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It is four years after the war and the Wizarding World has never fully recovered from the loss of life that occurred during the 2nd Great War. Most wizards and witches marry each other and only have one kid. It is almost unheard of for couples married after the 1st war to have more than two children; the mindset of the senior Weasleys was not passed on the next generation.

Hermione jolted awake and almost fell out of her chair and knocked her head on her desk lamp. A Ministry owl was knocking on the window to her study, and she realized that she had fallen asleep going over the blueprints to an apothecary she just designed for one of her clients.

She got up and opened the window for the bird and took the newspaper from the bird. She turned around and catch sight of her reflection in the mirror of her vanity. Her curly light brown hair was sticking up everywhere and her eye makeup was smeared. As she unrolled the Daily Prophet, she immediately read the main article.

Muggle Marriage Law Passes!

The Senate has ended its special closed door session and has announced the new law that they somehow convinced the Minister of Magic to sign and approve. Dumbledore has made his statement on the new legislation and states that he will support and law and will encourage his students to do the same. The law states that all unmarried wizards and witches ranging 18-49 years of age will have to marry the muggle that a special team at the Ministry determines is the most suitable match. The Letter that contains the information on the selected muggle will be sent to each eligible witch and wizard in three days time. The marriages will take place at the Ministry with Muggle religious men there to perform the ceremonies. Another stipulation of the law requires that the couple must have at least four magical children with in ten years. The law was enacted because of the lack of magical children that are being born and the decreasing size of the Wizarding population.

Hermione was shocked to say the least to get the news in the paper but was not surprised when her fireplace roared and Ginny Weasley popped in with her hair the same color as the fire Hermione could not tell where it ended and the flames began. Ginny pulled Hermione into a hug and both of their shirts were soon stained with tears.

"I don't want to marry a muggle Hermione, do you know how awkward it will be anytime he and my dad will have to be together. Dad will drive him crazy and I will know nothing about him, and what if he's ugly and mean and-"

"Ginny, it is all going to be okay, the people at the Ministry will give us good guys that we will learn to love and...Oh, Ginny!" Hermione cried into Ginny's shoulder, rocking back and forth with the youngest Weasley.

They stood there until the clock struck seven. They both jumped and rushed to go get ready for their respective jobs, Hermione to the engineering office that she worked at and Ginny to the Quidditch Pitch that her team, The Holyhead Harpies, owned to practice.

The whole Wizarding World was in an uproar over the new law. All the Purebloods who cared a shiny nickel about blood status were on the verge of rebellion, but the other witches and wizards were a little more reasonable and most saw the necessity of the law, even if they were not so keen on being a part in it.

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