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Would you believe, D for Decent?

Old Chaos Temple

"…And then, even the Gods shall bow down before me!"

"Bow down to us, you mean."

"You both are pitiful. None can contend with Chaos! None can change the cycle of war!"

A growl emerged from the thin lips.

"I grow tired of waiting for orders. My puppet has doubtlessly gotten lost without me."

"A puppet? Where? I wanna play with it! I know a great game called, 'Blowing up the…!'"

"Shut up, Kefka."

"NO! You shut up, Mamma's Boy! Hoh-hah!"

Sapphire eyes narrowed.

"Whether or not Chaos gives us orders matters not to us. The Void shall soon engulf all."

"The Void that you desire is false, worm!"

"Our Void surpasses yours by infinity!"

The left eye twitched.

"The Void is for pansies and crybabies like you two wimps! The Great Jecht ain't afraid of anything!"

A scream began to build up.

"We will not allow you to speak falsehoods of the supreme force in the universe!"

"Whatcha gonna do to stop me?"

"Would you fools please stop that?"

"Yeah! Lil' Baby Sephy needs his nap! Do you need Mommy to tuck you in, little…? Ow! Hey, I'm using that leg!"

"Imbeciles! Be quiet, I'm thinking."

"Aw, is the Emperor getting cranky now, too? Does the Emperor want his lil' bottle?"

"Kefka, you disgust me."


The Warriors of Chaos all turned, their arguments ceasing as Kuja roared at them, his gentle voice becoming angry and hard.

"Oh, what are you ranting about, Kuja?" asked Mateus from Chaos' throne, sitting on it without permission again.

"What am I ranting about? What am I RANTING ABOUT!" Kuja's eyes flashed as the Genome raised his fist. "You wastes of life have been arguing like fools for over an hour now!" he shouted. "I am sick of listening to you all screech!"

"Hey, Sephy!" Kefka elbowed the silver haired man, grinning. "I think Kuja is joining you in the baby club! He already has the diaper for it!"

"Shut up!" Kuja felt his face turn red. It's a loin cloth, you swine, he thought.

A pair of hissing heads thrust into his face. Cloud of Darkness, her face calm as usual, glowered at the actor. "Cease you babbling. We grow tired of your childish cries."

"You don't scare me, wraith," Kuja said, angrily swatting the tentacles away. "Or are you going to threaten me with your stupid Void again?"

"Her Void is a falsehood. My Void is to be feared!" Exdeath declared, position an armored fist at Kuja.

"What is the difference!" Kuja shouted. "Your Void, her Void, it's still the blasted Void! Can't you idiots share the damned thing!?"

Cloud of Darkness' eyes filled with anger, and Exdeath stiffened. He dared to speak ill of the Void?!

Before either could attack the infuriated actor, Mateus stood. "Enough. Is there a reason for your spouting Kuja? Or are you simply snapping due to your own inability to contain your childish nature?"

A few snickers echoed through the temple.

Kuja's left eye twitched. He did not reply.

"Hmm, as usual, you're all bark, and no bite," Ultimecia said, smirking.

"Think what you want!" Kuja said. "By the way, Ultimecia, do your eyes still burn?"

Ultimecia frowned. "From what?"

"From looking at yourself in the mirror this morning!" Kuja replied, turning his head away.

Ultimecia growled. "Why you worthless-!?"

Mateus raised his hand, silencing the Time Witch. "Kuja, if you have a point, which I doubt, make it now."

"My point is that I am leaving!" Kuja said, haughtily turning around.

"Where do you think you're going?" Sephiroth asked, stepping into Kuja's path.

Kuja walked around him. "Anywhere but here! If I have to listen to you people argue any more, my head will explode!"

"You say that like it's a bad thing..." Jecht muttered, as the ex-blitz-ball player glared from the corner.

Kuja didn't reply. He simply stormed out. Some time alone will do me good, he thought angrily.

As he reached the gate to the temple, a cold metal hand touched his shoulder. He turned to see Golbez, doubtlessly back from sulking. "What?" Kuja hissed.

"Where are you going off to?" Golbez asked.

"Get out of my sight!" roared Kuja, pulling away and flying off to who knows where.

Golbez stared at the Genome's retreating figure before heading inside. "What happened?" he asked as he walked in.

"He was merely whining that we're too loud for him," Mateus said, barely paying attention to the Lunarean Warlock as he continued to plot.

"Hmm…" Golbez mused as he walked behind a pillar and leaned against it, deep in thought.

Sephiroth stared at Kuja's vanishing form as he flew off into the distance. "Where is he going?" he muttered.

"The child is going off to cry. He'll be back when he needs something," Ultimecia said.

Crystal World

"Stupid… Worthless wastes of existence… Animals!"

Kuja's angry voice echoed through the Crystal World, as the mage flew angrily by the massive gemstones that jutted out like mountains of precious gems. The sight could be mesmerizing, but Kuja wasn't in the mood to stare at the stones. His mind was too busy wrapped around his anger.

The scowl on Kuja's face had faded since he had left the temple. While he was glad to have some silence, his mind was back at the temple with the others, wrapped around his anger. All he could think about was those fools, and why he hated them so much.

Garland was a barbarian. Mateus was a power-hungry fool who never did anything himself. Cloud of Darkness and Exdeath never shut up about the Void, and their supreme power. (He hated Cloud of Darkness less, though. At least she was quiet. Exdeath had to yell about the Void.) Golbez was obviously wrapped around his brother. Kefka was an unsophisticated swine. Sephiroth had that irritating God complex and believed himself to be "perfect." Ultimecia was a leech who had no sense of style. Jecht was almost as barbaric as Garland and an awful father as well. Kuja had little tolerance for horrible fathers. He had no idea why, though.

Blasted amnesia...

Kuja growled as he touched down on a crystal, sitting on the cold stone as elegantly as one could when fuming. Idiots. All of them.

Sighing, Kuja leaned against a crystal wall, pushing a strand of hair out of his face. Every day he worked with those fools and every day he had to listen to them speak always made him incredibly irate and angry. The Warriors of Chaos were aptly named: they were in fact a chaotic mess of fools and lunatics.

Kuja blew a strand of hair from his face as he leaned against a crystal tower, sighing. As much as he hated to admit it, he wanted to go back to his own world. Sure he was hated there, but at least he wouldn't have to deal with those buffoons anymore. He could sit in his palace, have a glass of wine, and relax. What he wouldn't do for some blueberry crepes right now…

The sound of a magic blast striking something cut off his thoughts of pastries. Kuja's brow furrowed as he stood up. Was it a Warrior of Chaos sent to retrieve him? Or maybe a Warrior of Cosmos, lost and confused, who would love nothing more than to tear into his skin?

Kuja went for the strike first and ask questions later strategy. He flew off in search of the source of the noises of battle, a smirk appearing as he flew to the battle.

He arrived in seconds, and was finally able to see the fight. Several of Chaos' Mannequins were surrounding a single female fighter, who was struggling against them with bright flashes of magic. Kuja raised a thin eyebrow as the fighter ran between crystal to crystal platform, dodging attacks and returning her own. Kuja couldn't remember seeing her before, but she wasn't a Warrior of Chaos, meaning she was with Cosmos, and therefore, the enemy. Kuja sighed. Killing her would be all too easy after she finished with the lookalikes. How sad.

"Get away!" the girl shouted, as a massive ice spike impaled a Mannequin, causing the crystalline fighter to shatter into a million glowing pieces. A second, Mannequin, a lookalike of Kuja, no less, charged at her, but she countered with powerful fire, and then finished the clone with Ultima.

Kuja winced as he saw his lookalike explode, its head landing on the ground, shattering along with its body. The girl was very, very powerful. Now as powerful as Kuja, but still she was quite the little powerhouse. "Hmm…" the Genome mused, as he watched the girl's struggle continue. "How peculiar…"

As the girl continued to battle, Kuja could make two things of the situation: A: the girl was very, very, very powerful. B: despite that, she was scared, as fear was evident on her face as she battled. "Hmm," he muttered again, floating closer and hiding behind another crystal, so she wouldn't notice him. Silently, he continued to examine her as she battled on. The crystal warriors didn't stop coming, but she didn't give up, though the battle was tiring her.

Then, something caught Kuja's eye. An Ultimecia lookalike was standing on top of a crystal tower, preparing to hurl diamond had axes at the girl from behind. Kuja raised and eye brow. "That hardly seems fair," he muttered to no one, snapping his fingers. Instantly, powerful spheres of magic pounded the clone until it exploded in a brilliant flash, scattering pieces everywhere Kuja grinned widely. Oh if only it had been the real Ultimecia.

The girl didn't even notice. Her battle continued, and soon enough, it ended. Pieces of shattered gems lay strewn about, and the girl simply panted, sweating as she collapsed on the ground, a fearful look still plaster on her face, and her eyes with dread and regret.

Kuja smirked as he silently flew closer.

The girl was panting and sweating, kneeling on the ground as she struggled to catch her breath after the extensive battle. She didn't hear Kuja as he landed behind her, or when he walked up directly behind her.

"That was quite a performance!" he said, standing behind her.

The girl yelped and twirled around, drawing a dagger from her belt. Before she could make use of it, however, Kuja seized her wrist and pulled the blade from her hand, before releasing his grip on her. The girl stumbled back, frightened.

The girl stared, paralyzed. The silver haired man grinned. "Well, well!" he exclaimed. "What have we here? A poor bird without wings..."

The girl, staring at him, said clumsily, "Wh-who are you?"

Kuja smiled. "Allow to introduce myself, milady. I am called Kuja."

"You're-?" the girl stammered, stepping back again. "You're Kuja?"

"Ah!" exclaimed Kuja, twirling the girl's dagger between his fingers. "So, I see my reputation precedes me! I do hope you've heard good things about me."

"Well, not exactly... Uh, Zidane told me about you." The girl blushed. "I always imagined that you would look a little more... boyish."

Kuja made a face like he had been punched in the stomach, but quickly recovered. "I see," he said. "Well, it would appear that you have at a disadvantage, milady. You know my name, but I do not believe I know yours. That's not very polite. Care to enlighten me?"

The girl stammered, "Terra, my name's Terra."

"Terra!" said a surprised Kuja. "My, my, how very strange! My home world was called Terra." He gave her a fierce grin. "Before I destroyed it, that is," he found himself muttering, more to himself than to the girl. Apparently, the girl had stirred some memories in him.

The girl's face became and pale, and she turned and began to fly off. Kuja cut her off, flying in front of her. "Now, now!" he said. "I don't even get a farewell? You seem intent on showing me awful manners, don't you?" He chuckled. "If I wanted to hurt you, I would have by now."

Terra's eyes were filled with worry. "I... I should go... I need to find the others..."

Kuja faked a hurt look. "Oh, dear. Is my presence offensive to you? Am I a disgrace to you?" he shook his head and turned away. "Very well. Seeing as how I offend your lovely senses, I will go. I do hope you can find your friends again, before those lookalikes find you again."

"What?" Terra's eyes widened. "Th-there are more of them nearby?"

Kuja shrugged. "Who knows? If more were to come, it could be trouble. However, you are more than powerful enough to deal with them. I bid you farewell, my dear." With a bow, Kuja flew off.


Kuja smirked. He had here. "Yes?" he asked, turning around, and hiding his smug expression.

Terra looked away, ashamed at what she had been thinking. Nevertheless, she asked him. "Are... you sure there are more of them?"

Kuja shrugged. "Who knows, really? If there were, I can't imagine it would be safe to travel alone. And," he added, with a bow, "a gentleman never allows a woman to go un-escorted."

Terra blushed. "Um... If you could..."

"Could what?" asked Kuja, landing on the ground. "Be more specific, Milady."

"Maybe... Escort me to the others?"

Kuja turned away. "Would that please you?" he asked, hiding a smirk. "I can't imagine your friends would be too happy to see me."

"Y-you can leave before we get there," she said. "We could pretend to be... fighting..."

Kuja turned to her. "If that is what you wish, than I shall provide. Come now."

Terra nodded nervously. The two walked off, Terra never noticing Kuja's smirk as they departed.

"Where is that little brat? The one time we actually need him, and he vanishes!" Ultimecia cursed as she strode through the crystal valley angrily.

Garland growled as he smashed a crystal out of his way, muttering incoherently as he searched for Kuja. "We might have better luck finding him if you actually helped us."

Golbez floated away from the two as he continued searching. It was bad enough that he had to take part in this ridiculous scheme, but listening to Ultimecia and Garland argue would be very trying. Shortly after Kuja had vanished, Chaos had come up with an idea to lead the Warriors of Cosmos into a trap. Kuja, who had some close relations with Zidane, would trick the younger Genome into helping him, as Zidane was too caring for his own good. Once Zidane went after Kuja, his allies would doubtlessly follow him, right into their trap. No Warriors of Cosmos equals no more war, which equals Chaos winning. Golbez could have been the bait, but Chaos knew better than to trust him. So, one could imagine that Chaos was very irate when he discovered that Kuja had run off on his own. He had sent the trio of Ultimecia, Garland, and Golbez to retrieve him.

Garland smashed another crystal, outraged. "Kuja!" he shouted. "Where in blazes are you?"

Golbez sighed. "If he was near, he would have heard you by now," he pointed out.

Ultimecia's eyes narrowed. "Chaos won't get a chance for his plan to work, because I'm going to kill that little idiot!"

Garland glared at her. "I think you-!" he began.

Ultimecia cut him off with a scathing laugh. "You? Think? That's a very strong word!"

Garland gripped his massive blade and said nothing.

"If you two would stop arguing, maybe we would get some progress," Golbez said, walking off. "Perhaps Kuja has gone to the Rift?"

Garland followed. "It's as good a guess as any," he grumbled. "Come on!"

Ultimecia growled, following the two, completely unaware that Kuja and Terra were very close, listening to their every word.

Terra wasn't good with people. She had friends, yes, but seeing as how the majority of her life was a blank, she had little knowledge of how the mind of a normal everyday person worked.

And Kuja wasn't an everyday person.

The silver-haired man was supposedly her enemy, and yet he was taking the time to escort her to her allies. Not only that, but he had even hidden her when his allies had come along. Terra wasn't sure if there were ranks among the Warriors of Chaos, but turning her in would certainly be worthy of a promotion.

However, he didn't seem to be all that eager to go home. All he had done was chatter on about how rude it was for her allies to leave her behind. "Not very gentlemanly!" he had said.

Terra couldn't help but feel nervous. The man hadn't stopped talking even as they walked along, and she wasn't sure how to feel about it.

"Zidane is truly a fool if he hasn't the common sense to realize that it is completely rude to leave a lady unattended in any perilous situation! Why, that little idiot-!"

"Excuse me," Terra said, interupting the actor. "Um, are you sure you know where we're going?"

"It's rude to interrupt," Kuja pointed out.

"It's rude to hog the conversation," Terra said without thinking.

Kuja paused, and Terra thought she might have offended him. Instead, he laughed. "Looks and wit!" he said. "You're a rare one indeed, Ms. Terra!"

Terra stared. What was it with this guy?

"To answer your question, I do know where we're going. We are heading for your little shrine. As far away from the Rift as we can. I'd hate for you to have to deal with those three nitwits."

"I see... Thank you..." Terra whispered.

Kuja smirked."Not a problem," he said. "It's an honor, really." He was silent after that. So was Terra.

After they had walked for about a mile, Terra finally said, "Why didn't you turn me in?"

"Pardon me?" Kuja asked.

"Why didn't you turn me in?" Terra asked once more. "They were your allies, right?"

Kuja's eyes flashed. "Please!" he said, raising his hand. "Do not associate me with those vermin!"

"Why?" she asked. "They are on your side."

"They are not on my side. So far, the only one on my side is myself." He growled. "Those wastes of space have done nothing but plot, laugh, and fail. I play a small part in their little group that is barely recognized." He sniffed. "The only reason I spend any time with them is because they may prove to be useful. Other than that, they are awful allies, creatures, conversationalist, and they have no taste whatsoever." His frown vanished and was replaced with a another smirk. "Unlike you, little bird. You have proven to be quite the witty little fighter, even if you don't show it."

Terra looked away. "Uh... I do?"

"Of course," Kuja said. "You handled yourself quite well, back there. You're certainly powerful. Powerful enough to dispose of your comrades easily."

Terra froze.

Kuja, noting her displeasure, turned. "Is something the matter?" he asked.

"N-no, it's nothing," Terra said. "I'll be on my way now," she said, walking off.

Kuja was quick to follow. "Well, I did offend you in some way," he said. "Why else would you leave in such a hurry?"

Terra looked away. "I..." She paused, and then said, "I hate fighting."

"Well, we aren't fighting now, are we?" Kuja asked.

"No, I just..." She sighed. "I'm very strong," she said. "And I can fight. But, I'm so powerful... It scares others... It's why Kefka wants me so much..."

Kuja blinked. "Oh, dear," he said. "Kefka wants you. That is most certainly a reason to be skittish. I'd be nauseous if that clown wanted something to do with me," he said, faintly recalling that he and Kefka had worked together on several occasions, none that he liked. "You are afraid of him? Because you are strong? Don't be ridiculous!" he said. "Only the strong survive. That is why we all struggle to gain strength. You fear a mere clown when you have more than enough power to put an end to his screeching and antics?" Kuja sniffed. "How silly..."

"No... I'm not afraid of Kefka... I'm afraid of myself..." She paused and then glared at him. "By why should I tell you? We're enemies!"

Kuja smirked again. "You are afraid of yourself," he said. "Do your allies fear you as well?"

"No," she muttered. "They trust me... Even though it's dangerous."

Kuja clapped in mock applause."What truly loyal friends you have," he said. "Even as the curtain closes, they remain loyal to you."

"You're not helping!" Terra snapped.

Kuja sighed. "Temper, temper!" he reminded her. "Your friends are likely waiting, and I cannot imagine they would wish to see you in a foul mood."

Terra looked away. "I think you have taken me far enough," she said, quietly. "I'll go it alone from here."

Kuja blinked. "Really?" he asked. "Are you sure? There may be more-"

"I can handle them!" Terra said. "Just... I'll see you..." She began to float off towards Cosmos' Shrine.

Kuja sighed. "Very well. I bid you farewell," he called, feeling oddly disappointed; it had been so long since he had had a decent conversation with someone other than himself.

Terra didn't reply. She just wanted to fly back to her friends and get away from the Warrior of Chaos.

A flash of light caused her to cry out, but a metal fist slamming into her stomach knocked the scream out of her, silencing her. Terra hit the ground and rolled into Kuja's feet. Kuja looked up, surprised.

Exdeath hit the ground with a metallic clank. He pointed an accusing finger at Kuja, and said, "I'd never have fought you'd betray us, Kuja!"

Kuja feigned surprise. "Me?"

Exdeath chuckled, raising his sword and pointing it at the Genome. "Don't bother lying. I have been following you for a while now. I must say, I am disappointed Of all the Warriors of Cosmos you chose to ally yourself with, you choose the one who is afraid of her own strength."

Kuja rolled his eyes as Terra raised herself up. "She may be an understudy, but she is far more powerful than you."

Exdeath stepped forward towards the duo. "Another theatrical reference, Kuja? Really? The time for metaphors is past." He pointed his sword at the actor. "It is over, traitor."

Kuja smirked. "Gather what intellect you can muster, Exdeath. Two verses one. The odds don't seem to favor you."

Terra blinked and opened her mouth to protest but Exdeath's chuckling cut her off. "Kuja, you little fool! Do you really think I would plan an ambush by myself?"

Before Kuja could reply, he felt the hair on his neck tingle. He whirled around and looked up to see Sephiroth, dropping towards him, stabbing with his long sword. "Move!" he ordered Terra as he himself leaped aside.

Sephiroth smirked as he landed and set upon Kuja with slices from his sword, each one a silvery flash in the air as they swiped at the silver haired man, who dodged the attacks and retorted with a volley of magic spheres. Sephiroth swiftly blocked the magic and charged again.

Terra was having her own problems. Exdeath was upon her in mere seconds, his own sword stabbing at her. Terra was forced to draw her short sword to parry his strike. However, it was clear that Exdeath was better with his weapon, so Terra leaped back quickly. Exdeath, despite his strengths, was covered in that heavy, bulky and slow armor, giving her a slight advantage. She conjured up a massive shard of sharpened ice and launched it at the warlock.

Exdeath chuckled, and summoned a shield directly in front of him. The ice shard broke, and and Exdeath charged forwards a black sphere of magic swirling around him. Terra yelped and dodged the attack as Exdeath pursued her.

Sephiroth was just beginning to gain the upper hand in the fight with Kuja. He relentlessly charged forward his sword gleaming as it stabbed at his former ally. Kuja dodged, weaved and hovered, struggling to counter with his own magic. He prepared to cast his Flare Star, but was stopped when Sephiroth's blade slashed his side.

Kuja gasped in pain and clutched his bleeding wound. Growling, he looked up to Sephiroth, who was pointing his sword at Kuja's neck. "On your knees," the silver haired former hero said. "I want to see you beg for forgiveness."

Kuja rolled his eyes. "You seem convinced you've won," he said, before surprising Sephiroth was a blast of magic to his gut, knocking the man into a large crystal, cracking it. "A little uncouth, I know, but you gave me no choice," Kuja said, smugly.

Sephiroth growled and picked himself up.

Any further banter Kuja could use was cut off when Terra slammed into his back, knocking him down.

Chuckling, Exdeath marched towards the two, using his magic to launch his sword the the duo, manipulating it from a distance.

Kuja thought quickly. "You take the oaf from the left, and I shall take him from the right!" he said. Terra nodded, and they both shot forward dodging the warlock's attacks and countering back with their own.

Exdeath growled as their attacks rattled his shield and armor. The pests were becoming dangerous as he struggled to defend himself. "Sephiroth!" he growled, but his ally was no where in sight.

Roaring, Exdeath swung his sword at Terra, only to be struck by Kuja's Flare Star. And when he attacked Kuja with his own dark powers, he was battered by Terra's Flood. His strength, and patience, were wearing thin.

"This is it!" he shouted, rapidly rotating his sword as spheres of nothingness began to circle Kuja. Just when he was about to strike, a massive Tornado pulled him off his feet.

Terra growled as her tornado held the angry warlock in the air. "Thank you, my dear," Kuja said. "May I?"

"Hurry!" Terra said. "He's heavy! I don't know how long I can keep this up!"

Kuja nodded, launching a massive bolt of magic at Exdeath. It hit him dead on, and the warlock was sent hurtling through the air, smashing into a crystal with a satisfying crack. With a grunt and a smash, Exdeath crashed to the ground.

Terra let out a breath of relief. "I was so frightened. Thank goodness we weren't hurt!"

Kuja raised an eyebrow. "Ahem," he said, gesturing to his bleeding side.

Terra's eyes widened and she grabbed Kuja's arm, supporting him. "Are you okay? Oh my goodness, you're hurt!"

Kuja sighed. "It's not a problem," he said. "I'm fine, I assure you," he said, wincing in pain as his wound throbbed.

"Don't worry!" Terra stammered. "I'll find help!"

"Heheheheheheh... Clinging so tightly to mortality."

Terra whirled around to see Exdeath rising from the ground. He magically flipped his sword, leaning on it like a cane. "You seem to be ignorant of your situation Kuja. You're a traitor now. We will hunt you down, and we will finish you. Once Chaos discovers your treachery, he will not revive you like he did before." Behind his helmet, Exdeath's fanged mouth smiled. "Well, well... You're going to die from blood loss, it seems."

Kuja winced and fell over, his wound bleeding heavily onto the ground. Terra's eyes widened. "Don't worry!" she said, reaching into her bag. "I have a potion! I'll get you fixed up." She pulled a shining blue bottle out and opened the lid. Before she could pour it on Kuja, a golden sword knocked it from her hand, sending in onto the ground. Before Terra could grab it, Exdeath teleported over, crushing the bottle under his metal heel.

"No!" Kuja shouted, sapphire eyes wide with panic.

Exdeath chuckled. "As you might say, Kuja, the curtain closes." He launched his sword at his former ally, only for it to be intercepted by Terra, parrying it with her own blade.

Exdeath growled, infuriated with the girl's defiance. "Out of the way, girl!" he snapped. "Do you really wish to defend someone like him?"

Terra growled right back at him, gathering her courage. "I don't care if he's a traitor or not!" she shouted. "He still has a right to live!"

Exdeath laughed. "He is more than a traitor, whelp. He is a Warrior of Chaos, is he not? The countless lives he has endangered or ended... He is no better than your Kefka! This fool wishes to destroy the world, simply so the world won't be able to go on without him!" The warlock stepped closer. "Do you still defend him?"

Terra hesitated before answering. "... I do..."

Exdeath chuckled. "How naive of you. You still have compassion for the likes of him. Is this what you call mercy? Or is it just stupidity?"

Exdeath's sword returned to him. Clutching it in his hand, he walked forwards. "If you will not leave him, then you shall die with him!" he hissed, raising his blade.

Terra conjured another spike of ice. "Go away!" she shouted, launching it at the warlock.

Exdeath grunted as he dodged it. The ice shard smashed the already weakened crystal tower that lay behind them. "A useless effort!" he said. "Prepere yourself!"

Before Exdeath could react however, the crystal tower's crack had done enough. The tower shattered, spraying sharp shards of rocks everywhere. Terra, using it to her advantage, grabbed Kuja and flew off with the dazed former minion of Chaos. Exdeath was not so lucky. Before he could teleport away, a large chuck of crystal had smashed into him, stunning him. Before he could do anything else, a crystal the size of an elephant crushed him. Exdeath gave a startled gasp, as his body faded away, returning to Chaos so he could be revived.

Terra winced as she saw the carnage end. She had to get out of there before the others came back. However...

Kuja looked up at Terra weakly. His wound looked very bad, and she had no potion to give him now. If she left him, he would die. Calmly, she grabbed the actor's arms and helped walk away."We need to get to Cosmos' Shrine," she said. "We'll be safe there."

Kuja looked less than sure. "Your allies will likely kill me," he seethed. "Provided I do not die on the way."

Terra looked back at the bleeding wound. "Let's find somewhere to hide," she said. "I'll do what I can for you there."

Kuja went silent. He looked at the girl, face filled with surprise. "Why?" he asked.

Terra helped him walk. "Zidane told me something once; 'you don't need a reason to help someone'."

Kuja sighed. "That sounds like the little fool," he said, as the two walked off.

As they vanished from sight, Sephiroth, perched from another tower, frowned. Turning around, he headed back to the temple.

The other were going to love this.

Author's note:

Why I made this:

1: I wanted to see a romance fic with Kuja where he wasn't gay.(No offense, slash fangirls.)

2: I wanted to write a Final Fantasy Fic, and Kuja is my fave FF Villain.

3: I wanted to broaden my scope.

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