"What time will you boys be home?" Burt asked from the living room entryway as Puck helped Kurt into his winter coat.

"We shouldn't be too late, Dad, we're just going to dinner," Kurt replied.

Puck nodded and added, "Maybe two hours, tops. I mean, we might get, like, coffee or something after, but the restaurant's not that far away."

Burt grunted. "Just get Kurt home by midnight, got it?" he said as he walked back to his recliner.

Kurt rolled his eyes and grabbed his scarf as Puck agreed, and they finally left. They climbed into Puck's truck and headed onto the snow covered street. Kurt felt his phone vibrate in his pocket and slid it out, huffing in exasperation as he read his father's attempt at a text: y9ou got yourp phoneright?

Puck snorted and then raised his arm to deflect Kurt's playful swat. "Your dad's, like, the most overprotective dude I've ever seen."

"Laugh now, you'll cower in his presence like always when we get back home," Kurt said as he sent a message back to his father.

"Dude, I do not cower."

"Dude, yes you do. You nearly wet yourself when I brought you home to tell him we're dating. He hadn't even said anything yet and you looked like you were going to cry!"

"What the fuck ever," Puck muttered, which just sent Kurt into a laughing fit. He still hadn't stopped pouting when they pulled into the restaurant parking lot, so Kurt leaned over and kissed his cheek, laughing again when Puck took that as an opportunity to pull him closer by his scarf and press a slow, heated kiss to his lips.

"Come on, macho man, you don't want to get me home too late, do you?" Kurt teased. They quickly and reluctantly slid out of the warm truck and into the cold night air, Kurt squealing when Puck pulled him backwards and slapped his ass. Puck wrapped his arm around him as they calmed and, still laughing quietly, walked into the restaurant.

They left the building nearly an hour later, warm and happy.

"Let's take a walk and get some hot chocolate," Kurt suggested as he laced their fingers together and guided them along the sidewalk towards the row of little shops down the street.

"It's freezing out! When I said we might get coffee after dinner, I kinda meant we'd drive somewhere," Puck complained.

"Don't be such a baby, Noah, it's beautiful out. Look at all the stars; usually you can't see so many this far into the city."

"You can see stars from inside the truck," he grumbled.

"We're almost there, you can warm up in the shop," Kurt said. They walked down the quiet street, making new footprints in the snow. Puck amused himself by watching their frozen breaths drift through the air, and Kurt estimated about thirty seconds until he'd get bored enough to either start whining or groping him.

When they walked past a gap in the shops that showed a view of the park behind them, Puck pulled them to a stop. "Look, Kurt, the pond froze. I didn't think it was cold enough yet." It was a large pond, and behind it was a small wooded area hiding the highway, and a good distance away were some swings.

"You were just complaining about—Wait, do you see that?" Kurt asked, pulling them towards the park rather than the shops.

"See what? What happened to getting warm?"

"Just a minute, look on the pond, Puck, there's something there. I think…" Kurt paused as they got closer, "I think it might be an animal."

Puck squinted and shook his head. "It's not moving, probably just someone's scarf or something, let's go."

"No, what if it's a cat, or a puppy or something?"

"Or a raccoon waiting for you to get close enough before it—" he leaped at Kurt, startling him, "scratches your eyes out!" Kurt laughed and smacked his chest, still stubbornly pulling them closer to the pond. Puck sighed, knowing it was a lost cause when Kurt got himself worked up. "Look, we'll just get close enough to see what it is, alright? It's too far out to actually get to it."

Kurt hummed distractedly, trying to make out what exactly was lying on the icy pond surface. When they got right up to the pond's edge, he still couldn't tell what it was. He started to walk further but Puck pulled him back sharply.

"What the hell are you doing, Kurt? You can't just go walking on ponds."

"Oh come on, they're going to open it up in a few weeks for kids to skate on, what's the harm?"

"No. There's a reason they're waiting a few weeks. It might not be hard enough yet."

Kurt looked almost ready to give in, but he suddenly exclaimed, "It moved!"

"What?" Puck squinted through the darkness. "It did not, it was probably the wind, which, might I remind you, is freezing."

"Puck, we cannot leave a poor defenseless animal out here in the cold!" Kurt yelled.

"I'm telling you, man, it's a scarf or something. Let's just go. Come on, we can warm up together in the truck," he said, wiggling his eyebrows.

Kurt wasn't paying attention though. He turned to Puck with a desperate look on his face and shuffled closer to him, taking the front of Puck's jacket in his hands. He pleaded, "Please, Noah, maybe it is just a scarf, but what if it's not? Please? I'll go, I'm lighter, and if it feels too thin I'll come right back. Look, it's closer to us than it is to the middle. It's got to be hard enough; they're opening it to the public soon. It'll just take a second, and then we can go back to the truck and I'll… thank you." He whispered the last part close to Puck's lips, and then closed the gap. They kissed slowly for a moment, then separated.

Puck blinked when Kurt pulled back and said, "If you feel even a tiny bit like it might crack, get your ass back here. I mean it, Kurt. It would be damn hard to explain to your dad that you fell into a freaking pond on our date."

"Don't be so dramatic. It's not even really that far out," Kurt said as he placed his foot onto the ice.

Puck held his breath as Kurt slowly made his way towards the lump on the ice. He cursed when Kurt nearly slipped and almost told him to turn around and come back, but by the time he opened his mouth Kurt was more than halfway there, so he just waited, the short walk seeming to take forever with Kurt's tiny, hesitant steps.

Kurt reached the object and poked at it with his foot, then carefully crouched down. He picked it up, stood, and turned around. "You were right!" he called out. "It's someone's jacket! It must have blown over here from the playground."

"Or some kid was as stupid as we are. Come back now, you're gonna give me a heart attack."

"Yeah, yeah," Kurt said, beginning the trek back, jacket in hand. He froze as a creak was heard from below him.

"Shit, Kurt, don't—"

Kurt made a scared sound and looked towards Puck.

"Don't move, Kurt."

"Puck, I'm scared," Kurt blurted quickly. He was still locked in fear, his breaths coming out quick and short. Neither of them had actually thought the pond would be too weak, and the reality that it might be was terrifying them both.

"Just stay still, Kurt, hold on," Puck called, not sure what to do. He looked around, but the park was still deserted.

"M-maybe if I just—" Kurt shuffled forward a tiny bit and another long creak filled the air, louder this time. He stopped abruptly and there was a sound like a gunshot. Kurt let out a desperate sob when he looked down to see a large crack in the ice, right below where he was standing.

"Oh God, Kurt, don't move!"

"What do I do then?" Kurt cried almost hysterically. "Get me off, Puck, get me off!"

Puck took a deep breath to calm himself down and looked at the distance between them. "Okay, Kurt, it's okay. I think… I think you're close enough that if I go out a little, and you come to me a little, we can grab hands and I'll pull you back, okay?"

Kurt nodded shakily. They both reached out and inched towards each other, already close. Puck took a step onto the ice and Kurt slid his foot a little further. Their fingers brushed at the same moment a deafening crack was heard, and Kurt screamed as he fell.