Nothing is here, just a normal, loving, everyday life. (Part 1)

I always knew from the very start that this world doesn't need the two of us to make one "Italy" so I figured a day that one of us would have to vanish from the face of this earth will come someday.

But one thing I didn't know was which one of us was going to have to disappear. It's one of those things you can't really figure out until the time actually came.

And of course, that time came by much faster than expected.

So when our boss came over to us both and stated "One of you two is going to have to vanish", I was really at a loss for words. Feliciano and I both stared at each other in confusion.

Why now?

Just… why?

Countless questions ran through our minds, each of us dwelling alone.

"Well, I'm not saying you guys have to answer my question now, but within the next 2-3 days, alright?"

And with those last words, our boss quickly walked out of the room with no particular expression of remorse on his face.

For the next few moments, the world remained silent...

That is, until Feliciano broke this much needed silence, of course. "Fratello… What should we do…? Wait, but what does he mean…?"

"Who knows? Even I don't really get it."

With those previous straightforward words of mine, the room became silent yet again. It seems Feliciano was thinking the same thing. Well, we are brothers, after all.

I could see the tears beginning to form in his eyes. The words that would be coming out of his mouth next were words I could figure out right away. His actions are always so obvious.

"Fratello… I'll be the one to disappear."

That nice, perfect Felicano…

You've risked your life so many times just to save others. That's why those words of yours were so obvious to me. I sighed, simply thinking back and replied, "Let's wait a little longer to decide. It's not like this is only your problem."

When I halted his life-risking decision, I could see his face welling up in tears far more than earlier. He faced down to avoid eye contact with me.

"Come on, let's just head to bed. It's already late," I stated.

"Huh? Oh, Yeah… Let's do that!"

Feliciano stood up and off the sofa and headed toward our designated bedrooms, his movements a little slower than usual. "Fratello, you're not going to sleep…?"

"…I have some things to do so just head to bed without me. I'll be there soon."

"Oh… Alright."

I walked Feliciano to his bedroom then sat back down on that loud, springy sofa.

I began to think about earlier again.

First of all, according to our boss, it's apparently going to have to be either Feliciano or I that have to disappear. Since I became independent and nothing seemed to happen, I always thought I was safe, but I guess not, judging from the circumstances at the moment. So why the hell did this have to happen now…?

Well, whatever. Next, we're going to have to decide which of us two are going to be the ones to make this decision and cease to exist here on Earth. …That's a given. I'll be the one to disappear and Feliciano will remain here.

The one who was always there for me and helped me through some harsh times was always him. He's the one with all the friends, talent… EVERYTHING. He has everything. At least let me be able to help you out from time to time, damn it! I'm the older one!

Vanishing or not seemed like a dire decision to make just a few moments ago, but slowly, as the realization was beginning to set in, disappearing didn't really seem all that bad.

I was only really surprised for a few moments.

Vanishing doesn't seem scary anymore.

I'm going to be the one to disappear. That's something I've decided long ago, expecting this day to come sooner or later.

I grabbed the phone and began to press the buttons.

Those numbers I've become so familiar with whether I liked it or not.

The ones I'll never get wrong in any situation.

Once the phone finally connected, I spoke loud and clearly, "Hello, this is Italia-Romano."

Of course the voice that replied was in a much calmer and more professional tone. The kind you use when you're at those stupid meetings. "So, did you guys decide which one we're going to get rid of?"

"Yes. I, Italia-Romano, will be the one to take this offer…"

"Oh really? Well then thank you for all of your service to this point in time." Those were the sole words he said and the phone was cut off.

This is the first time I was thanked by him, that bastard!

I leaned back down into that sofa and breathed in softly.

I'm not scared of vanishing. I shouldn't be scared of vanishing, and yet the tears fell down from my eyes naturally. I couldn't help it. "Damn… it…!"

I oddly regretted my decision.

I didn't even know why all of a sudden, but I really did regret it.

I always knew that this world was filled with unfair things at all times, but I still regretted this decision...

When I finally headed toward the bedroom, I was greeted with a sound and asleep Feliciano.

That beautiful brown hair and slightly paler skin, and although I can't make it out now, those brightly jade colored eyes: These are the features of the sole person I can save and risk my life for.

"Buona notte, Feliciano."

I slowly laid myself down on that bed and closed my eyes. I felt like I heard the faint sound of a certain someone calling my name, but right now, I could really care less.

Day 1

"Feliciano, apparently that was all just the boss' joke. It really wasn't funny, was it! Damn, he has such a sick sense of humor!"

When I greeted Feliciano with those words the next morning, his face lit up in surprise then seemed to laugh warmly. "I see… Well then that's great!"

He happily headed out of the house, probably to go talk to his two idiot of friends and pass time talking or something.

I turned away from his retreating figure and walked toward my own room.

I only have 3 days left here.

At the end of the 3rd day, I'm going to disappear from this world as if I never existed.

"Well, time to get to cleaning."

But I suck at cleaning…

Nonetheless, I successfully went to our attic and found 3 spare boxes.

The 1st was simply for "trash".

The 2nd was for "recyclables".

The 3rd was to "give to someone else".

I wrote their respected names on the box then randomly shoved things into each.

For example, an old pink notebook I found in the back of the bookcase: to the "trash" box. When was this from anyways…? "About the pretty next door neighbor," it said on the cover. I was a perv when I was little, I guess… Wow, I should have gotten my brain checked.

While looking through everything in my entire room, I came across many forgotten and interesting items. Some reminded me of old times and I'd begin reminiscing. This obviously didn't help all that much to get my job done… This is why I suck at cleaning. I can never get far without being sidetracked.

But I continued cleaning.

Some old blocks I received way back in the past: to the "recyclables".

Pictures I took with Feliciano… to the "trash" box.

Every item I pick up, all the memories that go along with it flood my mind, then before they could get too much of a hold on me, I'd throw them into their respective boxes.

"Alright, next is the dresser."

Of course the first items to catch my eyes when I open the dresser are the immense amount of uniforms. Well, I guess that was to be expected.

I made sure to throw all the cheapass suits and coats into the "trash" box one by one that is, until I came across one suit that cost me more than $1000 (*converted to dollars). I just couldn't throw that away after it cost so much. "It'll be a waste to just throw that away…"

I stared at the box as if we were having some type of odd one-sided competition with each other. After some time, I just decided to throw the suit into the 3rd box. I'm sure somebody'd take it.

The inside of the dresser at this point is now quite empty with only 1 item of clothing left.

The small one-piece dress I wore for practically most of my childhood.

The green seemed to have started to fade a bit while the white apron was beginning to turn the slightest bit yellower than before.

"Well this brings back a lot of memories…"

It was the dress I was practically forced to wear all the time at that bastard Antonio's place. I've always told him I was a guy and yet he still insisted I wear women's clothes. That pervert.

"I can't believe I actually wore this…"

This dress that's filled with so many memories of my time with Antonio.

I couldn't help but hug that small item of clothing, burying my face within it: it still had the faint aroma of dirt, the same smell that filled Antonio's house.

"Lovi! How many times do I have to tell you to at least learn how to clean!"

"Shut up, bastard! You're being too noisy, damn it!"

Thinking back to the times we shared such conversations, I couldn't help myself from thinking…

I want to see Antonio.

I sprinted toward the phone and desperately punched the buttons carefully, making sure I don't make a single mistake.

"Hello? Lovi?"

What I heard from the other side of the receiver was the voice that always seemed to be filled with warmth and passion like the sun; the voice that oddly makes me feel calmer each time.

"Yo, Antonio, are you free day after tomorrow?"

"Huh? Uh… I should be free?"

"Then leave it open. I'm going to spend all day at your house."

"W-Wait…! Really! Lovi, don't cut o-"

And so I cut off the phone before he could finish his statement. He most likely won't be leaving the house now and all I've got to do is head over there then my plan would be complete.

By the time I finished separating the items within my room, the sun had already set.

"Fratello! Food's ready!"

"Yeah, I'll be right over there."

I headed downstairs, following the scent of the tomato pasta and also kind of wondering when Feliciano even returned home.

When I came into the dining room, I was greeted in by my apron clad brother, holding onto a fry pan.

"What were you doing, fratello?"


"WHAT! Are you sick! Do you have a fever!"

"I don't!"

How rude.

I seated myself within a chair and twisted my share of pasta around my fork and brought them up to my mouth.

He really is great at cooking.

Not that he can compare to me though.

"Fratello! Don't start eating without me!"

"Shut up."

Oh, so that wasn't my share.

But while I was at it, I devoured a fresh looking tomato that was nicely mixed within the other vegetables in the salad.

Yup, it's a tomato from Antonio's house.

"Feliciano, this is from Antonio's place, right?", I asked to confirm myself.

"Yup! You're smart, fratello~ But you ate some more food right now, didn't you!"


My last statement was said with no remorse whatsoever, so probably due to my brother giving up, he gave a quick sigh then stopped talking all together.

I simply continued to eat on.

Today's menu consisted of tomato pasta and a wonderfully fresh tomato salad. What would match these two dishes would have been some red wine, and of course, I simply decided to grab the red wine to help down my meal.

And earlier when I peeked into the kitchen, I noticed some cocoa powder and mascarpone. So I'm guessing our dolce for tonight was going to be some tiramisu and accompanied with a cup of espresso coffee.

You know, Feliciano always makes dolce since he's so fond of sweets, sweets, and more sweets, but to be honest, I'm not the best with sweets and as such, find it quite hard to finish any of these desserts.

"Fratello, you're drinking our new wine already?"

"It's good to spoil yourself every now and then."

Feliciano glanced in my direction, most likely thinking of me as some type of creeper but instead, he finally sat down in his respective seat and we're now ready to have a proper meal together.

" "Buon appetito" "

We both said a quick prayer then dug into our food.

The tomatoes really are delicious.

I became utterly enraptured in eating that I seemingly blocked my entire surrounding.

"Feliciano, you got better at cooking," I accidentally spilled from my mouth.

"I was complimented by fratello!"

"Wh-what…? Is it that unusual…?"

He really did continue to stare at me with eyes of confusion. Is It really that odd for me to be nice, damn it!

"Fratello, are you sure you don't have a fever…?"

"I told you I don't, you asshole!"

An awkward silence seemed to pass between us so while he was still in shock from my earlier remarks, I leaned over and snagged a tomato from his bowl.

"M-my tomato…"

"Did you say something?"

I laughed actually rather maniacally and Feliciano simply trudged into the kitchen apparently going over to grab the dolche. What? Does he want to end dinner as soon as possible now?

Might as well go grab my espresso while I'm at it then.

I finished Feliciano's tiramisu and espresso with very much content, but afterwards, our times were spent separately. I went into the bath then found myself within the bed next to my own brother.

This is oddly quite comforting.

"Feliciano, I'm going to be heading out all day tomorrow."

"Where to?"

"A lot of places."

I want to at least be able to spend some time with those I've relied on so much to this day.

Not that I'm going to tell Feliciano that either.

"Well, I should be back by dinner."

"Oh… alright… Good night~…"

I briefly stayed awake, watching my brother sleep silently next to me, but I quickly became tired myself watching him rest so comfortably.

"Buona notte…"

I closed my eyes and my entire world went black.

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