happily at them. Pan and Goku both smiled and settled into her comfy couch. She bustled about the kitchen, preparing what little food Makoto had taught her to make. The meat had seared perfectly, charred on the outside and medium-rare within, blanketed with savory spices and smothered with a can of cream of mushroom soup she had tweaked with seasoning and onions. Pan and Goku watched TV silently, clearly exhausted, as she put dinner on the table. She stepped back and smiled. Even two years ago, she would not have been able to do this much. She had realized the depth of her dependency when she first came here, but the lessons her senshi taught her weren't futile. They stuck with her and small memories would pop up, pockets of advice, whenever she faced an obstacle.

"Goku, Pan, dinner's served!" Usagi ushered them to the table, setting down a citrus punch she had made from the fruit she collected a few days before. "I know it's not much, and I'm sorry I can't offer more, but I hope you enjoy it!" Goku's eyes widened at the mountains of meat and rice. She had figured that they probably ate a tremendous amount, given the sheer power of their energy signature.

"It looks delicious! Thank you for your generosity!" Pan clapped her hands as she settled down into the table. Goku hadn't even bothered to say anything, merely dug in with a gusto that outdid hers by a lot. She stared wide-eyed for a moment as the food simply disappeared, then laughed, sitting in the third chair she pulled from her room. Pan ate immense amounts as well, but was no match for Usagi's appetite. They barely talked, merely scarfed down the cliff of food until it was reduced to crumbs. Usagi couldn't keep the smile off of her face. She felt so happy to have people sit and eat with her, all manners and customs pushed aside, just enjoying company. Her eyes pricked with tears. She didn't even know the first thing about them, just their names and that they were powerful and related, but the companionship was so unexpected and felt so right. She had boxed herself away in self-preservation, but perhaps that wasn't the right thing to do. After all, she was the type of person who thrived on attention, on people –she was a Princess.

"I'm glad you liked it!" Usagi beamed at them.

"It was good," Goku said with a kind smile. He leaned back in his chair, completely relaxing, but Usagi could see strength curling through his lax muscles, that he was always weary and watchful despite his happy nature. Battle-scarred. That's what Goku was. How like her and her senshi, and yet, so different. She wondered if he had died before, like she did on a regular basis. She wondered if like her, he had used every ounce of his energy, every last breath, in keeping his world safe. His demeanor changed and he became a little more serious, straightening in his chair. "So, Usagi, tell us your story. What are you doing on Chikyuu?"

Well, this is more of a prologue-ish thing. The way that I've written it (I have 30 pages now) makes it ridiculously long but I'm inspired for now, so there'll be plenty more to come. Each chapter is about 5 to 6 pages for me (I try to keep the lengths consistent). The start is a little weak, and I apologize for that.

I know people get excited about pairings the most, but this one will be slow to develop and I'm not sure how much I want to involve romance. Knowing me, it's more than likely this will end up romance or relationship focused ^^; The love interest, however, can be just about anyone -the usual Trunks or Goten, and even the married men of DBZ lol. I'll have to see just how this progresses... I want it to focus more on Usagi's development into a regal queen. Her age is somewhere around 20 or 21 here, just a heads up since I haven't mentioned it at all anywhere in my story as of yet.

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