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With This Ring

by Sceaduw

{Part I}

Perseverance was a crucial factor to success. Together with a bit of creativity and careful planning, even when facing mission impossible, a person could still claim final victory. Sheril Kamelot was that person. The man was proud to admit his success. Of course he would, he was, afterall, a cunning minister of a great empire and also a senior in the godly Noah Family. He wiped the tears from the corner of his eyes as he escorted the princely bridegroom up the aisle.

His brother, Tyki Mikk, was finally going to leave the bachelor status.

So many daughters of kings and dukes would cry over him getting married. Sheril had been waiting for this moment. He was so proud of Tyki. For too long he had prayed to the Earl, he almost gave up. Today's triumph, this magical moment, was earned by his persistent devotion to his little brother's welfare. He knew his brother would come to his senses. Sheril was equally proud of himself. Maybe with good fortune, soon, he would have a niece as lovely as Road.

He looked over to his precious daughter who was sitting at the front row, wearing a purely white gown. He nearly swooned when Road smiled at him, giving him a little wave. She was too gorgeous, too radiant, too perfect! Road was a little goddess! He trembled from the awesome idea of Road growing up and becoming an elegant and beautiful lady. Then he shivered at the awful thought of Road's turn to walk up this little path. He wanted to cry and he did.

"Come on, brother! There's no need to get all emotional!" said Tyki, trying to calm Sheril down. "We'll be visiting you often, so please don't cry!"

"Tyki! I-I-I..."

"There, there, don't spoil my moment, okay? Pull yourself together!"

Tyki patted Sheril on the shoulder with a shaky hand while forcing out a grin. Sheril could tell Tyki was nervous too. Who wouldn't? It was his big day. Sheril smiled and blew his nose with his handkerchief. His brother was so handsome and dashing, and a little grin was all it took to cheer him up instantly.

If, and only if, Road had to be married one day, if she must and was hopelessly in love with that god damned lucky man, her man had better be more magnificent than Tyki Mikk. Sheril was feeling all better now, knowing there would never be anyone more splendid than his brother. Knowing the shrew Lenalee Lee had claimed Allen Walker, he would no longer be a threat to Road. That brat of a Noah, Neah, was never good enough to be Road's companion at the very beginning to start with. Road's too royal for him!

Tyki frowned as Sheril tried hard to suppress his laughter.

"Hey, are you alright?"

"Yes, I'm fine, my dear brother."

"Are you sure?"

"As sure as God made us Noahs more superior!"

Sheril had never felt happier in his life. He touched the ring in his pocket. It was sitting safely there. Everything was perfect! His brother was getting married and his daughter was never going to be. They were going to be one big happy family! He felt he was the luckiest man on Earth!

Speaking of being lucky, Sheril turned towards the grand entrance of the cathedral as guests suddenly hushed down, ready to behold the unearthly beauty of the blessed woman. The divine lady who Tyki had chosen to become one with.

"Sheril... there's something I need to tell you-"

The best man stole a glance at the bridegroom. The groom was so nervous that he was actually sweating. Sheril smiled at Tyki's reactions. He knew his brother would come to appreciate and understand his care one day. Now was that day.

"It's alright, Tyki. You're my brother, I will do anything that is best for you! There's no need to thank me. Now's your moment! Brace yourself! She's going to enter any minute now!"

"Sheril, I-"

"I know!"

"But I-"

"I know, Tyki, I know! I'm proud of you too!"

"Sheril, about the bride-"

"Yes, I know, she's your goddess! The love of your life!" Sheril gave Tyki a little wink.

"No Sheril! There's something you must know!" Tyki hissed.

"What is it?" Sheril picked up something in Tyki's voice. He could feel an 'uh-oh' creeping up. Now was not the time to panic, Sheril instructed himself. He hadn't met this girl before, so there were bound to be something 'he must know' about her.

Was Tyki's bride a vulgar peasant? Was she unsightly to behold? W-was she... an exorcist? Well, no big deal! Nothing could freeze Sheril's blood, not after his confrontation with Lenalee Lee.

Surely, he would be disappointed if Tyki's woman was not of noble bloodline, without glamour or with deep fascination with alcoholic drinks (a drunk to be exact). Disappointed he might be, he would not stop Tyki if he was so eager to marry this woman. This time, Sheril knew it was for real. Not the scam Tyki pulled on him before with Lulu Bell and Waizurii. Tyki really loved this woman. His stubborn brother was actually going to give up on his freedom and settle down to be a family man.

Although Sheril hadn't met this woman before, he couldn't imagine she could be anything more macabre than Lenalee Lee. She wasn't even human!

"Sheril, listen, I... I want to say I'm sorry-"

"Oh, Tyki, you're forgiven! I don't mind all the troubles before, now that you've finally got yourself a woman! Hey, what are brothers for, eh?" Sheril gave out a soft chuckle. And he thought something nasty was about to bestow upon him.

"No, that's not what I mean! Well, I'm sorry for those too! But this... this is different!" Tyki raised his voice a bit.


"That's not my bride," the groom whispered.


Road snapped her attention to her father's tiny shriek. Some other guests too were alerted. Sheril immediately lowered his voice and glared at his brother. Sheril tried not to embarrass himself in front of everyone. He then figured out what Tyki meant. The woman was someone else's bride? Well, there was no need to feel sorry for that. His brother was too kind! There was nothing wrong with marrying a woman he loved, whether that woman was or was not engaged to another man.

"Not to worry, Tyki. You'll always have my full support!" Sheril patted Tyki on the back. He silently vowed to eliminate any man who tried to be Tyki's competitor. Wait, what competitor? That woman must have left her man for Tyki! No man could compete with Tyki. Sheril gave Tyki a reassuring smile. Silly him, and for a split second, he really thought there was something wrong with the bride.

Nothing would go wrong! Tyki had arranged the wedding himself. So the groom would not be performing his vanishing act again. What else could go wrong? If any man dared to show up to steal Tyki's bride, Sheril would eat him alive before he could raise his voice to say 'I' in objection. He thought Tyki worried too much! Seeing a sparkle in Tyki's eyes, Sheril knew he had provided Tyki just the courage the man needed.

"Sheril, my dear brother... thank you."

"Oh, Tyki-" Sheril felt his cheeks burning.

"I was so afraid that you would object to this."

"Don't be silly! You're my beloved brother! I love who you love, as long as you are happy! Your happiness is my happiness too!"

"Brother... I... I don't know what to say," Tyki's eyes reddened. "I love you."

"I love you too, Tyki." Sheril sniffled and resisted an urge to kiss Tyki on the cheeks. He figured it won't be nice if the bride entered the hall and the first thing she saw was her man being kissed by someone other than herself.

"Sheril, I'm sure you will like him too!" Tyki gazed towards the door fondly.

"... Him?"

"Yes, you'll like HIM."


"My man of course! Who else?"


"That's not my bride," Tyki beamed. "That's my man. My groom!"

Sheril gaped and his eyes darted over to the doorway. His heart pounded as if a mad Neah was going to crash in wielding the Earl's sword and Sheril was anything but calm.

... a man!


He knew it! On such a marvelous day with everything so perfect, something had to shit out from nowhere to annihilate it!

"I was worried you'll be furious, but now I'm so happy, knowing you'll accept us being together!"

Seeing Tyki completely drowned in joy, Sheril felt even more desperate. That was not what he had meant! He said he supported Tyki's decision because he thought Tyki was going to marry a woman. A woman! Not a God-knows-who, guy!

"Tyki, wait-"

"Sheril, we can all be one big happy family!"

Seeing the blissfully adorable smile on his brother's face, Sheril found it beyond impossible to break it out to Tyki. He didn't want to ruin Tyki's genuine happiness. Tyki's first true love.

What love? What love could there be between two men? Surely not as a couple! He had to stop this wedding! This was so wrong! Tyki must be tricked into this and as his big brother, Sheril had to save him! Could he just kill that other groom? No, then Tyki would definitely hate him. What if Tyki decided to commit suicide? Sheril froze in his thoughts.

"Tyki, I-"

Before Sheril could further protest, the door opened, robbing everyone's attention.

"Here he comes," Tyki took a deep breath. "Isn't he cute-"


And I pronounce you man... and man?

Waizurii rolled back in laughter just in time as Sheril sprang up in bed, snapping out of his nightmare. The man panted, eyes widened like a mad beast. He clutched onto the bedding, veins forming bluish ridges on his fists.

"Hey, are you alright? You're freaking everyone out," said Waizurii. Hearing no response from his adoptive father, he tried again. This time he spoke directly into his head.

Don't you find it suspicious that Tyki never get himself a girl?

"Stop it, Waizurii! Stop... talking!" growled Sheril, face muscles twitching in an excruciating manner.

"Papa..." Road cuddled onto Sheril. She knew this was the quickest way to calm him down. And it did. Sheril hugged onto her for a while before he could pull himself together. Sheril felt the presence in his arms. His beloved daughter Road. This was reality. That was a nightmare. Thank the Earl.

"So what happened? You were moaning and trashing about in bed, so we come to check on you." Road asked. Unlike Waizurii, she didn't get to see what was in Sheril's nightmare. All she knew was Waizurii had seen something interesting. Something fun. Seeing their adoptive father suffering was supposed to be heart-breaking, but not for the children of Noah. They needed entertainment.

"I'm sorry, Road. Didn't mean to scare you," said Sheril as he caressed Road's hair. "Don't worry about me, I'm fine."

And should you be worrying if Road marries a girl some day?

Are you that desperate to reincarnate, Waizurii?

Eh... hehe, no.

Good, then I've got work for you.

Eh! But it's three-thirty in the morning! I want to get some sleep!

You can either do as you're told or you can go to sleep and never wake up again.

Eh... fine.

"Off you go, Road. Tomorrow morning you've still got school. Go back to bed now!" said Sheril while Waizurii brooded over his unknown assignment.

Road pouted and whined a bit before disappearing out of the room. No matter, she could always threaten Waizurii later to let her join in the fun.

"Now, how can I be of service? Your highness?" Waizurii mocked while letting out a yawn.

"Waizurii, I need you to get into Tyki's head-"

"Oh, what happened to privacy and courtesy?"

"- and find out if he really likes men!" Sheril ignored Waizurii's effortless and meaningless protest. "Better still, find out if he has a special someone in mind!"

"I thought you've given up on the marriage thing? How come you're still haunting Tyki-"

"I need to stop it before it's too late!" Sheril snapped.

"Stooop what?" asked a slurred voice as someone pushed open the door, taking a peep into the room. It was Tyki Mikk. He yawned and then strolled over to Sheril's bedside. "Goooooood morning," Tyki giggled. "Whassuuuup?"

"Tyki!" Sheril jerked out of bed as if someone pricked him with a needle. His brother had been roaming everywhere since the Earl forbade him from going back to the ark. Thanks to the banshee he brought back who destroyed half of their historical ark. Anyway, the Earl should have fixed it all by now. It had been three months.

"Welcome home!" he tried to glomp Tyki but his brother dodged it like the zillion times before it. Then Sheril noticed a pungent killing the floral perfume in his room. Tyki reeked of alcohol. "You've been drinking?"

Waizurii would love to try drinking too if he could actually afford any. He knew Sheril had kept quite a lot of fine liquor in the house, but those were forbidden to him and Road.

"What's wrong, Tyki? Are you upset?" asked Sheril. He was worried, knowing Tyki only drank when he was unhappy. Judging by Tyki's current state, he must be in grief.

"I'm no child, Sheril!" Tyki laughed as he flopped down onto Sheril's bed. He snuggled up against the bedding. "Wrong? Everything's left! No... Haha-"

Tyki must have drunk quite a lot to get this sloppy. Sheril would never imagine him climbing onto this bed.

"He's totally wasted."

"Waizurii, make yourself useful and find out what happened."

The teen grunted and activated his Demon Eye, ready to prey into his uncle's mind. Tyki turned and shifted his pose, trying to fight off the mind intrusion. He curled up and buried himself in the bed covers while still struggling against the psychic's powers. Sheril was certain that Tyki was desperately trying to hide something.

"What did you see Waizurii?"

"Give me a second here! I'm still trying to break in!"


Sheril was startled when Tyki bellowed. He watched as his brother sprang up, threw a pillow at Waizurii before dashing out of the room. Then he and Waizurii heard a something heavy tumbling down the stairs.

"Oh dear..."

"Tyki!" Sheril shrieked and ran out after his brother.

Waizurii shrugged and gave a huge yawn, stretching his back lazily. There, he did his part, now he shall go back to sleep. He picked up the pillow from the carpet and put it back onto Sheril's bed. Then something caught his eyes. It was a beautiful little velvet box.

"Hello, what's this?"

The teen picked up the box with care and examined it. Not only did it look elegant, it even smelt nice. It was faint but Waizurii could tell it was a down to earth 'woody' scent. It was distinct from the extravagant rose fragrance perfume that Sheril would use.

So this box wasn't Sheril's. It belonged to Tyki?

But the only thing Tyki would smelt of would be sweat and mud. And at this moment, alcohol. The chance of his hobo uncle using perfume was as high as his minister father working as a janitor.

Besides, it looked expensive, not something Tyki could afford as a hobo.

So this box was given to Tyki.

Grinning slyly, he opened the box slightly. It was empty. He flipped it wide open to have a clearer view. On the inside of the lid, there engraved a message: my love, with this, I make you mine.


"Whatever! Come here and give me a hand!"

Waizurii swirled around and found Sheril carrying an unconscious Tyki back to the room. Normally, Sheril would not allow Tyki to spend the night in his stately home while in his hobo appearance. But today was an exception. Tyki was depressed and Sheril was determined to find out what happened.

The two of them got Tyki nicely tucked in bed. Then Waizurii handed the little box over to Sheril. The man's eyes lit up instantly. A ring box! Sheril's eyes sparkled as he read the message inside. But where's the ring?

"Don't look at me, it's empty when I opened it!"

Sheril took Tyki's hands out from under the covers and found none on his fingers.

"Why would he have an empty ring box with him? Eh, did he carelessly drop the ring? That should explain why he's so upset!"

"No, Waizurii! Maybe Tyki already presented the ring to that special someone!" Sheril grinned. But then why was Tyki so upset? Was he rejected?

"Eh... if he gives it to someone, shouldn't he be giving it together with the box? I think this was GIVEN to him by someone. I still think he lost the ring, so he's sad."

"Who? WHO? Waizurii! Don't just think! Get inside his head and find out who's that special lady!"

"What if... it's a man?" the teen teased half-heartedly. "It's not usual for a woman to give a man a ring as a token of love-"

"WAIZURII!" the older man was not slightly amused. He thought of the nightmare he just had.

"Eh, okay, I'm going in now."

It was relatively easy to hack into Tyki's mind now that he was blackout. It took less than three minutes before Waizurii returned with the information Sheril had desired.

"Well? What did you see?"

"Eh..." Waizurii paused. He then glanced sideways.

"Come on, speak up boy!"

"Well... it's complicated."

"Man or woman?"


"Was it a man or a woman?"


"Who's got the ring?"

"Oh... but that's Tyki's deep down secret, I'm not sure it's ethical to let you know. You see, it's only my privilege to occasionally take a peep with the Demon Eye-"

"My dear boy, would you like to be strangled or ripped apart?"

"It's a man!" Waizurii squeeked, seeing Sheril's deadly threads materialized from thin air.

This had got to be a continuation of his nightmare. Or so Sheril convinced himself. He needed to wake up and get out of this.

"H-hey? Don't pass out yet! I haven't..."

Sheril felt his brain just got fried and Waizurii's voice faded as if he had gone deaf.

When he regained consciousness, it was already morning. He heard birds chirping outside and saw gentle sunlight soaking through the curtains. It was a wonderful day. He had had a really horrifying nightmare and he was still sweating from the terror. But that was all over now. It wasn't real. Today would be another fabulous day! He sat up in bed and while still yawning, he saw something. There was a little jewelry gift box, sitting gracefully on his bedside table. Sheril thought that box looked familiar. Too familiar. His eyes widened and then he flinched. He felt a presence close to him.

He glanced over to the other side of his bed where his wife should be sleeping. There was a fairly large lump. The lump smelt and was... breathing. It couldn't be Tricia. She was much smaller in size. Besides, she was still being hospitalized because of a serious flu...

He braced himself and pulled the covers off the sleeping figure. That was no nightmare. It was really happening.

Sheril screamed.

-to be continued-