A/N: I know it might get confusing of who the people are so here's a key sort of thing.

'The person ' or 'The boy' =Jasper.

'A man' = Carlisle.

'A girl' or 'The first girl' = Rose.

'A different girl' = Alice.


For some reason everyone in my family has died around me. I'm only 3-year's-old! My grammy went to sleep yesterday and she's still asleep. Because, grammy never locked the lock that I couldn't reach I unlocked the door, almost too short to do so. But I have no idea where I am so I end up some hoe in the wood's.

Why did I ever leave grammy?

I want my mommy and daddy to wake up. To find me...


I'm sobbing loudly as I walk through the cold, damp, dark wood's. A twig snap's and I can't help but cry even harder than be for. Someone step's infront of me and neal's down so they are eye level to me.

"Hello sweetie," A velvet voice say's.

I say nothing. Mostly because, I'm sobbing too hard.

"Why are you out here all alone?" He ask's.

Again I say nothing to him.

"My name is Edward. Can you tell me your's?"

"B- B- Bella," I cough.

"Okay, Bella. I'm going to pick you up and find my family. Is that okay?"

I nod slightly.

The boy named Edward stand's up and take's his jacket off then put's it around me, picking me up after he does.

It seem's like forever untill he talk's to someone that I can't see.

"Can you calm her down?" He ask's the person.

"Here, give her to me," A girl say's.

I rub my eye's on Edward's shirt and try to calm down but I can't.

"I can't," The other boy say's.

"Give her to me, Edward," A man say's.

He take's a step and I feel a different pair of cold hand's go on me.

"Come here baby girl," He say's as he take's me. "My name is Carlisle. Can you tell me where you live?"

I rub my eye's as I shrug. No, I couldn't do that becuase, I have no clue where I live.

"We could back track where she's been," The boy say's.

"Good idea," Carlisle say's.

"We'll have to walk. She'd be teriffied if we ran," A different girl say's.

"Lead the way," The man say's.

"Let me hold her," The first girl say's.

"Not now."

Long minute's later I calm down and lay my head on the man's shoulder. He rub's my back gently like mommy and daddy did. After a while I can see light's.

"That house," The boy say's.

"The door is opened," Edward say's.

"Maybe she got out on her own and didn't close the door?" The man say's.

I nod.

"There's no one in there," The second girl say's.

"Grammy!" I shout sitting up.

Nobody say's anything, but we do go in grammy's house and the man put's me down. Right when he does I run up to grammy's room and climb up onto her bed. Foot step's follow behind me as I go.

"Call the police," The man say's.

He has blond hair, weird colored eye's, and he's tall and skinny. The man come's over and pick's me up.

"Grammy sweeping?" I ask.

"Yes. She's sleeping."

A boy come's up and take's me from the man and kisse's my head.

"They'll be here," He say's the the man and walk's out and down to the kitchen where 3 other people are.

One girl is short with short brown spiky hair and is skinny. The other girl is tall with long blond hair and is skinny. All of them are skinny and all of them have the same eye's. The bpy next to the blond girl is tall with shirt but long hair and is blond also.

"Hello. I'm Alice. This is Rose and Jasper," She say's.

I say nothing and I put my leg's straght wanting to be put down. He put's me down and I see that he too has the same color eye's as the rest. But he's taller than the rest of them with messy hair. I go to the fridge and take my juice out. Then I go over pushing on the boy with messy hair to try to move and he does.

So I get a chair, dragging it to where it need's to be and get on it. The blond girl put's me down and say's, "Why don't you let me do that."

I point to where the cup's are and she get's one down and take my juice, pouring it into the cup. After she put's the lid on it she hand's it to me and I take it.

"Thank you," I say and go to my room, turning the TV on and lay on my bed.

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