Olivia sped past John who was perched precariously on the corner of her desk in the bull pen and sank into her seat as if he wasn't there.

"Liv…" John said her name softly so as not to be overheard by any of the other many FBI agent occupants but she stayed stoic and focused on the paperwork before her. "Dunham," he said more firmly and a little louder than before so that a few heads turned.

"Not here," Olivia said flatly as she rifled through her paperwork.

"Then when?" John pushed.

"Not now," Olivia clipped shortly and breezed past him.

"Listen up everybody!" Broyles shouted from the raised platform in the bull pen. "There's a raid going down tonight on the Edward case. Agents Francis, Scott, Johansen, Dunham, Ingersoll, Mathews, Peterson, Kader, Logan, and Hons; suit up and be ready in ten minutes."

John grasped Olivia's wrist and held her back. She struggled for a second before she felt the pain of her bones beginning to grind together.

"You're hurting me," she said, her voice low and threatening. He drew back sharply, releasing her in shock.

"Well if you'd just listen to me I wouldn't have to try and trap you," John snipped under his breath. "It was a love declaration – I didn't propose marriage or anything."

Olivia nearly whirled on him but thought better of it. She didn't want to make a scene in front of all her peers. "I know."

"So then why have you been avoiding me?" John asked, trying to cut her off.

"Did you not hear Broyles?" Olivia asked him with a raised eyebrow and a half sneer. "We've got a raid to be ready for in…" she glanced at her watch, "eight minutes."

"Fine!" John snapped harshly. "But afterwards, we're going to discuss this and where we stand. I can't wait on you forever, Liv."

Olivia wanted to snap back that she didn't think love was meant to come with conditions, but there wasn't time and she didn't want to get into it. She was all too happy to ditch her boyfriend of three years in women's locker room and reveled in the fact that at least on this raid, she was the only female and wouldn't have to share. Making quick use of her time she changed into dark jeans and a dark FBI t-shirt, strapping the bulletproof vest over her torso and then her gun holsters over that. Olivia swept her long blonde hair into a high pony tail and wisped the ends into a sloppy bun. Once her two guns were secured in their holsters she exited out of the locker room and followed the trail of other agents on the raid out toward the back where the van would be waiting.

They all piled into the van and Olivia worked to get the end seat with her fellow agent and friend, Charlie sitting beside her. They joked quietly, poking fun at each other and ignoring the other agents almost completely, especially John. Charlie had been there for her since her very first raid and their friendship had only grown from there. It helped that they had the same dark sense of humor that most others didn't understand or took poorly.

"This should be easy as cake!" Charlie exclaimed to Olivia, grinning excitedly. "In and out in time for some post-raid drinks – all on you of course."

Olivia snorted and shook her head. "In your dreams. The rule still stands that the person who makes the most, buys all the drinks. You're just upset that I'm such an expensive bar-buddy."

Charlie playfully scowled at her and then laughed. "You really are you know…"

Olivia only grinned and bumped her shoulder to his in a comradely fashion. She could feel her spirits rising as she teased Charlie and all her John-troubles seemed to disappear. It wasn't that she didn't care for John – but that she didn't really love him. Wasn't she supposed to feel like there was no way she could go a day without seeing him or hearing his voice? Wasn't her future supposed to be unimaginable without him in it? Olivia was no hopeless romantic, but she was positive she was supposed to feel more for the man she had been seeing these past few years and she just didn't. Maybe she'd call it off after the raid. Explain to him that she just wasn't ready for the same level of commitment as him. Resolved in what she was going to do, Olivia felt a calm envelope her as she refocused her mind on the raid.

They came to a steady stop and when the signal was given they all rushed out in two single file lines with guns out and pointing down at the ready. Olivia followed the Charlie since he was the mission leader; reading all the silent signals and trusting that he knew what he was doing. She eventually broke off with Ingersoll and Peterson to take a side door, leaving the rest of the team to other doors.

"FREEZE! FBI!" A male voice shouted out and that was their signal to move into action.

Ingersoll broke down the door and gun shots rang through the air. Olivia maneuvered around so that she crouched behind a couple crates and fired into the group of men that had guns and weren't labeled FBI. Just when she thought they were gaining some ground, Olivia watched in silent horror as Peterson took a bullet to the forehead, his body crumbling to the ground in a lifeless heap. Ingersoll seemed to freeze for a second as he watched his comrade fall and it was long enough for him to take two shots in the shoulder and he fell back.

"Ingersoll!" Olivia shouted for him, but he wasn't moving. She doubled back and worked her way around to where he lay and checked for a pulse, finding it weak and thready. "Hang in there," she murmured.

There was a scuffle ahead of her and she watched Charlie, John, and Hons fighting for ground. Taking the moment they earned her, she worked to stem the flow of blood leaving her fellow agent and when she thought she had it as good as it was going to get she crept to her feet and went to join the action just as Charlie took a bullet to the leg and stumbled to the ground. Olivia immediately flew to protect him and fired back while using her body to shield his.

"Liv, move! Damnit!" Charlie shouted at her.

"No!" Olivia yelled back as she continued to fire with expert accuracy.

"That's an order Dunham!" Charlie growled and Olivia only laughed.

"I've never taken orders well," Olivia joked as she continued to take down gang member after gang member.

"Olivia!" She heard John shout out just as her right shoulder jerked back and pain blossomed sharply. Olivia turned to look at John with a look of confusion as if she didn't understand what was happening and then the room was beginning to darken around the edges until she felt her body hit the concrete floor and almost bounce before settling and remaining still as everything went black and the last thing she heard was her name being yelled over and over.

Charlie cursed as the EMT's jolted his stretcher as they carried him out. They were just loading him into the back of an ambulance when he heard John shouting about twenty feet away.

"Where is she?" John growled. "Where's Dunham?"

Charlie's stomach dropped sharply at the panic in his fellow agent's voice. He'd known they were together even though they thought they weren't being obvious, but by the sound of John's voice, he really loved her.

"I'm sorry agent," One of the EMT's replied, trying to get John to cooperate. "We didn't find a female agent inside."

"What?" John seemed to take the news like a punch to the gut. "That's not possible… she was on the raid… they must've taken her!"

"Agent…" The EMT tried to ease him down but it was to no use.

"No! Those bastards took her!" John shouted, his voice going hoarse from misuse.

"Agent Scott!"

It was Broyles. He'd wound his way through the crowd of agents and EMT's.

"We have to go after them," John argued to Broyles. "They have her and God knows what they're doing to her."

"Agent Scott, stand down! And that's an order!" Broyles snapped and John actually backed off but his face remained hard and pain filled. "Agent Dunham is a valuable asset to our division and we'll do everything in our power to bring her back, but making everyone else's job more difficult so you can vent is not helping anyone – especially agent Dunham."

"Yes sir," John said, voice low and flat.

"We will find her and bring her back," Broyles assured him, sounding as determined as ever.

John only nodded and followed the EMT's orders, climbing into the back of the ambulance. Him and Charlie were lucky. Only three of them had survived and now Liv was gone.