Ch. 2

Jedi Temple, Coruscant; first day of the Lylat Wars

Talon was making his way to the Jedi Council Chambers, to talk to the Council about assisting the Lylat System in their fight against Andross, who was mercilessly attacking every planet in the system. The only planet that wasn't under Andross' control was Corneria, and Talon had received word that Star Fox has been asked to save the planet. As Talon continued walking, he began shoving his fellow Jedi to the side so he could get to the Council faster. Normally the padawan was more considerate of others, but his thoughts were on his home at the moment.

'The Council already made me mad by only accepting five of those prisoners from the Meteo Lab; poor Emily was forced to be put in an insane asylum, and she was terrified when she woke up from the Force-induced sleep I put her through, and I don't blame her; she must've sensed that they weren't going to treat her as well as the Council was told. After doing that, if the Council doesn't agree to help Lylat…my home…I may just leave the Order!' Talon thought to himself, and when he finally reached the elevator that would lead him to the Council Chambers; he quickly got in and rose to the Chambers, where the Council was waiting for him. "Masters, I'm here to discuss about sending aid to the Lylat System." Talon said, but Master Windu stopped Talon before the padawan could explain his reasoning.

"Padawan McCloud, this is an issue that must be discussed by the Council alone; we can't base our decision based on what one padawan's wants." Windu said, but that wasn't enough for Talon.

"You will abandon the Lylat System…millions of innocent people, to their destruction to that madman!" Talon yelled angrily, and Yoda looked at Talon suspiciously.

"Killed your parents, Andross did. Correct, young Talon?" Yoda asked, and Talon nodded.

"Yeah, but I don't see…" Talon started, but Master Rancisis interrupted Talon before he could defend himself.

"It sounds like you want revenge for what this scientist did to your family, more than the freedom of the Lylat System." Rancisis said, and this made Talon even more furious.

"Don't you dare say all I want is vengeance Rancisis! Andross is a sadistic, maniacal, BASTARD, that needs to be destroyed before he takes even more lives! That is what this DAMN ORDER is about; PROTECTING the INNOCENT!" Talon yelled furiously.

"That is enough padawan McCloud! This is for the Council to decide. I suggest you return to your room and let go of your anger, otherwise, we may be forced to expel you from the Order." Windu threatened, but Talon just snorted.

"I'm getting tired of the Order anyway, so GO AHEAD!" Talon yelled, but Saesee Tiin stood up and walked to his padawan.

"Masters, allow me to talk to my padawan; perhaps I can calm him down." Master Tiin requested, and after getting approving nods from the rest of the Council, Tiin led Talon out of the Council Chambers. "Talon, you were completely out of line in there! You know better than to talk to the Council like that!" Tiin scowled, but Talon just snorted.

"I think I have the right when you're considering the idea of abandoning an entire star system to destruction!" Talon exclaimed, and he tried to storm off, but his master grabbed his shoulder and turned him around.

"Talon, we can't risk the lives of countless Jedi, just to fight one man, especially with the recent discovery of the Sith returning." Tiin explained, hoping to calm down his padawan, but Talon wasn't moved.

"That doesn't mean we have to condemn Lylat to death!" Talon explained, and he jerked out of his master's grip, and got in the elevator. 'If this damn Council won't do anything to help Lylat, then I will.' Talon thought to himself, and when the elevator stopped and the doors opened, he ran to the hanger and got in his Delta-6 starfighter. 'Hang on Fox, the cavalry is on its way.' Talon thought, and he piloted the starfighter out of the hanger and attached it to a hyperspace ring. After punching in the coordinates to Corneria, Talon activated the hyperdrive, and disappeared into a hyperspace tunnel.

Corneria City

"We're entering Corneria City now." Fox alerted as his Arwing exited a small canyon. Once Fox got a good look at the city, he was shocked at what the extent of the damage really ways; buildings that had stood for decades were now nothing more than burning rubble, destroyed by Andross' forces.

"This is horrible." Falco said as he looked at the smoke and rubble in the city. Fox agreed with Falco; Andross didn't care about anything except ruling the Lylat system, and he would destroy anything or anyone that got in his way. 'We will stop you Andross; you're days are now numbered.' Fox thought, and the team continued flying through the city.

"Everybody stay alert!" Peppy warned, and suddenly, a wave of enemy fighters started flying towards the four Arwings. Fox and his team easily blasted through the waves, but Fox noticed that blaster fire was passing him by, barely skimming the surface of his fighter. "You've got enemies on your tail! Use your brakes!" Peppy informed Fox, and he was just about to follow the old mans advice, when blaster fire from above hit the fighters attacking Fox, and destroyed them.

"Was that the reinforcements?" Fox asked.

"Sort of. I just couldn't leave ya hangin' big brother." Talon said as he leveled his fighters with Fox's.

"Talon! Does this mean the Republic is going to send reinforcements?" Fox asked, but Talon shook his head.

"I'm sorry bro, but I highly doubt it; the Jedi Council doesn't want to risk heavy Jedi casualties, so I came by myself." Talon explained, sounding extremely depressed, but Fox just shrugged.

"Well, it doesn't matter; you're one of the best pilots in the Jedi Order, if not the Republic itself, so you're all the help we'll need." Fox explained, and Talon smiled.

"I can't believe the Council just sent you; I know you and the Council don't see eye to eye, but I wouldn't expect them to actually just send you." Falco said.

"The Council doesn't know about this, do they Talon?" Peppy asked, and Talon scratched the back of his head and chuckled nervously.

"Not yet…but they'll find out what happened when they realize I'm not at the Temple." Talon explained, and they continued to fly through the city, and they finally reached the outskirts.

"Fox, get the ones behind me!" Falco said, and he flew in front of Fox, showing that he was being chased by three fighters. Fox and Talon sped up their fighters and began shooting at the fighters chasing Falco. The three were quickly destroyed, giving Falco some breathing room. "I guess I should be thankful." Falco said, and Talon rolled his eyes.

"Ungrateful parrot." Talon said, and Falco growled.

"What was that?" Falco demanded, and Talon just chuckled as he rolled his fighter and destroyed some of the marine craft that were 'skiing' across the water. Fox, being the showoff that he was, was flying through the rocks while destroying Andross' marine forces. "Pretty smooth flying Fox." Falco admitted, and Talon rolled his eyes, and saw a large craft flying over them, going over a water fall.

"Follow me Fox!" Talon ordered, and he made a sharp turn, going through the waterfall.

"Talon, where you going?" Fox asked, and he started to follow his brother.

"I've found the target. Try to keep up!" Talon said, but Peppy spoke up.

"Fox, my scanners are picking up a large enemy farther north of here; if we miss him, it could cause some serious damage to other parts of the city!" Peppy warned.

"Peppy; you, Falco, and Slippy take care of the enemy to the north, Fox and I will handle this fool!" Talon ordered, and the five fighters split up. "Fox, drop altitude! This guy is approaching us from the rear!" Talon warned, and the two fighters quickly lowered as a large starship passed over them.

"Ah! Someone wants to play!" The pilot of the cruiser taunted. When his cruiser went passed Talon and Fox, the two raised their fighters to face Andross' lackey. The cruiser was red and white in color, and had three attached missile bays; two small ones on the right, and one larger on the left. "I've got a present for ya!" The pilot said, and three bay doors on the sides of the cruiser opened. Swarms of missiles flew out and began flying towards Fox and Talon. The two ace pilots easily avoided the missiles and began shooting at the main cruiser, but the lasers were bouncing off the hull, not even making a scratch. When Talon saw another wave of missiles coming, he activated his own missiles and fired one at missile bay on his right; the missile flew past the others, but hit the inside of the bay. The large explosion inside the bay tore it to shreds, leaving nothing but scrap metal and smoke where the hanger used to be.

"Fox, shoot at the inside the missile bays; that's the weak spot!" Talon explained, and when the bay doors opened, Fox and Talon fired a heavy barrage of lasers and bombs, destroying the top bay and severely damaging the other. Talon locked another one of his missiles onto the bay, and fired the explosive. The missile destroyed the last bay, but the cruiser was still standing. Talon tried firing at the cruiser itself again, and this time, severe damage was done. Realizing what happened, the cruiser pilot quickly turned his ship around, acting like he was running away, and Fox and Talon began shooting at the coward, damaging his ship even more. Suddenly though, the ship turned around and began firing at Fox and Talon. Fox's magnetized ship activated when he barrel rolled, causing the blaster fire to bounce off of his Arwing, but Talon's Delta-6 wasn't so lucky; the blaster fire tore through his shields and pummeled his armor. One of the shots hit the fuel line of the fighter, and a side of it was caught in the explosion.

"Talon!" Fox yelled as his brother struggled to keep the ship in the air.

"I'm fine Fox, but I'll have to head to the Great Fox. I'm afraid I can't finish this fight with you." Talon said as he flew off towards the Great Fox, and Fox stayed behind to finish off Andross' crony. The cruiser was badly damaged; a couple of well placed shots would end the fight, so Fox hit his boosters and pummeled the ship with a heavy barrage of Hyper Laser fire, and it wasn't long until Fox heard a satisfying explosion from inside the cruiser.

"Who are you guys?" The pilot asked as his ship struggled to stay in the air.

"We're Star Fox!" Fox said before flying off.

"You'll never defeat Andross!" The pilot said before his ship crashed into the water and turned into a huge ball of fire and scrap metal. As Fox made his way back into space, his team regrouped and confirmed the destruction of their target.

"You did it! I was worried for a moment." Slippy said admittedly, and Fox smiled.

"You're becoming more like your father." Peppy said, but that comment made Fox frown a little.

"I'm fine. You okay over there Fox?" Falco asked, and Fox nodded.

"Talon's ship is docked for repairs." ROB informed, and the four Arwings accelerated into the atmosphere where the Great Fox was waiting for them.

The team flew into the hanger, and saw Talon going over the damage done to his ship. When the four Arwings landed, Fox was the first to check on his brother.

"I'm fine Fox, but my fighter isn't so lucky. She'll need a complete overhaul. I don't suppose you'll be able to do anything about this, could you Slip-up?" Talon asked, turning towards Slippy, and the toad growled at the mention of Talon's old nickname for him.

"Stop calling me that! …And no…I'm a mechanic, not a miracle worker; this thing is down for the count." Slippy said, and Talon sighed angrily.

"Piece of crap starfighter." Talon said, and he kicked the ship, and there was apparently enough strength in that kick to cause one of the engines in the back to fall off and hit the ground, and Talon growled at the sight.

"Talon, relax; we always carry a couple of spare Arwings in the main hanger. You can use one of them from now on. It'll probably hold together better than that POS ever could." Fox said, and Talon nodded.

"Thanks. So, what's the current situation?" Talon asked.

"Well, as I'm you know, Andross has invaded Lylat and is trying to take over as Emperor. The C.D.F can't handle the strength of the onslaught of attacks, so General Pepper has hired us to take care of it. We came here to push the forces back, give Lylat an actual victory for once in this war. We're being paid by the kill, so we're going to give Andross and his army as much hell as possible." Fox said, and Talon smirked.

"Well, I'm here to provide whatever help I can." Talon said.

"Well, I'm glad you're here Talon, we could use a pilot with your skills." Peppy said.

"Yeah, you can even take Slippy's place." Falco said.

"Hey!" Slippy said in annoyance, and everyone started laughing, except Slippy.

"With you on our team Talon, Andross doesn't stand a chance!" Fox said, and Talon nodded.

"Yeah, we can finally take down that insane ape, and bring him to justice for the crimes he's committed." Talon said, and the team got ready for their next mission.

"Talon, I need to speak with you." Saesee Tiin said as he knocked on the door to Talon's room, but he didn't get an answer; he was expecting the silent treatment from Talon, after the Jedi Council basically condemned the Lylat System in his eyes. Tiin decided to open the door, but was shocked to see that his padawan was not in the room, and the majority of his possessions were gone, including his lightsaber. It didn't Tiin long to realize what happened, and he was immediately beginning to worry about his apprentice. "Talon…may the Force be with you."