I was late, rather late, and Gilbert knew inside of the large manor was his heart's desire. He took in a deep breath and tried to find some way to scale up the wall. He knew Antonio was gone, leaving the Austrian alone, hopefully naked in bed. He smirked when he thought of that. Climbing up this wall would be worth just a glimpse of the brunette naked again. "Of course Priss would want his room on the very top floor." The Prussian muttered to himself, finding a garden vine leading to an open window. He slowly started to climb, and soon enough, he was rewarded with a beautiful sight.

Roderich was sleeping, covered in silk sheets, his dark locks sprawling over his forehead. His breathing seemed relaxed, and every once in a while he would let out a small moan. Gilbert smiled, he always loved watching the brunette sleep. He looked so…perfect. Tentatively he made his way into the window, softly padding across the marble floors.

"Gott, you're gorgeous." The Prussian whispered, tucking a piece of hair behind the Austrian's ear. "I want you…more than anything."

Gilbert was finding it hard to keep himself in control. Really, he could just jump the man and take what he wanted. But, he had a feeling that wouldn't go over well with Roderich. He bit his lower lip as he tried to think of something romantic to do. He wasn't known for romance. He was Prussia damnit! He was a warrior, not some pansy Casanova like Francis.

"Gotta think of something." He whispered, smirking when he thought of the perfect, most awesome thing to say. "I must be dreaming, because I swear I see an angel sleeping right in front of me." He said, thinking he sounded suave and debonair.

The Austrian stirred when he heard the voice and let his amethyst eyes slowly open. In his sleep depravity he was thinking his husband was back early. "Tonio? Mn…come to bed." He slurred out, letting out a cute moan as he opened the covers for the man to get in. "Hurry…I'm cold…"

Gilbert couldn't believe the luck he was getting. Though it was morally wrong, he couldn't help it. Here he was, being invited into a hot 'maiden's' bed, who was he to turn that down?Of course mein liebe." He purred, toeing off his boots and taking off his uniform jacket. "Wouldn't want meine prinzessin to get cold, now would I?"

"Nein…it must have been cold…out at sea…poor liebling…" Roderich said, still basically asleep. He didn't even notice the difference in voice, or even the difference in body type.

"It's cold without you." The albino said in a husky whisper, moving to run his hands down the Austrian's form. "You make my heart beat." He added, gently pressing a kiss to his love's neck.

"Nein…tired…hold me…" Came a small squeak, Roderich's body moving as he cuddled in the blankets.

"Of course." With that, Gilbert gently wrapped his arms around his sleeping beauty and let his eyes close. Was this wrong? Perhaps. But, did it feel right, oh hell yes it did.

The next morning came to soon, and Gilbert felt himself let out a groan as the sun hit his eyes. He sighed and looked to the brunette in his arms, still sleeping soundly. Really, he should leave before Roderich woke up, but, he wanted that kiss he promised. Even if the brunette was half asleep and thinking he was Antonio when he made it.

"Baby, wake up." Gilbert said, gently caressing the brunette as he tried to wake him up.

Roderich frowned and opened his eyes. "Huh?" Violet eyes quickly went wide when he saw who was in bed with him. "GILBERT!" He screamed, covering his form with the sheets. "What are you doing in my bed!" He added, demanding to know.

"I couldn't help myself, if anything, it's your own fault for looking so attractive." Gilbert pointed out, leaning in to get that kiss. "Now, where is that kiss you promised me last night?"

"Nein! I'm not kissing you! How dare you just come into my marital bed and pretend to be my husband!" Roderich shrieked, slapping the man across the face.

"Verdammt! That hurt!" The Prussian snapped, holding his now red cheek. "I know you are a wildcat, but, keep it in bed baby."

By now the Austrian was fuming. He ripped the covers off of his body and stalked over to the albino. 'Get out! After everything you've done to me you expect me to just fall into your arms! Nein! Not again Gilbert. You already told me all I was only a good lay. Well, that's over, I'm a married man and I'm not going back to you!"

"I love you." Gilbert sputtered out, looking away from the aristocrat. "I-I…think about you everyday…I…fantasize about you…I…long for you damnit!" He snapped, deciding this whole Casanova thing wasn't working. So, he might as well just embrace who he was. He shot his hand out and grabbed Roderich's wrist, pulling the Austrian to his chest. "I love you. I'd do anything to prove it to you."

"Really? Well, how do you plan on doing that?" The brunette asked, scoffing as he tried to get away from the other man.

With what seemed like a swift motion, the Prussian grabbed the other and pressed a passionate kiss to his lips. His arms wrapped around Roderich's lithe waist, and he tried to convey everything he couldn't say in that kiss. Once he pulled away, he tilted the brunette's chin up and took in a deep breath. "Like that. I've never kissed anyone else like that before. That should say something. Now, what do you have to say specs? Are you going to push me away? Or, are you going to admit you want me just as much as I want you?"

"Y-You…bastard!" Roderich cried out, feeling his cheeks flush with the confession. "You…always make me do something stupid." With that, the brunette tugged the Prussian down into his marital bed, and spread open his legs. "You're the devil."

Gilbert smirked and leaned to whisper in his lover's ear. "And you're an angel, opposites attract. Now, I believe your husband is gone for three months? That gives me plenty of time to corrupt you."