Chapter One

Abigail Sciuto and Leroy Jethro Gibbs had been dancing around there attraction for each other for years, but in recent month the flirting had increased. Abby couldn't help but think that things were changing between her and Gibbs and changing for the better.

"What you got for me Abbs?" Gibbs said as he strolled in to her lab.
"U" she said cheerfully.
"Me?" Gibbs questioned.
"No, not me, U, as in Uranium. There was minor trace of Uranium dust on the Corporals uniform."
"That put him at the scene then" Gibbs confirmed
"Isn't that stuff radioactive?"
"Only a little bit. It's pretty much harmless"
"Pretty much?"
"Don't worry so much Gibbs" she smiled at him before patting a small metal box "It's all save in here now"
"Good" Gibbs kissed her cheek before strolled back out the lab. He called for the elevator. As Abby heard the 'ding' she relaxed a little.
"Oh Gibbs, if you knew what your flirting does to me"
"And what does it do Abbs" Gibbs said from the door way. He had forgotten to ask her something so when the elevator arrived he had not taken it but turned back to Abby.

In just three short strides Gibbs was standing face to face with his forensic scientist. "What does it do Abbs?" His voice was harder than he intended and Abby looked down at her feet.
For once she was lost for words, or, more accurately lost for which words to use. Did she tell him how she felt and get rejected? Did she tell him how she felt and hope there friendship could survive? Did she tell him how she felt and hope he felt the same? Or, did she tell him nothing, deny the words that Gibbs had clearly heard her speak?

Gibbs reached out slowly and with great tenderness he encouraged her to look at him and repeated his last words "what does it do Abbs?"

His words were so tender that Abby found words spilling from her mouth before her brain had engaged "it makes me want you more"
He smiled at her "more?"
Abby nodded "I have feelings for you Gibbs"
"I thought that might be the case"
Abby looked at him wanting to know more "You did?"

They both heard the elevator ding and Gibbs begrudgingly took a step away from her. He didn't need to turn to know who it was "What is it DiNozzo?"
"Victims wife is here, she wants to talk to you"
"Show her to the conference room"
"Yes boss" DiNozzo said, he could see that his Boss and Abby were in the middle of something so he turned and left.
"Dinner tonight, I think we need to talk" Gibbs said before he to turned and left.

Chapter 2

Gibbs had sent her a message to be ready at 7pm. So, here she was all dressed up and waiting in her apartment for Gibbs. She had no idea were they where going so trying to decide what to wear had been difficult. They hardly ever went anywhere really posh so an evening dress was out the question, and she got the impression that it wouldn't be the local bar so her usual attire was out. Abby had chosen a pair of form fitting black jeans and a red corset top with matching red stilettos.

Abby checked the clock one last time it one minute to seven, she moved to the front door and opened it.

"Good evening Gibbs"
"How'd you know I was here?"
"It's 7pm and you're never late"
"Not for you"
Abby stepped out the way and let Gibbs into her home.

"Something smells good" Abby said
"Thought we'd stay in, if that's alright?"

Although Abby was disappointed that she would not be going out she still got to spend the evening alone with Gibbs "as long as I'm with you everything's alright"
Gibbs smiled at her "I said we'd talk and I meant it. You got some plates for this?"

Gibbs placed the bag of food on the small table and took out the containers of Chinese food while Abby got some plates, a couple of forks and some beer.

They ate in silence for a while before Abby said "what you want to talk about?"
"I thought that was obvious"
"Well, I know what I want to talk about but what do you want to talk about?"
"Well, unless I've got something wrong….."
"you never get things wrong Gibbs" she smiled at him
"can I finish?"
"yes, sorry"
"Never apologise Abbs"
"I know 'it's a sign of weakness' but not to those you love" she said reaching her hand slowly across the table towards his, but before there hands touched she started to pull her hand back.
Gibbs reached over and stopped her "I'm glad I was right"

Abby looked at him a little confused she hated it when Gibbs left out half the conversation.

"Well I was right about you have feeling for me"
Abbys voice was soft "I told you that earlier"

"I was also right about how deep those feelings are, well at least I hope I am"
"What does your gut say?"

He smiled at her and gently squeezed her hand "That you and I share the same feelings"

Abbys was silent for a while trying to get her head round the fact that her Silver Haired Fox not only had feeling for her but if she was correct was just as much in love with her and she was with him.

"Why didn't you say something earlier?" Abby asked
"Technically I am your boss and then there's that age difference it's not right for me to feel this way."
"Don't you pull that one on me Gibbs! You know I like dating older men and anyway, you're not that old."
"Is that what you want?"

There he went again, rushing ahead a conversation without filling everyone else, she thought about the last thing she had said. Dating. That was a word the jumped out. Was Gibbs asking her if she wanted to date him?

"If you're asking what I think you're asking, then, the answer is most definitely YES!"
Gibbs laughed "Well in that case I'm very glad we talked"
"What about rules, won't the Director be angry?"
"Not exactly, there is nothing in the NCIS rules that stops us dating, if that's really what you want"
"But…but…rule 12 'Never date a co-worker', we'll be breaking it. Not that I object to breaking it"

Gibbs spent the next fifteen minuets explaining that all the rules he passed on to his agents aren't really NCIS rules. It started when he met Shannon she had a rule for everything, some silly but most were sensible. Then later when he met Mike Franks and joined the agency he learnt new rules all to keep you save and help with your work. Now, it was his turn to impart these words of wisdom on to his agents.

"You are going to be in so much trouble when DiNozzo find out"
"Who said he's going to?"