This is an extremely short one shot (304 words) but hopefully its contents will make up for its lack of size. This came to me while I was at school and I scribbled it down in my notebook whenever I had time. As always, reviews are greatly appreciated!

Disclaimer: I am not Jane Austen (obviously).

It was their faults that tore them apart, but the reparation for those faults drew them together.

His fault—pride. Pride for his family, his station in life, his wealth. Pride blinded him and consumed him. His pride led him to believe that all those beneath him were not worthy of notice. His pride was what first planted the seed of dislike in her heart—her insulted her pride with his.

Her fault—prejudice. Prejudice from almost the first moment she saw him, when he insulted her to a friend and wounded her vanity. Prejudice towards his aloof nature, prejudice stemming from the lies from one of his enemies.

But it was their realization of their faults that eventually brought them together. After his disastrous proposal to her, they both realized what had been invisible to them before—he saw his pride, she saw her prejudice.

Both realized their errors and strove to correct them. He tried to seem less distant when at parties and made efforts to associate more with other guests.

She learned the truth and worked to see him in a different light, to disprove the lies she had so foolishly swallowed.

When they met again, the spark was lit. Less than six months later, they were engaged. Blissfully happy and in love, they understood each other better than most couples. Through the other, their faults had been corrected. He was more lively and chatty in company from her influence, while she was raised above her former status and was able to associate with those for whom she need not blush.

They both improved because of the other and despite the trouble and pain they had experienced, they would never have changed their past. After all, the differences that had seemed to tear them apart had, in the end, made them closer than ever before.