"Believe it." - Normal talk

"Believe it "- DemonTalking

"Believe it "- Thought

"Believe it " - Demon Thought

"Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu" -Techniques/skills

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The next morning, Naruto found himself in front of the photographer to take the shot required for his record of shinobi.

"Well, let's go. The light is good, take advantage of it. Stand up straight and look at the objective. "

The old man put his head under the black cloth and took the trigger in the right hand. But when he looked through the lens, what he saw made him so scared he toppled backwards.

"Gwaah! What ... ? "

"Are you okay, Ossan?"Asked Naruto. "Is there a problem?"

The photographer stared at Naruto before rubbing his eyes to be sure that he was not seeing things. But the blond boy in front of him was a normal teen.

"Uh ... no. It must have ... been a reflection ... or something like that." He replied, placing his hand on his forehead. "Let's go again." He again went under the black cloth and paused before looking into the lens with apprehension.

This time, he was not as scared but it still startled him when he saw the tall figure in the air floating behind the evil young man. He went out the head of the sheet to check but as before, the figure had disappeared.

"So what? Are we going spend the night here? "Naruto protested, who was struggling not to laugh when he saw the distraught look of the photographer.

"I admit it was a great joke, Lord, but you have to stop with the genjutsu now. We have much to do today. "

"Wait, wait! One more time, but this time, put me behind you that is a double stamp of honor. " Kyuubi chuckled.

"Yeah, not bad." Naruto nodded. "Or two girls in sexy bikinis that stick to me. I wonder if we'll see the old man bleed out from under the sheet. "


Later, in an office of administration, the Hokage glanced at the form of Naruto.

"It's strange, the picture is somewhat blurred. Did something happen? "

"I have no idea." Naruto replied innocently. "But the old man started over three times before taking my picture and he looked really tired at the end."

"Well, it does not matter." The Sandaime turned to his ANBU. "Can you leave us, please?"

"Of course, Hokage-sama." Replied the latter, rising.

Once alone in the room, the Hokage stood up and walked to the window. "Naruto, what I am about to reveal to you is considered one of the greatest secrets of Konoha. Only adults are supposed to know this and no one should ever talk about it unless they want to die. However, since you are directly affected by this secret and he had a great influence on your life, I feel that you have the right to know. "

Naruto immediately concentrated his attention on the old man. 'What will he talk about? Kyuubi? Or something else? I can maybe learn something interesting.' "What is it, Jiji-sama?"

"In your birth. And the tragic events that took place that day. You were born on the day of the attack of the Kyuubi on Konoha. You must have heard people talk about the Yondaime who sacrificed his life to defeat the demon fox, but it's not exactly what happened. "He sighed, this discussion was never easy and he did not know the consequences it would have on the life of the boy."The Yondaime could not defeat the Kyuubi. The only way he found to prevent harm was to seal it inside a baby ... you. "He said, turning serious."You are the receptacle of the Kyuubi. "

There was silence in the room.

"Eh.. "Naruto began with a look a little disappointed. "Nothing else? "

The Hokage was speechless. "No but ... but still, Naruto, do you realize what I just revealed to you?"

"Well, I admit that I expected something more about my parents, for any one of them or a secret ... a real secret. Because I have known about the Kyuubi for a while now. "

This time, the Hokage was in complete shock. He had languished for nothing in imagining the likely trauma the boy would have done when he learned the truth.

"You ... you knew?"

"Yes, actually I met it two or three times in my head while I slept or meditating. Plus all the times the villagers called me a demon, and the odd seal that appears on my stomach when I train, I was not wrong with the link. And he confirmed it when I asked him. "

"Did you speak to him?" Sandaime asked, dumbfounded.

"Speaking ..., shoot he threatens to tear me apart every time.. "

"How would you react in my place? "

"And this ... are you not upset."

"On the contrary. At least, I know that the people don't hate me they dislike the Kyuubi. And I heal really fast thanks to him and I almost never get tired. At first it was pretty hard. Now I accept my fate. "

The Hokage smiled finally some good news. After the fiasco of the previous night and the disappearance of the scroll of kinjutsu, it was good to hear. "Well Naruto, I am pleasantly surprised to see you accept the situation with such maturity. You must be aware that you must always be careful. Some unscrupulous people may try to use your power to bad ends. "

"I plead guilty. That's what I intend to do. "

"The secret is yours, you are free to reveal it if you want to but be careful tell it to people you trust. They might not accept it as well as you."

"I had no intention of shouting it from the rooftops."

"In this case, I..."

The door opened on the fly and a kid wearing a long scarf leaped inside.

"On guard old man! "He shouted, brandishing a shuriken before tripping and spread out full length. "Aouch! Ouch! It was a trap, right? "Growled he, rising.

"Is everything okay? Did you get hurt, Konohamaru? "Asked a man dressed in black and wearing glasses of the same color, who had just arrived.

"Is this kid stupid or what?" Naruto wondered.

"You, eh? It was you who set the trap admit it! "Cried the boy in his direction.

"You fell on your own asshole. I do not know what you intended to do, but you tripped on that scarf Baka." Naruto replied.

"You'll pay! Yaah! "Yelled the boy, throwing himself into Naruto, fists raised.

Of course, it did not take more than a nano-second to Naruto to master. "You start to run on my beans, minus. You better return quickly and suck your mother breast before I get angry. "He said in a threatening tone while lifting the boy off the ground by the collar.

"Release the young master! He is the grandson of Hokage-sama!" Cried the man in black.

"Oh ... The little grandson of the Hokage, eh? "Naruto said with a friendly tone in the resting ground before dusting his clothes.

"Pooh! He s a wimp, like the others! Once they know I am the grandson of the Hokage, they change their attitude. " thought the boy.

"So you're the grand-son of the Hokage, I see, I see, well ..." Naruto went on his affable tone, laying his hands on the shoulders of the boy to turn him toward the open door before he let go and took a step back. "I do not give a fuck! "He yelled as he kicked him so hard in the boy's buttocks, that he flew across the room.

A thud in the hallway told those present that he had finally landed.

"Argh! Bocchama! "Yelled the man in black rushing into the hallway.


"Usually, people who try to follow me end up in a lake with concrete boots. But I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Come on out and tell me now what you want from me! "Naruto said in an aggressive tone, turning to a fence a portion of which was rounded and the interstices of the planks were in the wrong direction.

"Hey, hey, hey ... it has not been easy for me to find you. You live up to your reputation." Said the boy in the scarf emerging from camouflage fabric. "My name is Konohamaru, and I will do you the favor of becoming your disciple. "

"But in exchange, I want you to teach me your oiroke no jutsu! "Konohamaru exclaimed in an ecstatic tone.

For the first time he had used on Sakura and Ino, he had improved his henge into versions more sexier, whether male or female. Hardly anyone at the academy had managed to escape the oiroke no jutsu, like his classmates nicknamed it. Especially since Naruto had a real talent to fit the person and the situation ... no one was safe from a nosebleed by storm.

However, he did not think that his technique was so famous.

"My grandfather is an old pervert, I am sure to beat him in a fight with this technique! Please, help me! "

"He tapped me on the nerves a bit but he's still too small-Hokage's son and a member of the powerful clan Sarutobi. To have my way would be a good idea ... and then I have to help a boy with such noble aspirations. "All right, if you want me to hire you on the road Ecchi, I agree to become your master. I will teach you the secrets of the Ero-force. "


"Ok, let's start with the basics." Said Naruto after leading Konohamaru a training ground. "If you want learn the oiroke no jutsu. You must also master the Ero-force. "

"What's that Ero-force, oyabun? "The boy asked with a puzzled look.

"This is a power in all of us but few people know how to use. If you control the Ero-force ... regardless of whether you're ugly or old, no woman will resist you. Your mere presence will make them forget all propriety or restraint, and they want you so hard that their panties are soaked before they realize it. "

"I have some difficulty understanding the scope of the pants. "

"It will come in time. "

"But what is the relationship with the oiroke no jutsu? "

"Everything. If this technique has such an effect on people, because this is not just a henge. During processing, use the Ero-force or you will not be a / a simple male / female nude / nude. And then, only the big evil will be affected. But thanks to the Ero-force, you can do nosebleed even the right of priests or most of the girls stuck. "

"I just want to beat my grandfather, the rest I do not care. "Konohamaru protested.

Naruto sighed. "How can I reach to this child? "

"You were not better, you know? And do not believe you there when you just lost your virginity yesterday. " Quipped Kyuubi.

"Go! Teach me the technique! "

'Ok, we'll do it the hard way.' "All right, let's see what you already know how. "

"Henge! "Konohamaru breeding.

The smoke cleared, Naruto found himself facing a big slug that could not decently be called a woman without insulting the female gender.

He pinched the bridge of his nose and closed his eyes. "There is work to do, for sure. You need inspiration and examples. Follow me, we're going to the hot springs. "

"What for? "

"What do you think? To show you what a real woman looks like. "


An hour later, Konohamaru was lying on the floor of the training ground, covered in bruises and bumps. "Why didn't they attack you "

"One, because you are stupid. Two, because you panicked and released your henge. And three, because I'm awesome. "

"I'm a ninja, civilians are nothing to me they are weak . Even if they caught me, I risk nothing. "

"Why not? "

"Because I mastered the Ero-force. "

"That crap again But I do not understand it. "Complained the boy.

"Right now, content yourself with your perfect henge. Let's go! You need a developed chest .

"Yes Henge !"


"Finally, I find you. "

"Argh, Ebisu-Sensei"

"You wasted enough time already. We must go now. "

"No way! I will beat my grandfather and become Hokage! Watch out, Oiroke no jutsu! "Exclaimed Konohamaru becoming a luscious brown.

Ebisu froze with amazement. "But what vulgarity! I am a gentleman that sort of obscene technique does not work on me! "

"Gee! It did not work!" Cursed the boy.

"That's enough, Konohamaru! That damned Naruto was clearly a bad influence on you! If you want to become Hokage, follow my instruction! "

"Let me go! "Konohamaru shouted, which was pulled by her scarf.

A hand was laid on his shoulder. He looked up and saw Naruto Ebisu that set with a ferocious smile.

"Observe and learn my young apprentice. Behold the power of Ero-force. Oiroke no jutsu! "

"Yet this technique has vulgar? "Ebisu boastful" When will you understand that I am a gentle ... "

Before him stood a beautiful blonde with two small quilts in a school uniform. "Oh, Ebisu-sensei ... "She moaned before sticking to him and whispering in his ear. "I want you to teach me everything ... everything. My body is hungry for knowledge ... Please ... Sensei. "

Ebisu took off in a shower of blood and landed several yards away.

"Poor fool. "Naruto threw a teenager in royalties. "No one can resist the Ero-force. Now you understand, Konohamaru? "

"Yes. I do not really know how but your oiroke was much better than mine, Naruto. "

"If you can master the Ero-force, you will be able to do it to. "

"Fine, I'll try. "

"No! Do it ... or do not do it. But there is no try. You can embrace this power without a conviction foolproof. Once you commit yourself on the way ... Ecchi forever, it will dominate your destiny. "Naruto said in a grave voice.

"I understand ... Master. "Konohamaru said, bowing.

"You possess great potential. Develope on ... and you will become a master of Ecchi. I trust you ... my young apprentice. "Naruto said before disappearing with a shunshin.


In the afternoon, Naruto went to the meeting of the newly promoted students Genin. He would finally be placed in a team and able to work a real ninja. On entering the room, he noticed Sasuke sat in his usual place, his impassive face still stuck.

"Yo, Sasuke! Always a broom in the ass that I see! "Naruto exclaimed jumping over the desk and landed next to Uchiha.

"Leave me alone, Naruto. "Replied the latter, while the blond put his feet on the table and passed his hands behind his head in a relaxed pose. "You cannot imagine how much I'm looking forward to joining my team to be rid of you. "

Under normal circumstances, Sasuke endure rather well the extravagances and outspoken Naruto but he was always bad to have been wearing the pole for the final examination, thus losing his title of' 'Rookie of the Year '.

"Is this a way of talking to the person who allowed you deal with your little fan-girls problem? "Naruto scoffed.

Sasuke had actually followed his advice and had intentionally suggested that not only engaged to a woman who was an excellent kunoichi. The women's gossip network had come into action and ten minutes later, all contenders were aware. Many had dropped them but most were thrown headlong into their training, surprising even their families. Finally, the frequency of harassment was drastically reduced.

"Hnn. "Sasuke said turning her head away ... his way of admitting defeat.

"And do not go out the champagne too soon. We could very well end up in the same team. "Naruto said with a smirk.

"Hey, Naruto! I want this place! Move away, will you? "Yelled some females behind him.

Naruto turned and saw Sakura secure with an air of authority. He did not take long to realize that the air of course it was a facade to hide his insecurity and she forced herself to look strong. But he loved it, someone who stood up to him ... it adds spice to their relationship.

"She wants the seat next to Sasuke? We'll have to earn it, Princess. If you really want to have this place, it does not bother me at all, Sakura. You can sit on my lap whenever you like. "He shouted aloud with a smile sly.

Sakura blushed furiously at the implication. First, because everyone looked at her now and then because his heart was unleashed. "Kyaa! I want to sit on the lap of Naruto-kun! I want to feel his muscles firm against my ass! And I want to pet him quietly under his ... "

She firmly rejected these bad thoughts and composure returned. "I want this place and I am going tp get it! "

"We must first pass me on the body. And believe me, I expect that. "Naruto replied with a smile wicked.

It was too much for Sakura. She also surrendered and sat down, trying to keep her dignity, but her face spoke volumes about his discomfort. She was crimson and could have sworn we see smoke coming out of his ears. "Turn around! Naruto-kun is too sexy, I want to tear her clothes and raped on the spot! "

Iruka arrived shortly after and began to divide the teams.

"Team 7 will be Uzumaki Naruto, Uchiha Sasuke and Haruno."

"Yes! "Sakura screamed and raised her arms to heaven. "The two sexiest guys on my team, hooray! In your faces, bitches! "

"With Naruto? What I made you, God, to deserve this? Well, at least he;s a teammate who will not hold me back... I hope. " Sasuke mused.

"Sakura and Sasuke? Excellent, the two people who interest me the most. " Naruto jubilant "By having them close, it will not be long before they joined my camp. "

"Iruka-sensei? How did the two best students are on the same team? You said that the teams are supposed to be balanced! "Ino protested.

In fact, she cared nothing for the balance of teams, but whether his rival who is left with the two most beautiful boys revolted her.

"I'm sorry, Ino, you are correct that was the old one, Team 7 will consist of Uchiha Sasuke, Uzumaki Naruto and Yamanaka Ino"Replied the Chunin.

Ino hopped out of her seat and started mocking Sakura.


Naruto awoke two hours later and found that the room was empty, only Ino and Sasuke were still there.

"It's not true, it is still not there? "He growled before stretching yawn. "But on what kind of teacher we came? "

"Our Sensei needs to hurry up, I need to eat my salad" growled Ino obviously in a bad mood.

"You don't need to be in a rush Ino, let's make love right now" joked Naruto as Ino began to blush.

"Yeah ... I think he deserves a lesson. That'll teach him to make us wait." Naruto said, getting up before heading for the door.

"Naruto? But what do you ..." Ino began in a tone of disapproval before his face takes a worried look. "Uh ... I know it's wrong of him to make us all wait, but ... You do not think he will get hit by it."

"No. Anyway, if he can not avoid that, it will not be able to lead us. "Naruto replied with a ferocious smile.

"The trouble starts. " Sasuke thought, fatalistic.


When Kakashi opened the door of the room and went inside, he felt that all hell will break loose on him.

He stumbled at first on a cable stretched at his ankles and nearly collapse on the ground, where many were scattered makibishis were. He succeeded in extremis to stop his fall, extending the arms, finding an index space between the metal spikes and thus preventing it from impaled on it.

But before he could think of a way to extricate itself from this difficult position, a noise above him made him look up to notice a huge block of metal bearing the words''5 T ''would crash into him.

He bent his index and concentrated all his forces to fall on the side where he was welcomed by successive volleys of shurikens, a scroll explosive bombs light, smoke and whatnot.

When the smoke cleared, the Jounin hung on the wall, his clothes kept by kunais, some of which should have reached the sensitive points if he had not contorted to avoid them.

"You see, Ino? He is still alive. "Naruto cast.

"You're crazy, you know that I hope? "She protested.

"Yep, but that's part of my charm. Send cash, Sasuke." Said the blond, extending his hand to his companion.

Kakashi saw the black-haired boy a ticket out of his pocket, grumbling. "They tried to kill me ... and they bet on the likelihood that I survive? " Kakashi was terrified. "Oh ... galley what have I been stuck with? "


"Well, I think we left on the wrong foot, children. "Kakashi stated. "And let's start with introductions, to get to know each other's history? "

"What kind of stuff you want to know? "

"What you like, what you dislike, your hobbies, your dreams for the future ... What the classical stuff. "Said Kakashi.

"You could start by? "Naruto replied.

"Yes, you look more suspicious. "Ino said.

It must be said that with silver-gray hair brush and face mask at 90%, there was a small side guilty ... it was not really enough, but surely guilty of something.

"Louche? It's not my hair pink! Ok, calm down Kakashi. These are just children. Me? Well my name is Hatake Kakashi. What I like and what I hate, it's none of your business. My hobbies ... they are many and varied. As for my dreams for the future ... blah, I do really. "

"Great, we are well advanced. All we learned was his name." Ino complained.

"Come on, your turn. We start with the right. "

My name is Uzumaki Naruto. What I like is ramen and Ecchi. What I hate is the three minute wait after pouring the water over the noodles and censorship. And Konoha, but that you do not have to know. My hobbies is the Ecchi and plans. "

"Plans for what? "Asked Ino.

"Do you think? For my dream ... is to conquer the world! "Exclaimed Naruto.

"Mad men, likes ramen, perverse and megalomaniac. " Kakashi summed with an air of jaded. "At the same time, it's difficult to say if he is serious. monitoring. "

"Uchiha Sasuke. There are very few things I like and many that I hate. I have no real leisure. My dream ... let's say it's more a goal. Restore the honor of my family ... and kill a man. "Sasuke breathed an icy tone.

"Wow. It'll be even easier than expected to switch to the dark side. " Naruto noticed.

"Good. And finally, the young blond lady. "Said Kakashi.

"My name is Yamanaka Ino. What I like ... Finally, those I love ... "Stammered she, throwing sidelong glances at Sasuke and Naruto in a few. "I want to work for my family flower shop. What I hate is the spicy food ... and stupid people who attack someone for no reason. "

The firmness with which she had pronounced the end his sentence surprised them. Naruto had the impression to detect a hint of hatred in his voice. But this soon disappeared serious side to surface again the attitude it showed normal.

"My hobby is the quiz. And fantasize about Sasuke-kun and Naruto-kun, shannaro! My dreams for the future ... I do not know if I can talk about it, maybe a little early ... Kyaaa! "

"The girls her age are more interested in love than ninjutsu." Kakashi sighed.

"But ... "Ino continued in a resolute tone. "I would also be a great kunoichi and prove my worth. "

"Eventually his case does not look so desperate. 's enough for presentations. Tomorrow we will begin to work together, just a little exercise." Kakashi announced.

"What kind? "

"A test of survival. "

"What for? "Asked Naruto.

"Shouldn't we be doing missions? We have had this test at the academy already."

"This is not an ordinary event ... it's me that you will be facing. "Kakashi explained before you start laughing softly.

"What makes you laugh like that, Kakashi-sensei? "

"Oh, nothing. I figured just the faces that you will be making when I have explained the challenges of this event. "

"Can you spill the beans already? "Naruto exasperated.

"Of the 27 graduates, only 12 of them will really become Genin, others will return to the academy. In other words, it is a hyper-selective event that the failure rate is above 70%. "

Time froze for the three Genin.

An angel passed.


The angel was shot down in flight.

"Ha! Ha! Ha! You should see your heads! They are great! "Kakashi exclaimed, laughing out loud. "It teaches you not to set traps on your sensei. "

"But then, what is with that damn diploma? "Naruto cursed.

"Oh, it's just a kind of pre-selection to determine which students have a chance to succeed to become Genin. "Said Kakashi.

"Aaaah. That explains why it was so easy." Naruto said, tapping the palm of his hand. "I thought that it was anything that review Genin. Let kids become ninja as they would kill the first enemy when it comes. I had doubts about the mental health of our leaders in seeing that everyone was over. I am reassured now Konoha is not as stupid as what I thought. The destruction would not be as fun if not. "

"Apparently, Naruto thought for a minimum and the air to understand what it means to really be the other two ninja. But he did not seem to be our superiors in high esteem. In a sense, I understand. Enough talking. I will decide tomorrow whether or not you are selected. "Kakashi announced. "Consider it a real mission and above all, come on an empty stomach ... otherwise you'll throw up your breakfast. The forms with the rest of the information. And be on time. "

"Coming from him, it's a bit hypocritical." Naruto thought of taking a leaf. "Well, this is just a test; I do not see how I could fail this, given my level."

"Do not sell the skin of the fox before the killing. "

"Kyuubi-dono's right, Lord. Be on your guard. This man seems devious. "

"Relax, you two mothers-hens, I do not see what could go wrong. "

Naruto arrived at the place of appointment an hour late, which did not please his teammates.

"You're late!" Yelled Ino.

"So what? It's not as if he is here." Naruto replied.

"But what if he was? We could have been disqualified because of you. "

Sasuke nodded silently.

"I doubt it" said Naruto. "There may be many reasons that I could explain my delay and then, there would be no incentive to disqualify us before we even got tested."

"Konoha would not take the risk of losing two of the three top rookies on something as frivolous." Sasuke threw in understanding the reasoning of Naruto.

"All right, so calm down, Ino. Here ... take a cookie." Naruto said handing her a metal box containing several cookies.

"Kakashi-sensei told us not to eat before coming." Ino replied with a look of horror.

"No. He said it was better not to eat to avoid vomiting. Personally, I do not care what he said. The day someone will make me vomit, will be the day me and you have sex, which I hope is very soon" smirked Naruto as Ino just blushed madly.

"And even if he had ordered us not too eat, I would not have obeyed him. We do not go to war on an empty stomach. Believe me; you are better off if you are full of energy before an intense exercise." Naruto explained, as he pulled out an apple and began eating on it."When orders are stupid or insane, the best thing to do is to disobey it. "

Ino looked at Naruto, then the cookie box and had to finally admit he was right. Finally, it was mostly her stomach who admitted he was right. She reached out hesitantly before bringing a cookie and eating it.

Naruto smiled. It was even easier than expected to get her to listen. Of course, it was a cookie but soon it would be hard-rebellion against Konoha.

He noticed that Sasuke was also eyeing on the cookie with envy. He knew he had also convinced the Uchiha but his pride prevented him to admit it. Too bad for him, he did not know what he was missing.

Kakashi showed up two hours later. "Hi kids! Are you ready? "

"You are late!" Yelled Naruto and Ino visibly upset while Sasuke just glared at him.


"Well, the alarm will ring at noon." Kakashi said, while setting the alarm clock. "I have two bells; you must seize them before noon. Those who have not been able to get one by then will be deprived of lunch. They will be tied around the poles and while we eat right under their noses, right? "

"That's why he told us not to eat." realized the three Genins while Sasuke and Ino stomachs began to growl.

"Fortunately, I listened to Naruto and I disobeyed. If I had not eaten his cookies, I'll probably be doing an episode of hypoglycemia.' Ino thought.

"As you can see, I only have two bells." Continued Kakashi after noticing that Naruto did not look as hungry as his comrades. "Therefore, there inevitably one of you three will not be able to. And above all ... those who have no bells will snap. There will therefore at least one of you will have to return to the Academy. "

"What this is confusing?" Naruto wondered. "They put us in a team, give us names, tell us to work well together and all that crap... but they put us in competition? It's totally stupid. And the numbers do not match. He said that two-thirds of the graduates would be eliminated out; this test allows two students to go on. Provided to catch a bell of course, but in the end, there are too many details that are wrong with these bells. RHAAA! What the hell? It is far too complicated! I'll just have to hurry up and get bell."

"Also you all have to fight seriously for success. I advise you to attack me as if you wanted to kill me. "

"But ... we could hurt you!" Ino protested.

"As if we could actually hurt him we are only Genin? Right? "Naruto asked with a smile fierce releasing a good amount of murderous intent.

Sasuke and Ino instinctively recoiled while Kakashi's eyes widened in surprise. "How can a Genin make such an aura? We must believe that he has learned more than expected during the time he was with the scroll. Okay, I see you understand. Come on, let's begin. Ready? Go! "


"A ninja must be able to hide in order not to be identified. On this point, it's good, they are well hidden." Kakashi thought by detecting the presence of Ino and Sasuke in the bushes. "Well... two of them are anyway."

In front of him, Naruto slowly warmed up by stretching and the idea of hiding him having apparently not crossed his mind.

"Ok! Let's go! I'm going to get a bell" Cried Naruto, taking a stance.

"Hum ... I feel like you're not really in the game. Maybe you should hide before trying to attack me. "

"What for? We're just Genins while you are a Jounin." Naruto replied with a smile."None of us have the necessary level of stealth to surprise you. It loses the main advantage of hiding, in addition to being vulnerable to your attack. When we think we are in a good position to attack, we tend to lower our guard and that's when you attack. In the end, it is you who will have the element of surprise. Therefore it is much less risky for me to attack directly. "

In the bushes, the two other Genins hung their heads in embarrassment. How could they have missed that?

"And then, going against the manual of Shinobi, I caused confusion amongst my opponent." Naruto continued. "Why does he do that? Is there a hidden agenda? Finally, the enemy will be confused and totally underestimate me. All of that benefits me in the end."

"Interesting." Kakashi thought. "He can run his brain. A good ninja goes by the rules, but an excellent ninja knows how to adapt to the situation, even if it is to goes against the instructions. It's probably also why he still ate this morning."

"Anyway, I will explain all this because it is an exercise. Otherwise, you can imagine, I'll let you marinate in trying to understand why and how. Oh, and the fact ... your hair cut is really not in the manual." Naruto threw before rushing on Kakashi.

"A wise guy, eh?" Kakashi chuckled while plunging his hand into his kunai pouch. "First lesson, taijutsu."

Naruto slowed his attack. "Taijutsu? So why does he take out a kunai? Bah, I do not care. It does not prevent me from kicking his ass."

But when Naruto saw Kakashi pull out an orange book, he stopped.

"Why aren't you attacking me?"

"But ... What do you plan to do with the book?"

"To read of course, I am eager to know more. Do not worry about me; I can very well continue to read a book while facing kids like you. "

'I'll kill him!'

Despite his bluster, Kakashi still kept an eye on Naruto. He could not afford to underestimate a Senju after all. But the story was getting real interesting. If he followed him halfway, he might miss a crucial detail.

"Icha Icha Paradise?"Said a voice behind him. "But ... it is just a book of porn?"

"No, it is erotic romance ..." Kakashi replied mechanically before realizing what was happening.

Naruto was standing behind and quietly reading the book along with him.

"Judai grabbed his penis and began to stroke it ''I beg of you, plunge it into me baby'' she moaned ''Make me feel like a woman by your passionate embrace." Naruto read aloud. "You can say what you want, it's just porn."

Kakashi moved quickly, Naruto quickly jumping away. "How? How was he able to get behind me without me even noticing? "

"Now, there is no shame in admitting that one likes Ecchi. I'm sure that even Ino enjoyed judging by the steam escaping from the bush she is behind."

"And then? What happens to Judai next? Does he leave her after the sex?"

"No, actually he stays for ... Hold on why am I telling you this type of stuff? You're too young." Kakashi protested.

"Do not be old-fashioned, Sensei. Tell me. "

"No. "

"Very well. I will just have to find out for myself then. Haa! "

Naruto threw his hand toward the book but Kakashi was able to put it out of reach. However, he was hit by a leg sweep and he showed off great flexibility to not to fall while keeping his precious book away from the eager hands of Naruto.

'It's tough. I did not expect this level from a Genin.' Kakashi realized dodging the continuous stream of attacks as he could. 'I would need my hands, but if I try to put away my book, he might get a bell ... and this exercise would become meaningless. You intend to continue that way until the time runs out?"

"Why? Already tired, Sensei? Because I'm in great shape and I will not stop until I have this book." Naruto replied with a smirk.

"Did he completely forget about the bells or what? "Are you not forgetting something, by chance?"

"Sasuke and Ino? Bah, I cannot force their hand. They have to see if they prefer to stay in their corner, or want to come and have some fun with us. "

"He would have understood the purpose of the exercise? And he tries to make them understand by toying with them? Certainly, he is promising. "

Sasuke and Ino really started to lose patience. Naruto monopolized the attention of Kakashi and if this continued, they would have no opportunity to catch a bell before the time runs out. Naruto's last words surprised them though. Is he trying to get them out of hiding? To push them so they could attack the Jounin together?

"In any case, it looks like he is." they thought before taking off at the same time to attack Kakashi.

It was worth it. He was already struggling to avoid the barrage of Naruto's attack but now that the other two mixed in, he had little chance of escape. Of course, their attacks were not really coordinated, he could very well fight seriously, but it would be really small for his part in a simple exercise against newly promoted Genin.

Naruto did some hand seals and said "Mokuton Hijutsu: Jukai Kotan" a large root appeared causing Kakashi to stumble. "Now!" Naruto yelled as he jumped on Kakashi.

"Yaaah!" Cried the other two as they did the same but they went for the bells.

Everything happened in a flash. Kakashi watched helplessly as the three Genins ended their movement by a pose with one knee.

"I did it!" Shouted grinning Ino bouncing the bell in her hand.

"Hn." Sasuke was smiling and juggling with the second bell.

"Yata! I got it!" Naruto exclaimed the happiest of all, waving the copy of Icha Icha Paradise.

A heavy silence greeted his statement and it took him a while to understand the full horror of the situation.

He looked at Ino's hand. 'A bell.' Then he looked at Sasuke. 'Two bells.' And finally he looked at Kakashi's belt. "No more Cowbell ... aaaaahhh! I screwed! I completely forgot about the bells" shouted Naruto.

Kakashi and Sasuke looked at him as if he was retarded and Ino with an air of guilt.

"Naruto doesn't have a bell and he's celebrating. And now he's going back to the academy. It's not really fair." she mused.

"NO! Everything is done! I'll have to spend another year in that damned academy!" Naruto moaned.

'Never! I refuse to go back there. If I spend even a month longer in that, we will have genocide on our hands. Never mind, I do not see what I can do more. We will play all out. Kakashi-sensei? "


"Let me take the test again."

"There is only one test, Naruto. And unfortunately, you did not manage to catch a bell. "Kakashi said sadistically. 'I'll play around with his nerves before going on to say that. That'll teach him to steal my precious Icha Icha.'

"It was not a request, Sensei. Let me take the test again, or else ..." He opened the book to the last page. "I will tell you how the story ends."He ended with a cruel smile.

Kakashi froze. It was he who was now trapped. "Att ... wait a second, Naruto. You are not going ... You're not going to do a spoiler?" He panicked.

"And while Judai went away, Keiko thought back to what they had experienced. This magical night on the beach, their passionate embrace in the..."

"STOP! Naruto you are good! You passed! "Kakashi shouted. "All three of you passed. "

"Really? Damn, I did not think it would be so easy. "Naruto smiled as he closed the book.

"It has nothing to do with that Naruto." Kakashi replied, placing his hand on his heart beating. "No you pass, because you have passed the real test."

"What real test?" Asked Ino. "The bell wasn't the real test?"

"The bells are only part. The real purpose of this test is to determine if you have the right mindset to become a ninja. "Kakashi said taking up capacity.

"And what is this mindset?"Asked Naruto.

"In your opinion? Why do you think you have been assigned a team to do this test, eh? "

"Because there is not enough Jounins available to care individually for every Genin that graduates?" Sasuke suggested.

"No. Well you are right about that. But that is not the goal, it has nothing to do with that" Kakashi muttered.

"Because parents doesn't want their children left alone with a suspicious person who reads porn in broad daylight?" Ino threw in.


"I am getting tired of your riddles. You'll just have to spill the beans? "Naruto protested.

"It is the essential quality that all ninja need to have to be successful, which is team spirit."

"As you have noticed, only when all three of attacked together you got the bells." Kakashi explained.

"What's the scam?' Ino thought, looking at his bell. "You wanted us to work together when there were only two bells? One of us would necessarily lose out! "

"Right, this event is precisely designed to sow discord within the team. The goal is whether, in a situation like this, you are able to think about your team before your personal interest. Missions must be done as a team. Of course, it is essential for a ninja to have individual qualities, but above all team spirit prevails."

"It means that even if I had the bell solo, I would not have passed?" Naruto realized with horror.

'So at that time ...' Ino remembered. ''The other two? Bah, I cannot force their hand. They have to see if they prefer to stay in their corner, or come have some fun.'' Naruto realized that we had to join forces?'

Sasuke had performed well and looked at his blond friend with surprise and a tinge of respect.

"Naruto. When you realized that you had trouble getting the bells alone, you pushed Ino and Sasuke to come help you. And they did," Kakashi commented."Of course, your act was perhaps due to the fact that you cared more about my book than bells at the time. "

"In all cases, you managed to take the bells working together and therefore, you are all welcome. Bravo! Team 7 we will begin training tomorrow. "


"You can give me my book now, Naruto?"

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