Contrary to popular belief, the BAU did not go out and catch unsubs all the time. There were waiting periods, times where they would catch up on their paperwork. Today was one such day. Sighing deeply, Emily signed off what she wished was her last file. Looking at the mountain of folders in her in-tray the illusion was shattered, along with her patience.

Glancing at the clock, she saw that it was just about lunch time. Her chicken salad sandwich was calling, and in half an hour she could eat it. Her stomach rumbled in anticipation. Her eyes were drawn back to the files. On one hand, she wanted to get her work done quickly, on the other she was hungry and wanted something to distract her other than mutilated corpses.

Decision made, she turned to her computer, part of her wondering if she should or should not do this. Ever since she had came up to the BAU she had wondered what they had on her. Would they have information on her Interpol days? Surely it was classified? Well there was only one way to find out.

Typing in 'Emily Prentiss' on the search box, she waited for the page to load, tapping her foot on the legs of her chair. Finally it came through. Frowning, she looked at the list of results. Surely they never had this many files on her? Randomly picking one, she scanned it, her nerves rapidly being replaced with confusion and then finally landing on amusement.

Taking in the web address, she saw that it was something called 'fan fiction'. Part of her - the Agent Prentiss part - was rather concerned that there were people writing stories about them, but they were so far from accurate that this voice was being swiftly silenced. One thing, however, that did disturb her was the names of her male colleagues under the romance genre. Not that she never thought they dated, but well Morgan and Reid together was just gross. Still, she thought she would check it out… maybe there was a risk to security in there somewhere. Okay that excuse sounded lame even to her.

Spencer clung to his muscled lover, gnawing his lower lip as he grappled with the tears that were trying to fall.

"It's okay Spencer, you did all you could," Morgan rubbed soothing circles on his back, disturbed by how bony his boyfriend felt.

"I could have done more."

"Look at me," said Morgan forcefully, "Look at me Spencer!"

Reluctantly, Spencer glanced up at him, his brown eyes swirling with guilt.

"It's. Not. Your. Fault" he interspaced his words with kisses, feeling Spencer finally respond and move with him. Tangling his fingers in his hair, Morgan anchored Spencer to him, passion rising between them and leaving no room for any other emotion. Long fingers raked down his back, causing him to release a shuddering moan. Spencer took advantage of this…

Emily stopped reading, a blush forming on her normally pale face. Her eyes flicked to Morgan and she felt her face heat up even more.

"Emily are you okay?" asked Reid, "You look a little flustered."

"I'm fine," she managed, her voice a little more harried than usual. She just couldn't get the images out of her mind, looking at the younger profiler, she tried to get the visions of him and Morgan kissing away from her current train of thought. It wasn't working.

"What are you looking at? There has to be something on that screen that's making you resemble a tomato," asked Morgan, grinning slightly. Emily cursed Reid for alerting him to her predicament.

Before she could switch the monitor off, both agents had appeared behind her, Reid scanning the screen quickly, whilst Morgan just stared. Emily suddenly wished the ground could swallow her up.

"What the hell!"

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