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"Believe it" – Thought

"Believe it" – Demon talk

"Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu" –Techniques/skills

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The snow was falling in large flakes in Konoha and its surroundings. Never in the Land of Fire has the winters been so harsh. Many people fell sick and crops had frozen, causing a significant shortage. Many thought it was a curse, in which case the head of the Demon Child was the answer.

"Come here, you dirty devil!" Shouted the angry mob while chasing a young blonde boy.

It should not have more than seven years and he would run as if his life depended on it. And unfortunately it did. He knew very well that if these villagers put their hands on him, he would have little chance of escape. Then he would run. He had trouble breathing, a stitch and shouted through his legs but he could not stop. He did not want to die.

As far back as he could remember people had always hated him, although he never knew why. They called him a demon, a monster and threw stones at him when he approached them. But no one had yet tried to kill him ... well, except the day of his birthday, where he had been invited to the ceremony in honor of the Yondaime Hokage. A dozen villagers had trailed in a corner and beat him by yelling at him. When one of them took out a knife he had thought that was the end, but fortunately an ANBU had stopped it in time. The man then told him to go home and not to come out the day of the festival.

But this time, it was not the festival. They had tried to kill him without warning when he went home after eating some warm ramen at Ichiraku. After taking a few shots, he managed to escape but they had gone after him in pursuit. And they were not far from catching up. The boy knew that once his legs would give way, it would be his end.

"Psst. Over here. "Said a voice.

He turned and saw a little girl of about his age that signaled to him from a narrow alley. "I better believe her "said the boy as he was approaching. When he reached it, she pulled him by the sleeve to hide behind her while she scanned the street.

The boy leaned forward and placed his hands on his knees, trying to catch his breath. Steam came out of his mouth after every breath he took.

"It's good, they have not seen you." Said the little girl as she turned to him.

The boy looked at her and saw she was wearing a big winter coat that fell over her knees, her pink hair was kept in place by a cover-mouth and only a few locks fell over her forehead, which some find more than average. But the boy was particularly seized by her big green eyes. He had never seen eyes so green, and for the first time since the manager's booth ramen and his daughter, he saw no hatred in the eyes of someone who was looking at him. This little girl did not seem to be afraid of him or hate him; instead it seemed to worry him.

"You okay?" She asked, confirming what he thought. "Why do they run after you like that? Did you make a mistake? "

"No. I did nothing. I do not know why they chase me; all I know is that they hate me for no reason. "Replied the boy with a frightened tone.

"But why do they do that? You don't look like a bad person. "She said, smiling at him.

"Me .. thank you." Smiled Naruto who was not used to being smiled at and was too shocked to finish his statement.

"My name is Haruno Sakura, and you?" She said, holding out his hand ... or rather the flask.

"Na ... Naruto. "But the moment he seized the outstretched hand, a knife passed near his head.

"He's here! This monster is attacking a little girl! "Shouted the villagers who had thrown the knife.

Without even thinking, Naruto began to run, adrenaline pulsing again in his body.

"No, stop!" Sakura shouted to the villagers who passed by her ... but nobody listened.

By dint of running, Naruto reached the stone bridge overlooking the river, but when he entered it he was trapped. A group stood in front of him, blocking off the bridge and were continuing to reach the other side ... he was stuck.

"No more running, cursed devil. You'll pay for your crimes" screamed the villagers.

"But ... I've done nothing. "Naruto replied, terrified.

"The mere fact that you live is a crime!"

"You took our families and now you want to destroy our village again?"

"You should die now!"

"Die, monster!" Yelled a man rushing at him with a stick.

Naruto dodged the first blow by jumping over the railing of the bridge but the second shot touched his shoulder and made him lose his balance. He wavered for a moment, trying to stay on his feet, but the snow under his feet slipped, and he felt himself falling into the void.

"Kyaa!" Sakura yelled from afar, seeing him fall.

Naruto saw the bridge further away than most. The feeling was very strange, he felt like he was flying. Then came the shock against the icy water. He wanted to scream but water prevented this. First pain, then cold, and finally the feeling of being tossed. He was completely lost. When he rose to the surface, he tried desperately to breathe but he could not swim and the current was strong.

"Somene... help! "he yelled. But it was too far from the village for anyone to hear him ... at least in appearance. While his body numb and everything became dark around him, a voice rang in his head.

"You want help? You want ... my power? "

"Yes." Naruto whispered to the limit of unconsciousness. "Help me."

"Well, enjoy it. Let yourself be overwhelmed by rage ... it's your only chance of survival. "

"I ... I do not want to die! "Naruto suddenly opened his eyes under water, but they had changed. They were no longer blue but red, and cracked a vertical pupil. He cringed while a strange red substance bubbling appeared around his body, taking the form of a ... fox. It was colder, it was worse, he felt nothing except a primary rabies, that of a hunted animal who thinks only of survival. Kill or be killed ... But even this instinctive anger eventually disappear as he got lost in the abyss of his conscience.


"You've found him? Excellent. I just hope he is still alive. This would be a shame to have to find a new master. Melt the ice."Said a voice.

A powerful torch fell on the block of ice as it began to melt quickly.

"Quieter! Turn off the heat or you'll toast our new master, "cried the voice.

The steam began to dissipate and revealed Naruto, still covered with the strange red substance that appeared to be protected from the cold and flame.

"Well, it seems that the new master is how little ... original. Master? You hear me Master? You can open your eyes? "Said the voice.

Naruto was rudely awakened by hearing his voice and opened his eyes. The first thing he two feet across a strange red mist, but as he got up and the fog gradually disappeared, he realized that these feet belong to the most bizarre creature that ever seen. Making out its size, arched, gray-brown skin, the gray whiskers, long pointed ears, clothes moths and relying on a long stick, the creature was surrounded by a score of others like her, but younger, with brown and look more stupid.

"Finally you're awake, Master." Said the first creature.

"Wh ... Who are you? Where am I? "Naruto asked, casting glances around him.

"You're in the Black Tower, and Lord we are your minions."

"My ... what? "

"Minions, Sir, because from this day on you are our new overlord."

Naruto looked at the strange creature, oddly, but he felt no fear. Perhaps his survival instinct that had highly developed over time indicated to him that he ... ''Stooges'', had no bad intention.

"Your ... Overlord? "He repeated without understanding.

"Yes Master, and I'm Biscornu, your adviser." Replied the wrinkled creature with a stick.

"But what is an Overlord" asked Naruto.

"Our Eredar course. Head of all minions, Lord of Chaos and Lord of Destruction. "Biscornu replied with an air of pride.

Naruto stepped back and heard the word''demonic.'' Usually, the next move and his body reacted instinctively.

"That was there, Master?"

"So ... you too ... you think I'm a demon?"

"Of course, Master. Well, not literally, you look too much like a human for that. "Tinged Biscornu, prompting laughter from the other flunkies.

"But ... but you ... hate me? "

"This is an absurd question, Lord. You're the Overlord and we are your minions, we cannot hate you. Especially since we have waited for you more than three hundred years. "

"Even ... though I am a demon? "Naruto asked, surprised to learn that they were waiting for him for so long.

"Especially since you're a demon, Master. Having an extremely evil overlord master is the dream of every stooge. "

Naruto could not believe his ears. Not only are these creatures confirmed that he was a demon, but apparently they were happy. For the first time in his life, he felt a sense of joy invade him. He was finally accepted. People, if you could call them people were glad he was on their side, despite what he was, and had even waited for three hundred years.

"So ... I am your overlord? "he asked in a tone more confident.

"Yes Lord, and the minions are very excited to have a new master."

This time, Naruto was sure. He finally found his home. A place where he was accepted for what it was and where we recognize its existence. Even if it was not the ideal family that he had imagined.

"Uh ... Quirky is that? "The old footman nodded. "You said your''new''master, there were other Overlords before me?"

"Yes Master, I will tell you by making you go around the owner. Follow me. "With that, Biscornu turned and began walking away.

Naruto pretended to follow him but stopped on seeing the small puddles of water around him. "How did I get here?" All he remembered, was that he had dropped from the bridge trying to escape the angry mob. That and also he heard a hoarse voice, dark and scary.

"In an ice cube, Master." Seeing the incredulous expression of Naruto, Biscornu said it was better developed. "You've fallen into the river and ice was formed around you. Your iceberg then drifted until you reached a small beach where you were able to recover, not without some difficulty. These villagers have nearly cursed yu but patience, Master. We will make them regret it as soon as you become stronger.

"Why am I still alive?" Idiot or not, Naruto knew that if you fall into an icy river and transformed into ice was bad for your health.

"Thanks to your protective gangue Lord."

"Ma .. what? "

"This is not a power that you used?" Biscornu asked, surprised. Naruto shook his head. "Interesting. Perhaps this is one of your latent powers of Overlord. We'll deal with it later. Here, Lord. "Biscornu said, taking the stairs.


"Everything goes back to a time far away." Biscornu began as they walked. "The first was a powerful magician Overlord versed in black arts. He ruled over a vast area and decided to create an army of obedient servants who served until they die. So he used black magic to merge several creatures into one. Thus were born the first minions. He created several kinds and in certain specialized tasks. His army thus formed, he began to conquer the neighborhood. Soon it was half of the world that came under its domination and while his powers grew, he ponders a way to establish its greatness. He then undertook the construction of the Black Tower. "

"The one where we are now?" Asked Naruto.

"That's correct. It took many years to build and required the sacrifice of thousands of minions, but it was a success. Through his magic, Shodaime Overlord bound his soul and blood to the Tower and made it a marvel. A masterpiece in an honor of evil, capable of transcending the laws of physics. "

"The laws of what?"

"Take a look sir." Biscornu proposed.

Naruto did what he said and went to a large window without glass. What he it, it took his breath away. They were in a huge cave, so high that Naruto was struggling to see the edges. Cascades of lava fell into the void, to ... about whether what was at the bottom of the cave was too deep to see what it was. Tower was thus literally suspended in a vacuum but Naruto distinguished a powerful blue glow at the base of the tower which was perhaps responsible for the fact that it did not fall. But when he saw the rocks floating in space and turn around the tower, that was too much for him and he fell backwards.

"Welcome to the Underdark, Master." Biscornu said in a chuckle.

"But what ... this is not possible, "exclaimed Naruto.

"It transcends the laws of physics Maitre, those who say that the rocks do not fly, that a body immersed in water in the wet spring, and the minions never fall on their feet."

"When you said a tower, I had envisioned a large building that rose into the sky." Naruto said getting up.

"The Shodaime was a nonconformist." Merely said Biscornu by delivering to walk. "And a visionary. Had he built his tower on the outside, it would have been destroyed long ago. Whereas since it's here it has been protected from time, weather and those pesky heroes. "

"Heroes" asked Naruto recovering to follow.

"Yes, Lord. Once his dominance was established, the Shodaime ruled for many years until a band of heroes appeared to fight. They said fighting for love, peace and justice. Ugh! How horrible. "Biscornu was trembling with disgust. "But their motives were futile, but they managed to defeat Shodaime. When he died, disappeared into the Black Tower and the Underdark minions began hibernating until a new Overlord appeared. "


"No Master, there were others before you. In fact, you're Kyudaime Overlord. "

"The ninth?"

"That's correct. For my part I was created during the reign of Godaime. The only overlord who was a woman. Ah ... it was the right time. "

"And that was the Hachidaime?" Naruto asked, curious to learn more about its predecessor.

"Oh, it was a great Overlord. He loved to wreak havoc wherever he went. Too bad he did not have the end he deserved. "Biscornu sighed.

"What has happened to him?"

"The Rikudo Sennin arrived. The first Ninja Master. "Said Biscornu seeing that Naruto had no idea who he was talking about. "An extremely powerful man, probably the stronges I've ever seen in my long life. He swept us all by himself. As a last resort, an invincible demon invoked Hachidaime but turned against him. "


"This demon was out of control and killed the Hachidaime by sitting on it. A horrible death, for Master. "Biscornu said very seriously.

Naruto did not know whether to laugh or sympathize with this story.

"Subsequently, the Rikudo Sennin sealed the demon inside of his body and resumed their minions hibernation. Appearance to your Lord. In this chaos will again spread over the world with your evil presence. Nya ha ha ha! "

Naruto was not really comfortable with this idea to spread destruction, but he did not want to upset his new ... friends. So he was silent.

"Well, Maitre is at the top of the Tower." Biscornu said, pushing a large black door, immediately releasing an icy wind that went into the hallway.

Naruto instinctively protected his face but kept his eyes open to see which would take him Biscornu. It got a new staircase and Naruto noticed that he was heading for a rectangular opening in the ceiling. He followed him, and when he came out he was surprised he was on a kind of platform with square corners were topped by four large black edges pointing skyward. Around him lay a huge forest and he could even distinguish some hills.

"You understand now why the Shodaime preferred that his tower was in the Underdark rather than outside? I've never understood those maniac humans who likes to live outside. It's cold, the sun shines and the air is pure, it is unbearable. "

Naruto was shivering with cold and, at the time, he was in complete agreement with Biscornu. It was much better inside, here he was sure.

"Where are we?"

"To Master Uzu no Kuni, the Land of Eddies. It is an island not far from the Land of Fire, which was devastated during the Shinobi Wars. Since then, nobody lived there, it must be said that many vortices around the island really do not encourage tourism. That may be why the Tower has decided to emerge here, this is a great place to start building your empire. "

"But if it is an island, how did you bring me here from Konoha? And what do you mean, 'the Tower decided''? Since when do buildings think? "

"We've brought through the door system of Underdark, Master, I'll explain later. As for the Tower ... we'll take care of it immediately. But first let us go, otherwise I'll end up losing my toes. "

Naruto quirky and passed through the opening and entered the tower, closing the door behind them. Almost immediately, the cold disappeared again as the boy felt the heat go into his body.

"I told you that Shodaime had bound his soul and blood to the Black Tower at its inception. As a result, the Tower has earned his own conscience. It is not really alive, but it can react to its environment. Whenever the Overlord dies, it shrivels up and disappears into the Underdark, and then waits to detect a new candidate to emerge again. "

"How does she manage to detect the new Overlord" asked Naruto.

"With the blood of Shodaime Master. All Overlord are descendants of their predecessors and therefore the Shodaime. "

"It means that the Hachidaime was my ancestor?"

"They were all your ancestors, Lord. Although the passing millennia, we can hardly find Shodaime you. The Tower is designed to detect anyone with the blood of Overlord and not wake up when one of them is evil enough to become the new Overlord. "

"What has the Tower detected what was wrong with me?" Naruto was surprised. Even if the villagers called him a monster, he never thought for one second he was a bad person. But if the Tower had detected it, perhaps it was true.

"That's correct, sir, enough to agree to link to you." Biscornu said proudly.

"So its... link to me? "Naruto asked, confused.

"Each new Overlord must bind to the Tower as the Shodaime did. This is how he wakes up fully and release all his powers. This will also trade you. Every improvement absorbed by the Tower will make you stronger and vice versa.

Naruto had actually found that the Tower was crumbling, like a ruin. Collapsed walls, stones faded, statues into pieces and even holes in the floor.

"However, once you're connected, the minions will restore and improve it at the same time as you, to overlook the whole forest and exude evil around. Ah, here we are. "Biscornu said, pausing before a huge metal door folding door and indoor burning. There was however no handle or lock.

"Now place your hands against the door, Lord."

"Why?" Asked Naruto.

"Only the Overlord can open that door because it only responds to your blood."

"How did the other descendants of Hachidaime open it?"

Biscornu took a moment to think "Hmm ... possible but once you're connected to the Tower, it will only openfor you. "

Naruto pouted and placed his palms on the cold metal door. Nothing happened at first, and then he had the impression that the metal will be heated and a dark red appeared on her hands and began to spread on the door until a loud creaking metal sounds. The door trembled slightly before slowly opened inward.

"Welcome to the Hall of Core, Master." Biscornu said while Naruto stared.

Facing him was a large circular room and in the center of it a gigantic crystal embedded in a stone holder. There were no other openings in the room except the door but it was bathed in a pale blue light emanating from the crystal.

Naruto found that more impressive, it was not the size of the crystal or the fact that emitted its own light. No, it was rather that it seemed alive. The light intensity varied smoothly, as if the crystal ... breathing. And Naruto had the intimate feel that there was a presence in the room, a presence ... who was watching ... that the probe.

"Approach the crystal, Master."

"What will happen?" Naruto asked nervously.

"The spirit of the Tower will penetrate your mind and decide if you are indeed the new Overlord. And if so, it will merge with you. "

Naruto gulped and slowly approached the glass, slightly intimidated by the presence and the prospect that it can reject it. But he would not return to Konoha ... not having finally found a home.

As he reached the crystal, he found himself looking inward, trying to see if it contained something. And it did. There was something in the heart of the crystal but he could not know what. He wanted to know. He concentrated attempt to distinguish the diffuse form, but it eluded him. A little more ... a little more ... there was almost ... Then a scary face appeared and rushed at him!

Even before he had time to scream, Naruto felt backwards while everything became dark around him. He saw himself fall from the bridge, followed by the familiar feeling of falling into the water ... Wait a second ... He was really in the water!

He sat up and saw it bathed in eight inches of water and he was in a sewer so bleak. Then he wondered how the heck he got there, a blue glow appeared behind him, reflecting off the water and walls. Naruto turned and jumped back, seeing the wide silhouette in front of him.

He was a man - at least that's what Naruto thought - encased in armor with a red shawl trimmed with fur on the shoulders and the same fabric belt. His head was covered by a helmet and down his face by bands of black cloth, leaving only his eyes glowing like embers. But the man was partially transparent, almost ethereal, and emitted an aura blue.

"So it's you? My successor? " was the silhouette of a deep voice.

"Wh ... Who are you? "asked Naruto, frozen by the presence and authority of the apparition.

"I am the Overlord Hachidaime ... or at least a small part of my mind that was related to the Crystal Tower. But answer me, who are you? "

'U. .. Uzumaki Naruto. "

"Good. Now tell me ... " Hachidaime began on a serious voice that made her shudder Naruto. "What is that thing behind you?" he ended by pointing a giant cage that had just appeared.

"Huh?" Said Naruto, surprised by the change in tone, before turning back and see the giant bars. "I do not know."

"It's strange, we are yet in your soul."

Approach. " said a voice even more dark and serious than the Hachidaime. A voice that seemed familiar to Naruto but he could not recall when he had heard.

"It seems there is someone else in your soul. How interesting ... Who is it? " said the Hachidaime an amused tone.

"I have no idea." Naruto stated on as he was on his way to the cage before stopping suddenly when he saw three huge claws descend before him, barely missing him.

"I wish I could crush you. Cursed Seal. " The gigantic figure approached and Naruto could see a fox ... a fox with nine tails.

"You're ... Kyuubi "asked the boy in shock by identifying the demon represented at the festival Yondaime Hokage, the same demon that had attacked Konoha.

"Not only is there someone else inside you, but also is actually a demon. You are a very interesting successor. "

"And what do we have here? The spirit of a paperless Overlord? " Kyuubi said. "Does this mean that this kid is the future problem? This pathetic human? It's a bad joke. "

"Apparently you know who I am. Thou art also familiar demon, I feel the magic of Juubi in you. "

"The magic is cheesy, they say chakra now, sort of has-beens." Kyuubi growled.

"Much has changed in three hundred years but not the insolence of the demons that I see." Overlord said the ghostly acidly.

"Come correct me, kind of tin can!"

"I'll send you back in the mud you came out from, you dirty beast!" yelled the Hachidaime leaving a sword of nowhere.

"Both of you close it! Naruto exploded. "You give me a headache from the shouting!" Kyuubi and the old Overlord were interrupted when they saw the boy threaten the top of his feet ten. "And you!" Said Kyuubi Naruto pointing the finger. "I don't know what you are doing in my head?"

"He has the aggressiveness ... that's good. " chuckled the Hachidaime.

"Grrr ... How arrogant little man. " pesta Kyuubi. "But you've got guts, I admit. Okay, I'll tell you the truth. "

"What truth?" Naruto asked suspiciously.

"The one hidden Konoha thee ... that of their own weakness. " Kyuubi grinned. "Seven years ago, when I attacked Konoha, the Yondaime - curse him - could not defeat me. How could he? It was only a human against the most powerful bijuus. But he was gifted. And ultimately I got sealed inside of a newborn baby ... you. "

"The YondaimeHokage ... sealed you in me? "said Naruto does not believe his ears.

"Yes ... he had to sacrifice himself to save his village, making you a receptacle ... a Jinchuuriki. A human with the powers of a demon in him. "

"So ... is because of you that the villagers hate me? "asked the boy who began to assemble the pieces.

"Partly. But mostly because they are stupid and cowardly. They could not do anything against me then, for revenge, they attacked a poor boy who had done nothing to them. And to be justified, they have dealt with the demon and dragged you through the mud. "

"No ... No, I ... they did not know ... "Naruto stammered holding his head. Kyuubi's words revived his injuries, all the times he was beaten, insulted and robbed, the worst moments of his life.

"Of course they knew! They always knew you were a normal child even if you were my prison ... that you had done nothing to deserve this. " Kyuubi added by pressing the knife in the wound. Naruto could no longer think his head was a maelstrom of painful memories, he felt mad. "You were slain ... to save this village. And how did they thank you? By making your life a hell. "

"Die! Dirty devil! You do not deserve to live! Monster! " The voices of the villagers echoed in his head.

"Are you going to forgive them that they have done?"

"No. I hate them. It is because of them I have had to endure all this. "

"Do they deserve to live peacefully with your pain?"

"No. I want them to feel the pain too. "

"So ... Who should we kill? " Kyuubi asked with a smile while his sadistic bubbling red chakra was slipping on the surface of the water towards Naruto.

"All. Everyone who made me suffer. "Replied the latter with a hard voice.

"Good." said the Hachidaime who had remained behind until then. "I thought that the presence of the devil might have skewed the verdict of the Tower but I see that you have the right mindset to be an Overlord. So be it. Uzumaki Naruto ... From today, you are the Kyudaime Overlord. " he said, laying his hand on Naruto's head when the red chakra reached his feet.

A blinding blue light filled the room where they were and Naruto felt his conscience switch again.

When he opened his eyes, he was again before the crystal. But the brilliance of it was now increased tenfold and flooded the room its clarity.

"Congratulations, O Lord, you are now the master of the Tower." Biscornu said with a curtsy. "What do we do now?"

"I've always lived in fear and pain ... trying to accept it. But now I live my life as I see want to now. "Naruto replied in a voice as he turned fierce. His hair was disheveled, his canines exceeded his mouth and his eyes were completely red. "They will regret it and the village known as Konoha will fall from my own hands. "