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Pairing: Minato/Kagome

Rated: T

Dedicated to: Whispering Kage (for patiently putting up with all my demands)

Namikaze Minato was not a particularly curious man – but, in this case, he couldn't help but to be so.

"Naruto," The Yondaime Hokage patiently addressed his son, "Who is this?" He smiled warmly, trying to appear a little more approachable to the young girl as he knew meeting the leader of a ninja village could be a little more than intimidating.

Naruto grinned foxily, "This is Kagome-chan!" He happily introduced, snickering as Kagome almost shyly looked away from his Father and kicked bashfully at the grass with her boot, "She's Sasuke's little sister!" He whispered not-so-quietly, "She's waaaaay better than the Teme!"

'Blue eyes?' Minato questioned mentally, noting that she was an Uchiha yet had such rare eyes, "It is good to finally meet you, Kagome-chan," He said cheerfully, "It's not too often that Tsunade takes on another student."

"She's the best Medic-nin since Sakura-chan!" Naruto boasted proudly, patting Kagome's roughly when she merely muttered something under her breath.

"I'm not that good," Kagome spoke up in a soft voice, finally making eye-contact with Minato, "But, it's nice to meet you, Hokage-sama." She said respectfully, bowing her head.

She blinked and tensed and felt her pale cheeks heat when Minato patted her silky black hair with sincerity, "Call me Minato," He said good-heartedly, "There's no need for 'sama'."

He couldn't resist the urge to smile when Kagome flushed and stuttered something at his words and he unconsciously thought that the much younger girl was just as beautiful as his red-haired and fiery wife, Uzumaki Kushina.

It was a dangerous road to follow...

But Minato liked the danger.