A/N: Okay, a few notes before we start. First off, I want to apologize if Austria seems a little OOC, if he is, it's because Spain has an infectious personality. This takes place during the Hapsburg agreement. And with other fics set in this time, I've noticed they have had the royals get married, but not Spain and Austria. So, I'm going to switch it up and have the nations actually get married. Also, the bad touch trio is already formed. I know it comes later, but, I think it'd be interesting to have. Sorry if there is some historical inaccuracies, I'm trying.

Multi-chapter, SpainxAustria, PrussiaxAustria, Unrequited SpainxFrance, Bad Touch Trio, Human names used.

Roderich fell onto the bed as Gilbert had collapsed on top of him. They had just finished a night of passion and rough sex, something Gilbert was rather accustomed to. He had always told the smaller man, sex was best when rough. That may have been all well and good for Gilbert, but, for Roderich it could be rather painful. The albino liked to bite, hard, and was not a fan of using lubricant when they made love. Roderich laughed inwardly, sometimes he felt like a fool when he called it making love. It wasn't making love, it was fucking, pure, simple, and crass. But, that was the way things were, and it seemed the Prussian was happy with it.

Roderich sighed and looked over to the crimson eyed man, tugging the covers over his naked form. "Gilbert, this will be our last time." He said softly, turning to look at the wall. It was harder to say those words then he thought it would be. He had become quite fond of the albino, despite their fights and harsh words. He was a fool, and he knew it. Gilbert didn't give a damn about him, he was just a good fuck. And that's all the albino should be to him.

Gilbert raised an eyebrow as he looked over to his fuck buddy, lighting a cigarette as he did so. "What? Why is this the last time? You to good for me or something Roddy?" The albino spat out, immediately thinking it had something to do with the aristocrat being to stuck up to stay with him.

Roderich sighed and shook his head. "No…no, it has nothing to do with that." He pinched the bridge of his nose and put his glasses back on. "I guess Antonio didn't tell you." The brunette said softly, putting a hand on the albino's shoulder.

"No, what the hell does Antonio have to do with this!" He spat out, wondering what exactly his lover and friend had in common. When the brunette didn't say anything he grew angrier. "What the fuck does Antonio have to do with this Roderich!" He yelled, grabbing the Austrian's wrist, pulling him to his bare chest.

"Antonio and I are getting married!" He cried out, his eyes wide as the grip on his wrist grew tighter. "Gilbert please…you are hurting me! Unhand me at once!" He commanded, looking at the older man.

"Why the fuck are you getting married! To Spain no less!" The albino asked, narrowing his eyes at the cowering brunette. He felt betrayed, betrayed by his lover, who he was falling in love with. Yes, the awesome Gilbert Beilschmidt, was in love with the stuck up priss, Roderich Edelstien. Sometimes he couldn't fully believe it had happened. His once worst enemy, the little bitch that constantly made him look like a moron, had captured his heart. On the other end, one of his best friends, Antonio, was screwing him over too, and not in the good way. He, Antonio, and Francis had a tight bond. The three were rather good friends, causing mischief together, battling together. And now, he was being stabbed in the back, betrayed by those closest to him.

"Gilbert…please say something." Roderich said softly, looking at his bed partner. "It isn't like I want to marry him, it's merely an alliance. We are to be wed in the House of Hapsburg within the week." He added, seeing a sad look briefly fill Gilbert's eyes.

The older man frowned and got up from the bed, grabbing his things. "Whatever, you're a fucking hure anyways." The Prussian said cruelly, glaring back at the brunette. "You were a shitty fuck, hope you enjoy being pounded into a bed by Spain." He added, moving to leave the door. He heard the brunette cry out for him, but he ignored it. He was going to leave and not look back, he couldn't let Roddy see the hurt in his eyes.

Francis frowned as he followed Spain to his Villa. It was a lovely home, a perfect view of the ocean, a place he knew his friend was rather fond of. Antonio was an explorer, loving to go out onto the sea with his armada. Whether it be finding treasures, or conquering nations, the tanned man loved claiming the old, and discovering the new. But at the moment, the blond wasn't very happy with his old friend. He had just gotten word that Antonio would be taking a bride, an Austrian bride.

Francis had never been too fond of Roderich. He found the man to be rather cold and proper, not deserving such a passionate nation such as Spain. He on the other hand was equally, or even more passionate than his Latin friend. They would make a much better match than Antonio and that…ice queen. "I can't believe you are marrying Austria." Francis said, looking at his friend as he opened a bottle of wine.

"Well mi amigo, that was not my choice, it is merely a marriage of means. But, I must say, Roderich is muy bonita." He purred, winking at his friend. Although not as hyper sexual as his French friend, Antonio was known for appreciating beauty, especially when that beauty was in his bed.

Francis scoffed and narrowed his eyes at his friends. "I hardly agree, plus, don't you think Gilbert will be angry? You are taking his amant." He purred, hoping that would get the Spaniard thinking about his marriage. Both he and Antonio knew about Gilbert's relationship. And though the albino always claimed it was just a good fuck, neither of them believed it.

"I'm sure Gilbert will understand, it's not like I'm doing this on purpose." Antonio said, looking at the French man. "And if I do end up taking Roderich to my bed, it is merely to consummate the marriage." The tanned man said simply, looking over at his friend. He knew Gilbert would be angry, but, he had to understand. This alliance with Austria would give him more power, and with more power he could help his friends. He felt a smile reach his lips though, it would be rather nice to taste that porcelain skin, touch those soft pink lips. He had often found himself looking at the brunette during meetings, noticing his beauty. It wouldn't be a burden to take the aristocrat to bed.

"You know, you are always welcome to take me to bed Antonio." The blond purred, moving to caress a tan cheek.

Antonio sighed and ignored the gesture. He knew Francis had feelings for him, sexual feelings. But, he only had feelings for the blond as a friend. He shook his head and fished a ring out of his pocket. He wordlessly examined it, watching as Francis peered over his shoulder.

"What is that?" He asked, taking a moment to look at it, a realization coming to his head. "You bought him a ring!" He snapped, looking shocked as he examined it further. It was beautiful, a gold band encrusted with rubies, and a large diamond sticking out of the middle. "How much did that cost you?" He continued, feeling jealousy run through his system.

"I didn't buy it, I found it. When I was sailing around the Black Sea, I discovered a cave that had some interesting knickknacks in it. I saw this, and thought it would be a perfect ring to give to someone. Of course, this was before I knew I was to be engaged. So, it is merely good luck that I have this ring for my bride." Antonio said, thinking about how it would look on his fiancée. He smiled as he imagined placing the ring on those pale fingers, the shocking colors of the ring making the snow white skin glow.

Francis wished he could just throw the ring into the deepest part of the ocean. His dislike for Roderich was growing, and he wasn't going to stand for this. But he had a feeling Gilbert wasn't going to give up quite easily either.

Roderich looked back at the manor as his things were loaded into the carriage. They were heading out to a small town near Vienna. Joanna of Castile, the human marrying Philip I, the human monarch of Spain, was getting in her own personal carriage, looking as nervous as he felt.

Their was to be two weddings, one the public would see, the marriage of the royals of Spain and Austria. The other, the marriage of the actual nations, a ceremony a select few would see. The brunette sighed, several other nations would be at his wedding. He knew that North and South Italy would attend, along with Holy Roman Empire, and Hungary. But, to his dismay, he had a feeling the other two members of the trio would be in attendance. His future husband was good friends with France, a perverted bastard, and Prussia…his ex-lover. It was almost an absolute that they would be there, and he had no idea how that would work out. The trio was know for causing trouble, and to make things worse, Gilbert did not leave him on a good note.

Roderich made his way inside the carriage, giving the motion for it to go. He put a hand to his cheek, feeling a tear fall from his eyes. He was nervous, more nervous than he had ever been in his life. He was about to marry the best friend of his ex-lover. This wouldn't be so difficult if Gilbert hadn't wormed his way into his heart. That damn bastard, always messing up his life!

Gilbert frowned as he arrived at the town the wedding was taking place at. He caught sight of Francis and Antonio talking and stomped over there, wanting to confront his 'friend'.

Francis was first to see the Albino and smirked. Gilbert looked furious, the way he walked and the expression on his face only to what France perceived. "Gilbert, mon ami, are you excited for the wedding?" He asked, watching as the man's expression grew angrier.

"Shut up Francis, I want to talk to Antonio alone." He spat out, daring the blond to refuse his command.

Francis seemed to get the idea and made his exit, going to bug another poor country in search for a cure for boredom.

Antonio raised an eyebrow as he saw his German friend move over to him. The man didn't look very happy, and he already knew why. But, it was best to play dumb. He didn't need his wedding ruined. "What's the problem Gilbert?" He asked, watching as the Austrian carriage was arriving.

"You know damn well what my problem is! What the fuck Antonio! You already knew I had my stake in him!" He yelled, watching as the object of his affection get out of the carriage. Gilbert frowned, feeling himself swallow hard as he watched Roderich walk over to a group of people, starting to chat with them. The man looked regal as usual, a blue jacket with gold buttons, and a white silk cravat wrapped around his graceful neck. His black pants were hidden above the knee, the rest of his leg taken up by a pair of leather riding boots. Basically, what the albino was trying to get at was, Roderich looked beautiful.

Antonio was also aware of how nice the brunette looked, taking his time to stare openly at his bride. He shook his head and got back to business, turning his head to look at Gilbert. "Gilbert, it is a marriage of means. I didn't want to take him away from you, but with this union, I will get more power." He said, watching as Gilbert still had a frown etched across his face.

"Yeah, well why don't you try telling me that when you fuck him after the wedding." The albino snapped back, running nimble fingers through his hair.

"Why do you care anyways? You always said he was just a good fuck. Their was never any amor with him, never any pasión." A thick Spanish accent stated, narrowing intense green eyes at his friend.

Gilbert scoffed, smirking at the insinuation the Spaniard was making. It seemed Antonio really had no idea of their nights together. "He was just a good fuck, but, I don't enjoy having what's mine stolen. I'm a greedy man, you know that." He said simply, forcing himself not to look over at Roderich.

Bells were heard ringing throughout the hills, signifying for those in attendance to enter the church. The bride and groom still had to get ready for their wedding, and the ceremony was to be held in a number of hours.

Antonio smiled and patted his friend on the shoulder. "We will talk about this after the wedding Gilbert, I hope you enjoy the ceremony." The brunette said, moving to join the others in the church.

The Prussian frowned and saw Roderich from a window, he was obviously in his changing room. He smirked and moved to see his ex-lover. This wasn't over, not by a long shot. Even if the pair did get married, marriages did often end.

A/N: German Translations: Hure = Whore

French Translations: Mon ami = My friend

Amant = Lover

Spanish Translations: Mi amigo = My friend

Muy Bonita = very pretty

Amour = Love

Pasión = Passion