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Leaning against the tree, Saber gazed, glassy eyed across the waters of the lake. 'What a beautiful place to die..'. Everything was becoming blurry, her vision fading to black when suddenly she heard a little voice in her head.

"Is it really alright for it to end like this?" Saber mentally started as she heard it.

"What do you mean?", she asked. "Everything's done, I destroyed the Grail and can finally die in peace.."

"Ah," the voice replied. "But what about the boy? What about Shirou?"

Saber cast her gaze downwards. "He too, is content with the outcome. All is finished."

"Oh really?" the voice asked mockingly. "So if I were to say that there was a way for you to go back, you would choose not to?"

"It matters not." said Saber gruffly. "That is impossible."

"Really, my dear Arturia, you shouldn't place limits on me like that." The voice feigned hurt. "I can do anything, you know."

Saber said nothing, thoughts barrelling through her head like a bullet train. If she were to return to modern day Japan, would she and Shirou be able to explore the feelings that they'd admitted for each other?

As if it had read her mind, the voice began to speak again. "Because of your extensive contributions to two Grail Wars, emerging victorious in each one, the world has decided to allow you one wish. So what will it be?"

'Really,' Saber mused, 'I must be going mad'. However, she replied, "I wish to be with Shirou!"

Unearthly laughter reverberated through her skull. "Good choice. However, there is one condition. You are to be reincarnated as Aurora Prendergast, a British exchange student to Homurabara Gakuen. You are not to inform Shirou of your true identity, unless he himself arrives at that conclusion. One more thing.. Enjoy your second life.."

The darkness converged around Saber and she felt the sweet kiss of oblivion. Meanwhile, the young king's head slumped lifelessly onto her chest, a single beam of light illuminating her peaceful smile.

"Mm? Ugh.." Rin Tosaka rolled over sleepily as her doorbell's shrill ringing jolted her from the embrace of sleep. Looking up blearily her tired eyes focused on the outline of her butler.

"Ojou sama," he bowed. "My apologies but there is someone at the door."

"Gah!" Rin pulled the covers over her head. "Seriously? At six thirty on a Sunday morning? Who the hell is it, Saki?"

"Some girl ma'am," bowed the butler. "Says she's an old friend of yours."

"Oh for the love of.." Rin leapt out of bed and, pulling on a robe, stormed out her bedroom and down the stairs. Whoever she was, she was going to get it big time. "Who in the hell-" Rin began as she threw open the door, but stopped as soon as she saw who it was. "I thought you were..!" Rin gasped but controlled her confusion, her usual, suspicious scowl settling back on her face. "Just.. Come in."

Collapsing into a sofa, Rin couldn't believe her eyes. Standing in front of her was a girl around her age, with light blonde hair pulled into a bun and eyes as green as emeralds. 'It cant be her.' Rin fumed. 'Just a lookalike, trying to freeload in my mansion. Keep calm and kick her out as quickly and nicely as possible.'

"So, you say you know me eh." Rin sneered suspiciously, eyes narrowing to disguise her curiosity.

"Indeed." replied the blonde girl. "I was hoping that you would be able to take me in, if not as a friend, as payment for my recent services to you and your friend."

Rin leaned back into the plush material. "Oh? And pray what services might those be? You must know that I do not simply take strangers into my house."

The other girl's eyes flashed. "Just because you think I died does not mean that I am not the same person you knew before!"

Rin's jaw dropped. "Oh my gosh.." she muttered. "That hairstyle, that weird way of speaking.. You really are Saber!"

Relieved that Rin had finally understood who she was, Saber nodded. Rin,still speechless shook her head in disbelief, but regained her composure and clicked her fingers.

"Saki! Bring me two cups of tea and prepare the spare room! This girl's gonna be staying, and she has a lot of explaining to do!"

"..and so I was allowed to come back to this place, but was forbidden to reveal my true identity to Shirou." Saber finished, taking another sip of her tea. Rin sat opposite her, stunned into silence but eventually wet her lips and said,

"I see. This is an interesting development."

"What do you mean?" Saber raised an eyebrow questioningly.

"In all my studies of Servants and the Grail Wars, I had never even thought that something like this was even possible!" exclaimed the dark haired beauty. "Are you telling me your love for Shirou was so strong, it allowed you to bypass the normal regulations and be granted a wish to return to your Master?"

"To be truthful, I do not know why or how I was allowed to come back." sighed Saber. "All I know is that this is a chance for me to put my past behind me and start a new life in this country.. And to be with Shirou."

'She really must love him' Rin smiled sadly, but clapped her hands and stood up abruptly. "Well if you're gonna be starting anew here, you're gonna need to act like someone who lives in the twenty-first century!" When Saber looked as if she was about to interject, Rin continued, "So that means getting rid of THOSE.." she pointed at Saber's medieval garb, "..and learning how to talk like a teenager, not like some stuffy noble brat!" Grabbing Saber by the hand, Rin summoned Saki once again. "Take care of the house Saki, we've got some shopping to do!"

"Really, Tosaka, what's the rush?" Saber inquired as they headed to the shopping district. Even though she had caught the bus once on her date with Shirou, she was still unused to seeing the buildings and people passing the window far more swiftly than they would on horseback. Rin did not reply, merely dragging the startled knight off the bus and onto a street lined with stores and boutiques. Saber was glad to be off the bus, as she had attracted many stares, clad in a medieval gown that matched the colour of her eyes. Without further ado, Saber was shoved into one of the boutiques, and Rin immediately began perusing the racks for clothes. Within minutes she thrust armfuls of blouses, miniskirts and shorts in Saber's arms and hustled her into the change room. The shop assistant blinked confusedly and shook her head. 'Kids these days..'

"There you go! Not half bad even if I do say so myself. " Saber opened her eyes at Rin's behest to see a stranger staring back at her from the mirror. The girl she saw didn't look remotely like her, with soft golden hair flowing to just beneath her shoulders, and smoky blue eye shadow on her eyelids. She was wearing a white tube top, with a short blue miniskirt and long navy boots. In all, the girl staring back at her from inside the glass was, in a word, captivating.

Content with her work, Rin scowled when Saber ruined the effect by smoothing her hair and pulling down her skirt. "Tosaka, this is.. Very nice but is it not immodest?"

Rin facepalmed. "It's what girls wear nowadays."

Saber nodded in understanding and resumed examining herself. When she was done, she turned to Rin and surprised her by giving her a brief, awkward hug.

"Rin, thank you."

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