Please Don't Leave

"Please don't leave." he said in a soft voice.

"I haft to." I said slowly getting up from the soft, wet grass

"No you don't Lia!" he spat out "You don't haft to leave, I don't want you to leave"

"Why do you want me to stay?" I spat back, even though I already knew the answer.

"Because...I – I love you Lia." he said, calm again. "I have always loved you, ever since we first met."

What the crap was he on?

"Please don't" I said back "You know I would't be able to handle it if you got hurt, I've had to many losses, and I couldn't live with myself if_" he cut me off.

"I'm not going anywhere, I can't die remember." he said with that smirk.

"I know, but_" he cut me off again but this time not with words, but with a kiss.

I felt a warm chill go up my back,then back to my lips. So much passion as we pressed our lips together, more and more until he pushed away.

" I love you" he whispered in my ear, so sweet, so soft, so light.

I felt that warm chill up my back again,I enjoyed it.

" I love you too" I whispered back.

He smirked, then kissed me more.I still was enjoying it.

To be continued...