Jaybie Jarrett

A Danny Phantom/Criminal Minds crossover

Chapter 1

Clockwork watched various world events through his sphere. Getting tired of the pointless death and war, he zeroed in on two teenagers in the town of Amity Park, Danny Fenton and Valerie Grey. He was concerned about each of them for different reasons. Danny had become his responsibility ever since the Nasty Burger fiasco a year ago. He had interfered in the boy's life and influenced his choices to make sure that he never turned into the monster that had terrorized the world and Ghost Zone. The observant hadn't been pleased but he assured them he could handle it. Now that Danny knew the worst that could happen he learned to make better choices.

As for Valerie, she had posed an interest to him after an incident involving Vlad Masters and a young female ghost. Clockwork worried that she might bite off more than she could chew with Masters. He had become a very twisted man who was willing to do almost anything to achieve his ends. Valerie was known to hold grudges; after all she had tried to hunt Danny for more than a year over an accident that lost her father his job. Who knew what she would do after finding that Masters has manipulated, used and lied to her? Clockwork hoped that young Danielle would remind Valerie what Vlad could be capable of.

"Clockwork!" He sighed as he heard a familiar voice behind him. His idiotic employers, the Observants were calling upon him. "Yes?" he asked turning around. One of the single eyed ghosts was eyeing the thermos.

"There is no need to fear Phantom he is under my control" Clockwork told them, "Now what do you want."

"We are concerned about Plasmius" one Observant said, "He is planning something involving ectoranium"

"Masters underestimates the power of ectoranium," Clockwork said, "It cannot be touched by ghosts or half ghosts, which makes his plans impossible."

"But if he were to learn how to dilute it…" another observant started.

"He won't even get the chance" Clockwork said, shifting forms between a child and an adult. "A fight with Phantom will break his space station and set off a chain reaction leading to Masters' exile from the earth." It was what could happen after Masters' exile that worried him; such a thing could either lead to Vlad's redemption, or push him farther into madness.

"Speaking of boy…." One of the Observants started.

"I thought you were here about Masters" Clockwork said. He heard something crash behind him and turned around. The other Observant had been handling the thermos and dropped it. "What have you done!" he yelled

"We no longer trust you with you the threat of-"they stopped when they heard a cracking and a dark laughter.

"You have doomed us all!" Clockwork said. He picked up his scythe but the dark shadow that came out pushed them all back.

"Well it's about time" Dark Phantom said with a deep chuckle. He sent a blast at Clockwork's scythe and it exploded into pieces. "It's been a while, but forgive me if I don't stick around to chat. I have business to attend to. " He turned to Clockwork's sphere and grinned. "And you left the right door open for me. Here I thought I would have to go find them" One of the Observants trid to sneak behind Phantom but he caught them. With barely a word he reached an intangible hand inside the unfortunate ghost, seized his insides and yanked them out of his body. It was a horrible sight with ectoplasm everywhere. The Observant's eye was left open in shock and his body went limp. Phantom callously wiped his hand on the other Observants' clothes and then with a nasty laugh, flew into the sphere to Earth.

Clockwork watched everything in horror. Nothing good could come of this.

A/N: So here you go. Ever since my sister got me into Criminal Minds I've been thinking about this. Just a warning, this story will obviously be very bloody. I'll try avoid sexual implications or content that you sometimes see in Criminal Minds. Mostly because it's not necessary and will squick some readers. So you get a psychological gore fest but not too much other than that. Read and Review please! 8D