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Chapter Three

The taxi journey was taking longer than expected and the pair had hardly spoken at all since Magnus had got in. Magnus had reverted to staring out of the window but he didn'nt take any of it in.

Alec giggled to himself and Magnus looked at him curiously but Alec didn't say anything, just continued staring down at the glowing screen of his phone.

"Care to share?" Magnus drawled.

Alec looked up startled, as if he had forgotten Magnus was there at all.

"It's just a text Jace sent to me." He said casually with a shrug.

"And it said..?"

"Doesn't matter, you probably wouldn't get it anyway." Alec brushed his hand through his own hair before looking back down at his phone, as if the conversation was over.

Magnus didn't say anything more for the next three minutes until he saw Alec smirk once again at the invisible presence of his adoptive brother. Magnus could feel his stomach churning with annoyance. He had put up with enough moping and paranoia over the last two weeks to last a life time.

He had done everything he could think off to take Alec's mind off of his troubles, to just make the pretty young Shadowhunter smile. But they hadn't even been able to go a whole day without a reference to the troubles they had left behind or a frown coming across the boy's face.

But now Jace had suddenly tagged along on their private trip via digital means and made Alec smile. Something Magnus himself had had to work very hard to achieve but for the blonde haired Nephilim it just took one sarcastic text. Who was meant to be the boyfriend in this relationship, then? Brothers are meant to be annoying and lovers are meant to be the ones that give you relief, the ones who make you smile!

"Will you put that damn phone away!" Magnus snapped.

Alec flinched. "Why?" He demanded, defensively.

"Because, Alexander, this is our trip, not Jace's trip. We are the ones who are meant to be having fun together and yet I've ended up becoming a third wheel while you have a giggle with a guy who isn't even here!" Magnus spat. He spoke like a parent to a child.

He took a deep breath, after realising how harsh he had sounded. "Look." He said slowly.

"I have been trying very hard over the last two weeks to keep our collective spirits up but you haven't helped me in any way whatsoever. You seem determined to be permanently closed off and disconsolate." He couldn't keep a tremble out of his voice as he spoke.

"Well I'm sorry I ruined your holiday." Alec said, quietly but with a hint of anger. He turned the phone off put kept it clutched tightly in his hands and looked straight out of the window for the rest of the journey.

When they eventually reached the hotel Magnus silently paid the taxi driver and retrieved their cases. Alec stood as and watched his every move in stony silence.

Finally they made their way up the gravel drive and in to the entrance way of the hotel. A smartly dressed butler greeted them with pretend enthusiasm but neither of them could bring themselves to play along. They checked in and went upstairs.

Usually Alec would have made a comment about how expensive such an elaborate hotel as this was and beg to pay part of the fee. But this time he didn't say a word.

When they got in to the room Alec just sat on the corner of the large double bed, completely expressionless. Magnus closed the door slowly behind them, with a soft click. He walked up to Alec and then fell on to his knees so as to look directly in to the Shadowhunter's blue eyes. He put his hands either side of Alec, resting them gently on the bed.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have snapped like that, will you forgive me?"

Alec shook his head in response, his expression still unreadable. Magnus didn't ask again. Instead he stood up and walked in to the ensuite bathroom, slamming the door behind him with a wave of his hand.

Alec whimpered to himself and put his clenched fists to his forehead. He didn't know what to do. Rain was still pattering against the window as if it was trying to get in. Hearing it made Alec shiver, he was still wet from standing outside. With a grunt he stood up and thrust the heavy velvet curtains across. At least he could block the grey image of the outside world out. Now he just needed to get rid of the storm clouds rumbling in his mind.

"I'm wet. I'm cold. I'm far away from home and my boyfriend hates me." He murmured to himself with a trembling sigh. He slipped out of his coat and lay down on the king-size bed just as he had done at Magnus's apartment only two weeks ago. Oh, how he longed to go back to that sunny day in Brooklyn. He didn't even like Brooklyn. But Magnus... he loved Magnus.

His eyes felt heavy and suddenly Alec felt very tired. Through the walls he could hear the shower running in the ensuite. When he comes back I'll apologise, then we can go back to being happy again...Alec thought to himself dreamily.

But soon enough he was fast asleep, worn out by the stressful journey.

Magnus scrubbed roughly at his face with a flannel as hot water cascaded over him. He almost dropped the flannel as he caught sight of his reflection in the mirror across from the shower.

He looked like a wreck. Mascara was flowing down his cheeks like a river of tar and his hair lay lank and lifeless about his shoulders. Magnus shook his head as a gasp escaped his lips. His eyes were burning and he was thankful that there was nobody there to see him cry.

Why did I do that? I'm such an idiot! A fool. I can't keep him to myself forever, his family are a part of him... but why did it have to be Jace? If it had been Isabelle then I could understand, but that smarmy blonde haired Shadowhunter...

Magnus shuddered, scolding himself for being so jealous when he ought not to be.

He was a childhood crush nothing more... nothing more...

Maybe I'm too possessive? It's true that I'd rather he live at my apartment and never leave. If it was just he and I we could spend our whole life's travelling around, just like this, he could still do his Shadowhunter bit. In fact we could be a demon hunting team, like Holmes and Watson, a demon hunting version of course. But would that make me Watson? I'm not so sure I would agree to that...

He turned the shower off and stepped outside, looking for a towel.

The towels were white and extremely fluffy, so much so that Magnus found himself covered in little bits of fluff that were sticking to his wet body.

"Glitter maybe, but fluff? No." He clicked his fingers and it all disappeared. Looking around he found two white cotton dressing gowns hanging on the back of the bathroom door. He pulled one on tentatively and saw the name of the hotel, "Monsoon", was lavishly embroidered on the breast pocket and on both of the cuffs in purple thread.

Wrapping it around himself carefully Magnus checked his reflection once again. He was scrubbed clean and completely free of any cosmetic embellishments. He had been almost afraid the first time he had shown Alec what he truly looked like. It felt like removing mask, it was times like that that reminded Magnus that he wasn't quite as confident with himself as he made others believe and, even worse, as he himself thought he was.

Alec's enthusiasm for his blander appearance had surprised him on that first night but then again he hadn't expected the boy to run off or anything either. If there was anyone he could trust to take him for what he was, nothing more and nothing less, he felt sure it would be Alec, although they still had a long way to go, and he hadn't quite revealed everything about himself to Alec yet.

Time will tell...

Hesitantly he opened the door. In his head he had imagined Alec to be still sitting hunched up on the bed. He was surprised to see Alec instead fast asleep. The young Shadowhunter was still fully clothed apart from his coat which was now lying haphazardly on the back of an armchair.

Wake him up or leave him to sleep, that was the question Magnus now faced. After a moment of consideration he went to the opposite side of the bed to the one Alec had fallen asleep on and pulled the quilt gently over Alec. As he tucked it around him he noticed the boy was shivering. A pang of compassion struck Magnus's heart and he couldn't help but smile tenderly at the sleeping Shadowhunter as he innocently slept the day away.

It was only four o'clock in the afternoon but a brief look through the curtains revealed that the skies outside were practically as dark as if it were night-time already. Magnus pulled the curtains shut again.

He rummaged through his suitcase as quietly as he could; eventually he found what he was looking for. Carefully he tugged a long velvet blue cloak out of the overflowing suitcase and then dragged it over to the sofa and made himself a bed out of it.

He was about to settle to sleep before he hesitated and looked at Alec once more. Before he knew it he was standing beside him again and as gently as he could manage he bent over and tenderly kissed the boys brow. "Goodnight, Alec."

Author's Note: Okay we're up to the third chapter which is still the calm before the storm. A lot of stuff happens in the next few, more so from the fifth chapter onwards. From then on the two warlocks from chapter two are explained and the plot properly starts. But I'm going to stop going all crazy and posting things for a bit and see if anyones interested first lol.