New Kid, You Say?

Chapter 1

"Wah… who's that? A girl?"

"No, you scrub. That's Marluxia."

The pink haired junior smirked a bit before flipping his long hair back to look at the boys who were talking about him. "Oh that's alright. I don't mind. I'm just happy to have been in your thoughts for a second." He smiled and gave a small wink.

Both boys flushed slightly and gave nervous chuckles. "N-no, it's nothing! Sorry to keep you, Marluxia."

Marluxia waved to them and walked onto campus. "I love freshmen. They are just so cute and clueless."

That is how it's been since Marluxia started Oblivion Institute. It was a private all boy's school that took all the unusual cases. Some consisted of the usual delinquency while others were held back. Mainly it was a school for young men the questioned their sexuality and didn't want to suffer the humiliation of being mocked by their peers. Meaning that 65% of them were either gay or bi. It's also where Marluxia felt right at home. He was quite literally the prettiest boy in school so he fulfilled both gay and straight desires. He had the grace and elegance of a female but had the anatomy and mannerisms of a male. As one can expect, he was very popular. He went out with soo many people they literally had to make reservations to date him for a week. Two if they caught Marluxia's interest.

This being the first week, he thought it was a good idea to just enjoy being single for a few days. Next week, he would start dating.

"So, who should he start off with? The cute freshman that are barely discovering who they are, or the transfers from other high schools? He may never know."

"You, knock off that narrating. Its annoying." The pinkette shook his head as he opened his locker by his friend's, a tall redhead that dubbed himself Axel. "If you insist on making a documentary of my high school romances, at least work on better lines." "Or at least don't make me seem like a whore." "I just try to help them out."

The other chuckled and set down his tape recorder. "Alright. You don't sleep with any of them so you're not a whore. You're more of a… Escort."

Marluxia rolled his eyes and grabbed his books. "That sounds better than being called whore. And no, I don't know whom I want to date first. They all seem the same after a while."

"Oh? Is the Princess of the school looking for a prince to come and save her from this 'dragon'?" Axel remarked with a grin.

"No and call me Princess again, and everyone will know where you get all that crap you spew in the newspaper." Unfortunately, Axel had a point. All the guys he's dated were always too nervous and fidgety or too upfront with what they wanted. They were like an open book and even though Marluxia hated reading (and the analogy), he read them too many times and it was boring. "Maybe I just don't want the same uptight guys anymore. Is there anything wrong with wanting a change in the line up?"

Axel shook his head. "Nope, not at all Marly. Maybe you can take a look at the new students and decide. Some of them are really cute."

It was no wonder these two were friends. Marluxia needed someone that understood him and kept him sane and Axel needed a muse for his writings. Together, they ruled the school.

"Good point. Well we better get to class before…" he stopped mid sentence as he looked past Axel and down the junior lockers.

Opening a locker was a guy Marluxia knew that had to be new. He was tall and blond. He had a goatee to match and several piercings in his ear. He wasn't a bulky build but it was quite obvious he was in shape. Really good shape. Nothing about him was really Marluxia's type but it worked. Everything about him screamed 'bad boy'.

That was exactly what he was looking for. All other guys were too uptight and too goody-goody for his taste. This guy would most likely drive a motorcycle and be here because he was kicked out of his last school. Or gay. Either way, Marluxia wanted to find out. "Hey, I'll meet you in class. You go on without me."

"Huh? Where you going? Hey, Marly!" Axel looked to his friend as he walked past him. He never saw the other act like this especially on the first day.

Marluxia walked to the other and leaned on the lockers. He was willing to skip being single for a few days if this was the guy he was going to start the school year with. "Hey there."

The blond closed his locker door a little bit and looked to the new comer. He looked to him a bit and nodded slightly. "Uh, hi?"

"Hey, you must be new here. I'm Marluxia. I couldn't help but notice you. If you ever need a guide around the school, I would love to show you around."

"Um, okay?" The blond shrugged a bit before closing his locker and locking it.

"Great, so let's go. I can show you to your-"

"I think I can find it. Thanks though." He nodded and walked off without a second look.

Marluxia stood there looking straight ahead. Once his mind turned on he looked back in the blonde's direction and bit his bottom lip. "Yeah, later." He walked to his class, the entire time grinding his teeth. He mulled his thoughts as the teacher talked "I… can't believe this! He turned me down! ME! He must not know I'm the most sought after guy in school. Seniors would KILL for ME to approach them! And that guy has the nerve to-" "HOW THE HELL CAN HE TURN ME DOWN!"

"Marluxia, do you have something to share with the class?" Professor Vexen asked, tapping his foot at the front of the science lab. All the students were looking at the young man that had given a sudden outburst.

Marluxia blushed slightly and looked around to find out he was standing. "Uh… No. Sorry, Professor." He slid low into his seat and looked up to pay attention. "Damn that guy… why would he turn me down? Sure he might be straight but still! Most straight guys at least stuttered when I approached them. Grr, I will get that guy!"