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Chapter 48 – Gloria (Van Morrison)

I couldn't believe the news – with all the attention and press surrounding Eclectic I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised but I was. Producers from the show "Project Runway" called and made us an offer we couldn't refuse…Alice and I would be guest judges on the show that had inspired us so much in our early years!

There was a problem though. The filming schedule meant a very narrow window for us to film and that was set when Sue would be on vacation – the vacation I'd forced upon her by buying nonrefundable tickets for a Caribbean cruise. But we were lucky, Rose, Emmett, Esme, Carlisle, Leia and Jake all volunteered to take care of our funsters so Edward and I could have a bit of a romantic getaway; we could mix business and pleasure in LA. Jasper was joining Alice, too, so the gang took Christopher as well. The plan was for the older kids to alternate between Emmett and Rose, and Leia and Jake's homes while Esme and Carlisle tended to the terror tots aka Michael and Stephen, who were smack-dab in the midst of the Terrible Twos. Lord, have mercy on my wonderful in-laws.

I was super excited to get away with Edward and threw myself into all the preparations for our trip, both business-wise and personal details. I snuck away to a spa for a full workup, figuring with five kids I deserved a little pampering. I'd worked hard to keep my figure, though it was hard after the twins had annihilated my abdomen. I adored that my husband's eyes still sparkled whenever he took in my form and fought tooth and nail to keep that spark alive, including continuing my use of "under armor." So after receiving the full monty at the spa, I made my way to my favorite lingerie store and perused their selections…everything felt … flat. I had pushed my ideas for a lingerie line onto the back burner with Eclectic's success and the expansion of my family but it seemed the time might just be ripe for us to take on that endeavor.

With that notion I returned to my studio and started sketching sexy lingerie. I drew out matched bra and panty sets and teddies as well as nightgowns and corsets with matching, and rather skimpy, skivvies. I drew till my hand cramped then I drew some more. I searched online for materials to make my prototypes and then wrapped it all up into a neat little presentation for our next weekly meeting, which they of course loved..

I left a few designs out figuring I could show them after I'd surprised my dear, sweet, sexy man on our trip. One of the designs I kept behind was a sweet bustier done in a gorgeous electric blue chinois satin print with hot pink accents. It was innocent and sultry at the same time. The matching panties were your basic g-string bikinis done in the contrasting color to add to the sizzle. Edward loved when I wore bustiers and corsets because they pulled everything up and over the top of the cuffs, making my D cups even more ample. They also narrowed my waist offering a larger contrast between my rounded hips and still-slim waist. He loved my hips and said they were all woman, then he'd proceed to tell me how he was going to grab my hips and slam into me from behind. Yep, Edward still melted my knickers with his dirty talk. I fucking loved every minute of it!

It took a solid week of laundry and packing to get everyone ready for their adventures. I hoped and prayed everyone would be good for their victims … err I mean babysitters. Don't get me wrong, my kids were great, but give them an inch and they take that proverbial mile. Add that we'd be gone a week and that could get dicey; not that I had any doubts the adults could handle it – if I did we wouldn't be going.

I was positively giddy walking up the terminal in O'Hare, holding hands with my sweetie.

"Wow, Baby, we've been talking for over an hour and no one has interrupted us," Edward teased. "Who knew that was possible?"

I bumped my shoulder into his side, smiling at him. "I know! I haven't heard you say so much since you said 'I do.'" It was a running joke with us, he was the quiet one, I was the talker. "It's great to hear your voice saying something other than 'chew with your mouth closed' or 'don't drag your feet.'"

He Edward cocked his sexy eyebrow at me and his voice dropped an octave as he drawled out, "Oh you want to hear my voice, huh?" Gulp. Sexy Eddie was back in the house – YAY!

He leaned down and big my ear lobe then ran his tongue along the outer shell, causing shivers to run up and down my spine, before continuing. "You want to hear what I'm going to do with you now that I finally have you all to myself? How I'm going to eat that tasty little pussy of yours? How I'm going to lick and suck and nibble until you're screaming my name then do it some more?" Gah! "Or do you want to hear how I'm going to bury myself deep inside you and work you over till you positively froth? Is that what you wanted to hear, Baby?"

"Fuck me," was my ingenious response. Four years of marriage and the man still caused my central nervous system to short circuit with just a look or his sexy talk.

"That was the general idea," he smirked at me.

I smacked his arm. "You're so mean to me! We're waiting to board a plane for a three-hour flight and you've got me all worked up."

He smirked again, "I see you quiver with antici ... pation."

Oh now he's pulling out the Rocky Horror Picture Show quotes? I smirked back, "Nice. You gonna sport a black corset and fish nets, too?"

He scoffed. "You know I'm more of a baby-doll man."

"You're such a tease!"

"And you fucking love it," Edward responded.

"I do. I really do. I fucking love you, too. I couldn't imagine my life with anyone else or without our laughter."

The flight passed quickly with our light banter. Edward tried to get me to join the mile high club but it was not worth the bad press if we were caught. He knew that, but he's still a guy and had to try.

We were wound up so tightly that we barely made it to our suite at the hotel. We burst into our door and dropped the luggage then Edward bent me over the back of the couch. He didn't even bother to remove our clothing; he just yanked up my skirt and pushed my panties aside before plunging into me. I was already soaked from all the foreplay on our flight. The man was my kryptonite, I tell ya!

He was also a sexy beast! It had been so long since we were able to really cut loose and enjoy each other. We'd definitely have to rectify that when we got home. Perhaps our love nest by the lake needed a bit more action…

It was a damned good thing we had a couple days before we met with the people for the show because Edward and I had a lot of unrequited fantasies to play out where our kids couldn't hear us. The first night, after our passionate quickie and a very dirty shower, we ordered in room service. Edward tied me to the bed using his silk ties then used me as a plate as he ate the chocolate mousse. I didn't think I would ever be able to see him wear those ties or see a chocolate mousse without getting turned on … or blushing.

The next day we slept, between rounds of hot and sweaty, animalistic sex. We hadn't gotten this hot or heavy since the days we were trying to conceive Char at the lake house. I hadn't realized how much I missed this side of Edward. Oh we still had romance but we were always so tired and constantly being interrupted by the kids. It's not like it was a big surprise to be interrupted, we had five kids after all, and three of them were under four years old!

So it was especially decadent to wake to my husband ravishing me with his mouth and hands. And it was an even bigger treat to wake him for the next round with my own mouth. It was downright delightful to not have to suppress the squeal of delight when he realized what I was doing and grabbed me to twist around so I was poised on my knees with my center over his face so I could continue as he returned the favor. No one would call out, "Are you okay Mommy?" or "What was that sound?" or my own personal favorite, when Seth had called out, just as I was climaxing, "Mom! Char's breathing funny! You need to check on her RIGHT NOW!" And he wouldn't take no for an answer, we tried to say it was the TV in our room but he demanded we check on Char. We started to think about sound-proofing our room after that particular fiasco. But it was nice to have a son who was looking out for his baby sister so we took it in stride.

But in that hotel room no one would come running so we got to be as loud and wild as we wanted – and it was fan-freaking-tastic.

I was sad when duty called, but even that was cut short when Edward came along to watch. He said it turned him on to see me in work mode. I think he liked the way my ass looked in my jeans. I couldn't blame him; I liked how it looked, too. They were from our new line, made in the heart of Indiana. They were part of the challenge for the five remaining contestants. We asked them to design jeans and a top for us to include in our next season's lineup.

What I failed to anticipate was that the co-host, Heidi Klum was recently divorced and my husband is sex-on-legs. I had to run interference for a bit, but when I calmly told her that if she didn't get away from my husband I'd shove my size 8 combat boots so far up her ass they'd pop out her mouth she backed off. Tim Gunn was highly amused and teased me that I should realize that a man that good looking was bound to distract anyone with good taste. I had to agree with him on that count. Jasper was distracting everyone as well. It was funny to see tiny Alice shooting glares at all the models and gay designers who flirted with her man. If they were smart they'd back off, Alice could be really scary!

After we filmed the initial challenge the four of us went to lunch.

"Oh my gosh! I was ready to cut a bitch," Alice seethed. "Seriously, it's the fashion world, have they not seen good-looking men before?"

We all laughed. Edward and Jasper had both strutted a little after having gotten so much attention.

"I know! At least we know they only have eyes for us." Edward winked at me then. " It 'was so awkward. I felt bad for Jazz when that Garrett guy was hitting on him." We all laughed remembering how high Jasper had leapt when the designer pinched his ass.

"I don't know about you Jazz, but I found it incredibly hot to have my wife defending my honor with the likes of Heidi Klum!" He leveled me with a look that promised our suite would see a lot more action that night. And it did...repeatedly.

We all enjoyed the following day at the beach. Alice had essentially frog-marched us out of our room, saying we needed to come up for air. I felt a little nervous wearing a bikini at my age and with five kids, but Edward's hands were all over me so I knew it looked okay. His was the only opinion that mattered anyway. But it was a tiny little thing in baby pink with ruffles on my booty. Thank God for bra-tops on bikinis. After nursing a few babies, my girls, though ample in size, weren't as perky as they'd once been. Edward liked the way the top pushed everything up and over. His attention made me feel essentially naked or like I was wearing lingerie, but I didn't mind because the look of longing on his face set me aflame.

Alice rolled her eyes as we not-so-discretely walked into the water to fool around. Jazz snickered at her reaction then tossed her over his shoulder, gave her ass a little smack, then dragged her in a bit further down the beach. She was all smiles later when we all gathered again at our gear.

We didn't see much more of them until the taping of the show.

When the runway show started my jaw hit the floor. These designers were so talented! I seriously wanted nearly all the designs to go in our line!

The first contestant, Jane, had decided to pay homage to my military roots. She made dungarees in the Navy styling with a high waist and six button closure, three down each side, and they were bell-bottoms. I fucking LOVED them – especially when the model turned around and her rear looked great. Bell bottoms were hard to get right; a woman could end up looking as wide as she was tall if it wasn't done right. These were fitted exactly right. She had paired it with a simple red boat-neck knit top and cute red patent leather peep-toe pumps. The simplicity was exactly what I loved. She could've made it more elaborate, especially given Ecletic's usual ethnic flair, but the simplicity was what sold me. Alice wasn't as thrilled. She liked things very tailored yet feminine.

The second contestant, Eric, took a sort of rockabilly/Americana approach since our big claim on our denim was that they're made in the Heartland. He featured a distressed-looking skinny jean with a size zip and no back pockets, something that seemed odd but made even the emaciated-looking model look like she had curves! The bottom of the jeans had long zippers at the side of the ankles to gather the bottom tightly to the leg. He topped those with a red plaid top. It was an adorable top, cut on the bias with ruffles, a sweetheart neckline and cap sleeves. The model wore sexy little black ankle boots with a high stiletto heel. He had gone the extra mile and made a jean jacket to match. He cut it in the classic biker leather style with zippers and carefully distressed detailing. Alice was practically drooling over the ensemble.

Alec, the third contestant, Liam, threw caution to the wind and made skin-tight pedal pushers instead of jeans. I liked his daring. I also really liked the design. They were low-rise and very dark denim with accented stitching in the traditional gold thread. They had a seam stitched down the front and back of the legs that elongated the figure of the person wearing them – I really liked that detail. They weren't of the caliber of the other designs, but they were very commercially-viable. If we made them a little looser, older women would buy them in a heartbeat. The top he paired them with was white Swiss dot with smocking and ruffles. It was a nice contrast between the sleek and sexy tight bottoms and the innocent, very feminine, square-necked top. On her feet, the model wore platform sandals with white eyelet lace. Alice loved the top and tolerated the bottom.

The final contestant, the infamous butt-pincher Garrett, presented a modern, denim take on parachute pants. They were kind of hideous and a little fabulous. I hadn't ever been a fan of that style but I liked his creativity. I also liked the deconstructed top he'd paired with it. I wasn't normally a fan because I liked beautiful details, but the combo was interesting and not unattractive. But it was my least favorite of what was presented that afternoon. Alice flat-out hated it. We both explained that while his talent was apparent, it was not the type of clothing Eclectic would normally carry. Our stuff was about making a woman feel beautiful, and while his designs were beautiful, we both felt like the clothes wore the model instead of the model wearing the clothing. They overpowered her. He understood and thanked us for our feedback. I encouraged him to keep it up, there was a market for him – it just wasn't ours.

It was hard to narrow down a winner, had I been able to pick on my own, I'd have probably gone with Jane. I loved her gumption to feminize the Navy's dungarees. I told her so during the review we revealed the winner. I also encouraged her to look us up after the show was done airing. I wanted her look in our lineup! I could see her fitting in well at Eclectic or as a freelance designer if she didn't want to relocate to f-f-freezing-cold Chicago.

In the end, Eric won with his rockabilly look. It was so polished and exceptional, he was the clear winner. I was excited to add his biker denim to our lineup as well as his jeans and adorable top.

I discussed Liam's designs with him after the taping finished, and encouraged him to call us after the show aired. His design aesthetic was very like our own but with a bit more edge to it. And with us taking on lingerie in addition to our recently-added maternity and children's clothing lines we would need new designers.

They sent Jane home that day. She took it mostly with grace, thanking everyone for the opportunity, yada yada. The only part that was iffy was that I swore if looks could kill Heidi would be writhing in pain. I wondered what that was about but shook it off. I gave Jane my card and encouraged her to call me.

I was both sad and glad to return home the next morning. We'd had a fabulous vacation, but I missed my babies. It turns out that wasn't all I missed that month. Apparently there was a reason I acted like a bitch in heat … I was ovulating during our trip! And the result, nine months later was our sweet little Mary Rosalie. I wouldn't have changed any part of it for all the silk in China.

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