Chapter 7: A Little to Eager

"…and remember everyone, buy your tickets by Monday if you want a discount. It's the last day we'll be having this special offer. If not the tickets will be full price at the door."

Marluxia smiled as he walked giddily to his tutoring. He knew how he was going to ask Luxord to prom. He was going to casually bring it up and tell him that his tickets were already bought. Though in reality they weren't today was the last day of the bet and he still didn't have the courage to ask him. That or every other time was inconvenient. First he thought of texting: but it seemed too impersonal. Then he thought of doing what he did before and sneak into his locker. But after that, he immediately scratched that thought. Finally he wanted to drop hints about it. Sadly, it seemed that the blond was not picking up any of them. But with his new way, he was going to just tell him; give him no way out. Once he was in the room, the pinkette sat and took out his books to get started. "Perfect I can think of what I'm going to say while I wait." He sat eagerly and looked to the door earnestly. "Okay, before we start I'll tell him."

10 minutes… 25 minutes… 48 minutes… the clock seemed to be going by slowly. "Hm… where is he? It's not like him to be late…" Almost an hour later, the blonde walked into the class and walked right up to him. "Hey Marluxia."

Glaring, Marluxia looked to him. He slammed his book closed and stood. " 'Hey'? You show up an hour late and all you can say is hey? I waited for you because I had something important to say and all you can say is 'Hey'?" He wasn't sure if he was more upset about the fact Luxord was late or that how he pictured asking said blond was ruined.

The other junior blinked in surprise at the outburst. "But Marluxia- "

"You didn't think about me waiting for you for so long? Were you soo busy hanging out with your friends you forgot about our tutoring?"

"No, Listen I-"

"I don't even know WHY I bothered to wait! I must be an idiot to wait for you!" he huffed and packed his bag.

"Wait Marluxia, listen!"

He slung his bag over his shoulder and walked passed him. "Why should I? What possible reason could you have for making me wait so long that you'd think I'll believe!"

He pointed to the calendar hanging on the wall. "It's Thursday."

The only sound in the room was a bag dropping. Marluxia had become so stunned he lost the grip of his bag and it hit the floor. He was completely absorbed about asking the blond it didn't even register today was Thursday. Thursdays, Luxord had chess club meetings right after school for 45 minutes and it took 5 minutes to walk to the clubroom and another 5 to the class where they agreed to tutor. So, instead of going to hang out with Axel, he just sat around for an hour for no complete reason. "O-oh…" his mind seemed to shut down at that point all he could do was blush and look away at that point. "Dammit, now everything's ruined! How could I be so stupid and go off on him like that? Now I can't even look at him, much less ask him to prom!"

"Here, let's get started," Luxord said, handing Marluxia his bag. He had a small smile on his face.

Marluxia nodded and flicked his hair behind his ear. He took his bag from Luxord and sat back down. He laid his head on the desk and sighed. "Well, he didn't look mad. That's a good thing."

"Oy, I need to tell you something." After a turn of the head to his general direction and nothing else, he continued. "I don't think after tomorrow, we should go out on the weekends anymore."

Now, Marluxia was on the brink of tears. Not only had he messed up asking for prom he now finds Luxord not wanting to date him anymore. "Wh-what? Why?"

He rubbed his goatee. "W-well, my uncle offered me money for helping him clean his boats this weekend."

"Oh… well, why do you need money? I mean, not that you don't need it but…"

Luxord said nothing but sighed and rubbed the back of his neck. Marluxia blinked a bit at this unnatural behavior. He couldn't be sure but "What's with him? Is he… upset?" "Something wrong?"

"I need the money for tickets and I need to be there all day to afford them and call in some favors."

"Ah, I get it. He has something else and us going out'll be interfering with his plans." "Tickets? For what?" he said solemnly. He didn't want to hear the answer but he didn't want to seem rude and brush off the entire conversation. It wasn't him. That and Axel's nosiness rubbed off on him years ago; he just wasn't that bad. "Note to self: Next Year's Resolution: stop being Nosey."

The blond said nothing for several seconds before turning to him. "I was thinking of taking you to Prom. I didn't think you had a date and I figured this would make up for our lack of ones, recently. So, wanna go?"

The pinkette's insides officially became a maze. There were so many twists and turns it was a jumbled mess. Without even thinking of decorum, he nodded excitedly and blurted out "Yes! I'll go with you!" in a quick pink blur, Marluxia practically threw himself at Luxord and hugged him tightly.

To say the blond was surprised with the answer was an exaggeration. The reaction that came along with it was another thing. He didn't anticipate this sort of reaction. He honestly thought he would get a classy "Yes" considering where they were. With that in place he hugged him back. "Great. I'll get the tickets later on and-"

"OH don't worry about that~! I'll take care of everything." "Or should I say Axel will take care of everything?" the inner theatre that was Marluxia's mind showed a pathetically crying Axel giving him everything he would need for prom. An evil grin formed across his lips. "Alright, Let's get started!"

"Um… Sure?" Luxord watched Marluxia with slight hesitation. The evil smirk was off putting. In the end he shook his head and thought it was better he didn't know.