Freeing Ace while Traumatizing Others

"Gomu Gomu no Fart!"

In the aftermath of the shout there was a moment of complete stillness on the battlefield. Then someone screamed, "Cover your noses!"

The dumbfounded Whitebeard Pirates stared in both awe and revulsion as a deadly haze spread through the air. Inside the haze marines were visible collapsing left and right. The Admirals Aokiji and Kizaru had stopped fighting and were instead clasping their hands and handkerchiefs over sensitive noses. Admiral Akainu, with his abnormally strong nose, had already passed out from the stench. Fleet Admiral Sengoku, vision obstructed by the tears falling down his face, glared in the general direction of Vice-Admiral Garp's gasping laughter.

No one noticed Luffy launch himself up next to Ace, landing lightly on the durable wood; No one noticed the key Luffy held, gifted to him by Boa Hancock; and no one noticed him unlock the cold, seastone handcuffs that were keeping Ace restrained and powerless.

The process of getting out was no less simple than Luffy's path getting in; the two boys jogged toward freedom without meeting any obstacles. The two young fighters jogged all the way to Whitebeard's position near the invading ships before anyone even noticed Ace was no longer present on the execution platform.

"Hey Ossan! I've got Ace. You guys can get out of here now!"

Whitebeard, being far away from the main plaza, had been watching the spectacle of thousands running from a scent with wide eyes. He stared at the two brothers in disbelief, "Ace, do you have anything to say about this?"

Said boy grinned, the trembling in his shoulders finally turning into laughter muffled by the hand he held over his mouth, "Yeah," he turned to his little brother, "I'll rate it a 5/10. Sabo taught you better than that."

The youngest mock glared, "Hey!" the pseudo-glare was turned into a grin, "Ready to get out of here?"

Ace whooped, "Hell yeah!"

Both boys walked off in the direction of the ships, leaving the famous yonkou behind them. Marco of the first division of Whitebeard's fleet spoke up, "This has got to be the most epic fail attempt at war ever," the blonde haired man winced, "Some of my subordinates found broadcasting den den mushis; how are we going to show our faces after this?"

Whitebeard let out a heavy sigh, "Get on the ship Marco. We've got what we came for. We can worry about our reputations later."

I have no excuse. Simply put, I think I was short on sleep when I wrote this one. Ummm. Yeah. My mind goes to crack when I'm tired. Moving on: I would love having some constructive criticism sent my way. Especially on this piece. I couldn't force myself to analyze it if I wanted to.

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