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Both Naruto and Mikoto were hiding for a while, questioning their tag along. He seemed normal enough and not like everyone else, which was surprising. He had brown hair with facial hair that covered his lower face. He wore a plain gray shirt that was open that exposed some of his chest and plain gray pants. He had bandages rapped around his right hand stopping at his forearm and around his left are going from his shoulder to his elbow. He said he was a patient at the asylum; claimed it was because of stress related problems and it was too much for him. He said his wife and son were visiting him when the outbreak started. He said that he had got split on from his family, but from what they say they knew he was insane as well.


Naruto and Mikoto were running when they heard a scream. At first they were going to ignore it, but then they heard the crying of a baby, so naturally they ran towards the scream. When they got there they were both shocked to their very core.

What they saw was a man standing over the forms of a woman and a baby. Both were brutally beaten and battered. He had a crazed looked in his eyes, before turned into a look of a worried man.

"Alexis? Alexis where are and the baby? Damn monsters…must have been separated." He then noticed a woman and a child staring at him. "Excuse me, but have you see a woman carrying a baby? She's my wife and I'm really worried about her, can you help me find her? My name is Stross, Nolan Stross."

-End Flashback-

They decided to let him tag along, after all they didn't know if he actually killed them. They could have been killed by the necromorphs and he's just in extreme denial about their deaths.


"Ew…those skin things are just creepy." Said Kyuubi, who was referring to the swarmers.

"That may be, but they are just as useful as any of the other necromorphs." Said the Hive Mind. "So Marker, what's the deal with Stross? Why is he acting normal?" asked the Hive Mind.

"He will be assisting in my vessel creation. He has the mind worthy of being a scientist of our dimension. Which means he will be able to create another rock based material suitable for the creation of a what I scan he use to work for some named Orochimaru. Overtime he became guilty of what he had done and fell in stress and guilt, leading to a great depression. He didn't tell anyone of his workings with Orochimaru, knowing what would happen if he was found out."

"Well with that knowledge he should also be able to experiment with the necromorphs like Mercer. I liked that guy."

"Of course you would. He was bat-shit crazy. I did like that Hunter, though. Maybe we could create another one. It wouldn't take long. It lonely took Mercer a matter of hours to create the Hunter. Just imagine with the time we have what we could do."

"Ahhh…I like your way of thinking Kyuubi. Ya know what I just realized? With you having a human form and having unlimited chakra, why is it that you can't just apply the stasis seal?"

"You think I would bother learning that human crap? All I need is my power and I can destroy anything."

"Yes well look at where that got you."

"At least I was sealed and not killed by a human with just weapons."

"HE DIDN'T KILL ME! I was killed by impact of the colony crashing into Aegis 7!"

"Still…he got away and you died, which means he killed you."

"ENOUGH! You two are bickering like children! And to say that both of you are two powerful beings, from what I'm seeing it's quite shocking."

"That coming from a rock makes it void."

"Remember I am the reason the colony was a peace until I was discovered and removed from the colony." Said the Marker, thus ending the conversation. The Hive mind had nothing to say to that, he just grunted and remained silent.


Naruto decided to start a conversation with Stross, wanting to get to know him.

"So, Stross, I've seen you around here. It doesn't seem like you hate me, and you don't look crazy, so why'd you turn me down when I tried to be friends?" asked Naruto.

"I don't know. I already told you the reason I was here was because of depression. I guess I just didn't want to deal with anyone at the time being. But now it appears I have no choice." Replied Stross.

"Care to explain why you were so depressed that you ended up in an asylum?" asked Mikoto.

"I…I'd rather not talk about." He said hesitantly. Mikoto nodded. She had to respect one's privacy. "I must ask, however, why isn't those monsters trying to kill us?" asked Stross, the question that had been bugging him ever since meeting the group.

"Oh that, I command them. Don't worry I'll explain everything later, but now we have to watch out for-" He was interrupted when he crashed into someone. When he came to his senses he looked up to see who it was. It was a female. She had brown hair tied in two ponytails. She had pale green eyes and tanned skin. She wore red tank top with a white tank top underneath. The red tank top was unbuttoned at the top a little, showing the white tank top. She had bandages on her left wrist and a brown-leathered elbow band. She had brown pants leather pants with a light brown streak covered half of the outer leg on both legs. She also had on brown fingerless gloves.

Naruto stepped back, cautious of the woman incase she was like the rest of the crazies. She had a what appeared to be a pocket knife; a big one at that. She narrowed her eyes at the group, she knew was out numbered. Naruto spoke up first.

"Who are you? Are you like the others." Asked Naruto. She scoffed at that and replied,

"Do I look like it? If I was, don't you think I would have been attacked you?"

"There's a chance you would. Maybe you're just smarter then the rest" He replied. It was then she took notice of Nolan.

"Look at that guy, he looks more crazy then I do." She said, to which Stross scowled at. "Whatever, the names Ellie Langford. You guys?"

"Naruto Uzumaki."

"Mikoto Uchiha."

"Nolan Stross."

"Since I see you guys have formed a group, how about I join in? I wouldn't be able to survive for long on my own." The group glanced at each other, thinking should they trust her. Naruto looked up and said,

"Alright, but if you try anything we won't hesitate to kill you. That goes for you too Stross." He said looking back at Nolan. Both Ellie and Stross nodded their heads.

-In the mindscape-

'"So what's up with her? Why isn't she like the rest? Got something planned for her too?" asked Kyuubi.

"No, I don't understand what's happening. She appears to be immune to my affects, much like that Lexine Murdoch."

"Whose that?"

"She was one of the Aegis 7 survivors. She was completely immune to my dementia affects. It appears this Langford girl may be a problem."

"Or this could prove to be useful."

"How is that?"

"If the Marker is correct, then we get Stross to conduct experiments on her blood and hope something useful comes out of it."

"You're right, but since she isn't under my influence what makes you think she will help us?"

"I don't know, we'll just have to wait and see."


"So you're the cause of this outbreak? Then why don't I just kill you know and end it?" said Ellie. Naruto had just finished explaining the presence of the Hive Mind and the Marker. He shook his head at Ellie.

"I didn't cause the outbreak, they did. Besides how do you know if killing me would work? If it doesn't, the necromorphs will spread out until the entire world is nothing but necromorphs."

"How do we know you aren't trying to take over the world with the necromorphs?" questioned Stross.

"Because then it wouldn't be fun being the only human left. Besides, it's not like I'm gonna turn everyone into a necromorphs. Only my eneimies, those that I think deserve it, and allies that I don't like; they'll be dead of course. I don't want you to think I'll just turn on my allies."

"With power like that, you do realize that you will have to get stronger. Say if someone gets pass the necromorphs and to you, and they kill you because you thought you didn't need any training." Said Stross.

"I may be young, but I'm not stupid. I know that I'll have to get stronger. I can't be weak while controlling this things."

"One more thing," said Ellie. "Why aren't we going crazy like the rest? Her I could understand, but why not me and Stross." Naruto was silent for a moment, listening to the Markers explanation.

"Well for Stross it's because the Marker has use for you that could assist us. And as for you, Ellie, the Marker said you are somehow immune to the affects."


"I'm immune? Wish means if I wanted to I could go to the Hokage and tell him, right? What can you offer me for my silence?" asked Ellie who had a look of interest. "And why did you tell me that anyway? It was kind of stupid to tell me I was immune."

"Well I don't know what I can offer you, because I don't have anything yet. However I can say that if you side with me, it'll be worth your while . And as for why I told you, we have to build trust don't we?"

"What are your intentions with these…necromorphs?" asked Stross.

"Ya know know that I think about it, I don't know. Taking over the world is kinda cliché to me. I was gonna try to like create a village with these guys, but that's kinda stupid too. I'm mean, how am I going to get along with allies if they are too scared of being attacked? Maybe I'll just do what ninjas do with animals, do like a summoning. That's sounds right for now. However I doubt Hive Mind would agree. But I'm sure we'll work it out."

"I also want to know how is that I'm useful for the Marker?"

"Oh that. It's not just the Marker that's interested it's the Hive Mind too. Lets just say that they know about the 'snaky'…things you did with someone and it is interested in what you could do for the necromorphs and his vessel." Stross's eyes widened at what Naruto just said. He knew what he meant by snaky, and he knew he had to help.

"Don't worry I'm not trying to blackmail you. You choose on rather you want to help or not." Stross was silent for a moment. Should he help this boy with these creatures that surely deserve to be destroyed? "Just think of the wonders you could find, Stross. I know the scientist in you wants to find out." Damn…the boy was right. With a sigh Stross nodded his head. Naruto turned to Ellie and said, "And what is your decision?"

"I don't know, you still haven't told me what I can get out of this. How about you try to make a summoning contract with the almighty Hive Mind and then we'll see. The necromorphs could be useful." Naruto nodded his head, deciding he'll talk with the Hive Mind on that.

"How did you happen to be here anyway?"

"I was visiting a friend of mine named Kaleb who worked here. He's dead" she said with a look of sorrow

"I'm sorry." Said Mikoto.

"Naw it's okay."

He then turned to Mikoto. "And your decision?"

"I'll side with you, but only because we're friends."

"Great! Now let's go and hope that we don't encounter any crazies."

-In the Mindscape-

"How dare she mock me? ME! The Hive Mind! She is lucky I don't get a puker for her, then we'll see who's talking."

"Calm yourself, Hive Mind. It would seem that Naruto is rethinking his uses for your necromorphs, Hive Mind. That is good, now we don't have to world about the outbreak spreading across the entire world."

"I guess I could deal with it. Maybe he's right, I would eventually get bored without killing any humans. So stopping the reproduction cycle of the humans wouldn't be a good idea."

"Well at least you can experience the killing through your necromorphs. I'm stuck in here watching! This is bullshit!"

"Maybe there is a way around that problem."

"How so?"

"I don't know yet, but I'm sure I'll find out over time."


We find ourselves at a bar filled with necromorphs. There was a slasher trying to hit on a spitter.

"So how about you and me go to my place, and you'll be spitting up more then just acid."

"Dude. Move it." Said a voice behind him. He looked to see it was puker.

"Make me." The puker grabbed him and threw him to the ground. They were both fighting on the ground when the manger of the bar came.

"Stop this shit right now before I clear the hole bar out!" he screamed.

"Oh year and…what…army?" said both of the stunned necromorphs. They looked up to see an exploder talking to them. "Now I expect both of you to pay for the damages, right?" He said, raising his arm threating to slam it into the ground.

"Of course of course!" said both of the terrified necromorphs.

"Good, now I don't want to her any more of this-OH SHIT!" He exclaimed as he slipped on a banana pill, killing everyone in the bar."

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