Present Day

Vegeta continued to stare up at the stars while listening to the sounds of the party-goers enjoying themselves in the banquet hall. Reflecting on the past five years made him realize how foolish and annoying they truly were. In there they chatted and ate to their content, uncaring that the reason that the Saiyans had been able to defeat King Cold and end the cruelty of the Cold Empire was due to the same woman that they belittled just an hour before.

And so, despite his final struggle to deny it he couldn't any longer: the safety of his title wasn't worth watching this social class system live on another day.

It made absolutely no sense to allow those born as elites to wallow in wealth barely bothering to train while ninety percent of the planet's inhabitants worked every day to become stronger regardless of the lack of reward.

It was completely ridiculous that only royalty was allowed to be welcomed with open arms when the majority of people using the trading routes were normal merchants and civilians looking for business.

And furthermore, it was insulting to listen these idiots completely disregard Bulma's achievements simply because they didn't want to acknowledge all of the work that went into making the universe better for everyone being done by someone that wasn't a noble.

And so, he would stop messing around and put his plans into action. Because nothing was going to get better sitting around watching life pass him by. Because as the future ruler of this planet, it was up to him to decide what was best for the people despite their protests against change.

He smirked as he turned to look towards the hall that led to Bulma's room. 'But mostly because I'm a greedy bastard and can't wait to continue where she left off.'

A/N: Okay guys, that's it. I know you're probably upset that they don't get together but even considering the fact that it has been awhile since I originally wrote this continuation, I still feel that this is a good ending for this story. Thank you for reading, I hope you all liked it.