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Chapter four/ 'Sensitive'
Rated; M/ L, S (fondling, touching, some sucking, Adam being a drama queen)

Randy walked into the motel room to find Adam cupping his pecs, moving them up and down as if they were boobs.

"Randy, do you think my boobs are getting bigger?"

"No, Adam. Your boobs are fine."

"But I think they're sore.." Adam pouted, gently prodding his pecs.

"You're not a girl, Adam."

Adam glared at him. "I think my nipples are darker.

"The doctor said it was normal. Now quit playing with your tits and get dressed. We're going out tonight. My treat." Randy smiled broadly.

Adam let out a happy squeal and bounced over to Randy, jumping in his arms and pecking him on the lips. "You do love me!"

Randy chuckled. "Yes, Adam. I love you." He sat him down. "Dress."

Of course it took Adam an hour to find the right outfit. He kept trying on things to complain that it made him look too fat. When Randy agreed that the jeans made his belly- he had used the word noticeable- Adam huffed and locked himself in the bathroom.

"I'm NOT going!"

Randy knocked on the door. "Adam! Come on! The khakis were fine! Those and a button up and no one will suspect anything!"

"No! Everyone will know! God! They'll find out I'm freak and a whore! My life! My Career will be ruined!"

Randy rubbed his temples. "I will buy you ice cream and whatever else weird topping you want."

"You lie!"

Then Randy heard water running. "Adam, what are you..?" His sentence died off with a sigh.

"I'm taking a shower! I'm filthy!"

Randy groaned in agony and let his head thump against the door.

Luckily Adam showered quickly and got his hair combed out and dried. The first set of khakis were too small and Adam cried for about ten minutes before squeezing into the second pair.

"We'll go shopping, I swear. Get some nice, more comfortable clothes." Randy offered.

"You mean bigger. Don't patronize me, Randy. I know I'm not skinny. That kind of thing gets you off, doesn't it?" Adam said bitterly, buttoning his shirt as Randy got his shoes.

"Ugh, Adam.. please.. baby.."


Randy almost found it amusing when Adam decided the waiter should drown for getting his soup wrong, but managed to stop Adam before he could act on it.

"He's a bastard." Adam muttered, folding his arms.

"Adam.. whatever happened to not getting suspected? People are going to start thinking you're.."

Adam sighed. "A crazy hormonal bitch. I know." He rested his head in his hands. "I don't know what the hell's wrong with me. I can't take this."

Randy reached over and took Adam's hand, leaving his forehead to rest on just one. "You're just going through something difficult. This is never easy, Adam, on anyone. You'll get through it and will be right back to being your regular crazy."

Adam allowed a small smile when he saw Randy grinning at him.


Back at the hotel Adam was laying on the bed with his shirt off, fingers roaming over his pecs before lightly pinching his nipples. Randy wanted to laugh at him.

"What? Shuddup. They're sore."

"It's all in your head, Adam." Randy said, sitting down beside him.

Adam shrugged. "The doctors told me I have female shit.. maybe my boobs being tender isn't so weird.. Look, the nipples are darker."

Randy swallowed as he watched Adam kneading the small pink bud in his fingers. He swatted the blonde's hand away and lightly prodded his fingertips around Adam's pec. "They feel fine." Touching Adam felt fine. His heart skipped as he let his fingers brush over the nipple. And he felt Adam's breath hitch in his chest, chill bumps forming over his skin.

"Rub.. rub them.. they hurt.." The blonde pleaded, arching himself up. Adam moaned as he felt Randy's fingers roaming his chest before he lightly pinched a nipple between his thumb and middle finger. "Please.."

Adam groaned and arched upward as he felt a tongue swipe across his other nipple. So wet and hot. His cock twitched. Fuck, how long had it been? When did he get so horny? Oh, fuck.. this need suddenly washed over him and overwhelmed him. He felt sticky and his mouth was dry. He closed his eyes as he felt Randy's lips cover his nipple, sucking gently before flicking his tongue back and forth across it. It felt so good to be touched.

"Touch.. touch me.. please.. I want you.. need.." Adam gasped out, feeling Randy's fingers ghost up and down his chest. Adam arched his hips up and gave his best slutty whine. He was so hard and throbbing and the pants needed to go.

Randy raised up and looked down at the precious blonde. He wanted nothing more than to touch him. Pleasure him. Make him feel so wonderful. Randy leaned down, capturing Adam's lips with his own in a soft kiss, feeling Adam part his lips, kissing him back hungrily as Adam reached up and grabbed him by the back of the neck to hold him there.

When Randy pulled away both were panting and they kissed at each other, mouths roaming wherever they could. Randy sat up and fought with Adam's pants. They needed to go now and Adam whimpered and whined like he was dying in them. Randy yanked both the pants and underwear down. His lips found Adam's neck as he fondled his cock, rubbing and stroking him, just wanting to fucking play with him. Adam was making such delicious noises, moaning and whining as he arched up into Randy's hand.

"Harder.. oh, god.. please.. Randy.. rub me harder.. feels so good.. so good.. need to.. please.." Adam let out an incoherent choked sound as Randy started thumbing the slit of his leaking cock, Randy's lips going back to kiss and nibble on his nipples. Sore or not, they were freaking delicious.

Adam fisted the bed sheets, shifting his legs apart. He was a wreck, writhing and the room was spinning. His release was so close now and he felt like he'd lose it.

"Randy.. gonna gonna.. oh, fuck.. right like that.. shit.. uhm, Randy.." And Adam came with a mumbled squeak, his cum spilling out into Randy's hand and his body arched. Adam panted, resting back on the bed and feeling himself tingle in after-orgasm bliss.

"So.. how do your boobs feel now..?" Randy chuckled, kissing the blonde on the side of the head.

Adam giggled and raised up, pushing Randy back and fighting with his pants. Randy sat back, his hands going to Adam's hair and a content purr leaving his lips as he felt Adam's lips slide over his dick, sucking him greedily.

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