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Halfway across the city, in St. Barts morgue, a young woman was cutting open the corpse she was currently dissecting with just slightly more anger than was strictly necessary. Damn him! Damn him, damn his impatience, damn his carelessness! She paused, and forced herself to take a deep breath as she nearly punctured a lung with another angry cut. Being angry with her little toy wouldn't do any good – besides, he was dead now, out of her reach. And, despite all that, despite all the wasted effort I put into him, he didn't even manage to bring me my prize!

She took another deep breath, setting down the scalpel and using her wrist to brush a stray lock of hair from in front of her face. Well, she thought, examining the corpse in front of her with the pride of an artist examining a sculpture. I'll just have to find someone else. Someone slightly more obedient and capable. Slightly less… intelligent. She stared at the wall thoughtfully for several seconds before the name came to her, and a smile curved over her lips. Oh yes. He will do… very nicely indeed. Very, very nicely.

And with that, Molly Hooper picked up her scalpel and returned to work – determined that, this time, Sherlock Holmes really would be hers. At last.

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