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Author's note: So this has been stewing for awhile... A fun attempt at combating my verbosity, through drabbles. (well, sandwiched between 'definitions'). Previously the oneshot drabble, 'Unpacking'

Synopsis: The 21st century forces Emily to reevaluate how she defines her world...

un·pack (un-pak)
v. un·packed, un·pack·ing, un·packs
1. to remove the packed contents of (a case, trunk, etc.)
2. (tr) to take (something) out of a packed container
3. (tr) to remove a pack from; unload to unpack a mule


Emily winced involuntarily as she sat down to the canteen table with Abby and Jess.

"You alright?" Abby asked.

"Yes. I'm just a trifle tired..." (and sore) "from..." (definitely not the) "...unpacking."

She had just moved from Jess' place into Matt's the previous afternoon.

"Tired from unpacking? Right," Abby said.

"Emily, you own like five things," Jess said. "Ow! What?"

Abby had elbowed the young woman sat to her right. She made a point of saying, "Unpacking at her boyfriend's flat."

"Oh, I see. Unpacking."

Emily blushed, more from the memory than her friends' discovery of how Matt defined 'unpacking'.


un·pack (un-pak)
v. un·packed, un·pack·ing, un·packs
1. to remove ones belongings in order to secure them away, only to see them swept back in the case as one is distracted by 'assistance'
2. to be ravished by one's lover repeatedly in the attempt to remove packed contents to put them away

A/N: More randomness to come... ;-) Smut, fluff, humour...