King Rupert & Queen Anne watched their daughter dragging the former thief into the crowd. She was wearing a navy blue gown matched with the navy blue vest of her companion. Although she was the princess but none of her behaviors was princess like. She threw away her shoes to join the town people in the dance. But her eyes never lost their sight of her savior.

A thin smile laced King Rupert's lips. 'They look very happy together.' He looked at his wife Queen Anne. Anne smiled too when she noticed her daughter flying into her boyfriends arms & knocked him on his back on the ground & then suddenly crushed her lips against him forgetting the public. 'They are just made for each other.' She chuckled looking back at her husband. 'Don't say it Anne.' he spoke. Queen Anne gasped as the smile disappeared from her husband's face. 'I'm afraid that I'll hurt her.' His voice sounded grim. 'At last the thief must face his trial. My council decided that.' 'No,' Anne gasped 'How can they do that? He found our daughter.'

Rupert gave her another sad smile 'I've another bad news for you Anne. The letter has finally arrived. They know about her return & they want to hold the marriage as soon as possible.'

Anne covered her mouth with her small hands. Her big emerald eyes were full of tears 'Why should they pay for the past? Can't we give them a chance?' her voice trailed. Her small body began to tremble with the fear of the uncertain future of her daughter. Rupert hugged his wife tightly 'Sometimes we must honor the decision of our people above our personal choices.'


Everyone in the crowd gasped as their princess kissed her savior in the public. They busted into applause as they broke the kiss.

Rapunzel turned scarlet. But Eugene was really enjoying this moment. He couldn't take his eyes away from her especially when she blushed. 'You're amazing Blondie.' He enjoyed her embarrassment 'But I don't think it's a bad idea.'

Rapunzel looked around her. The crowd was cheering for another kiss.' I think we must meet the public demand.' Eugene cruckled standing up from the ground.

'You're impossible.' Rapunzel replied shyly freeing herself from him & ran out of the crowd. 'Blondie wait!' Eugene apologized to the crowd & ran behind her.

'Blondie!' At last the chase finished as they both stopped near the cliff by the sea. Rapunzel was still wearing the bright crimson color on her cheeks & she was looking absolutely breathtaking in the faint moonlight.

'Sorry dear.' Eugene walked closer to pull her into his arms & kissed her hairs gently 'Are you afraid?'

'No, they were strairing.' Rapunzel's cheeks wore another bight shade of crimson.

'It's nothing.' Eugene chuckled stroking her hairs 'Who cares about them!.'

Rapunzel smiled. Her big green eyes were absolutely hypnotizing, her sweet smell was driving him mad. He cupped her chin & pulled her closer. 'Are you happy with me?' he whispered.

'Mmmm..' Rapunzel's eyes were closing instinctively to feel the coming kiss. But suddenly her feet slipped on the slippery ground & the next moment to his horror Eugene discovered her body was hanging in the air from the corner of the cliff.

'Eugene!' a pleading cry escaped from Rapunzel's lips as she was just clinging to some grasses at the edge of the cliff & rest of her body was hanging in the air. She looked down & gasped to find the sharp rocks below.

'Take my hand Blondie.' Suddenly Eugene's hands found her. She clang to his hands as Eugene began to pull her up. But the ground was too slippery. Eugene couldn't feel the ground under his feet. But he was trying hard to hold on.

But suddenly the his feet slipped on the ground & he lost Rapunzel's hands.

Rapunzel screamed as her hands slipped from Eugene. The next thing she could remember that she was falling down… but at last she landed on something soft & warm.

She opened her eyes to find herself lying on Eugene's body. 'Eugene.' She sat up & screamed with joy 'We're alive!' she beamed 'We're alive at last.'

But an unusual silence surrounded her. 'Eugene!' she moved closer to see his face & another scream escaped from her lips.

Eugene was lying motionless on the sharp rocks & in the faint moonlight she could see that his face was covered with a dark red fluid & more of that fluid was running down from the side of his head turning his dark brown hair into bright crimson.

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