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Nothing is here, just a normal, loving, everyday life.

Day 2

I woke up at around the same time as my alarm clock. And as expected, Feliciano was still sleeping.

"Might as well go cook some breakfast now…"

I put on the clothes that I had set out to wear whilst getting ready yesterday in order to make myself feel more awake, but that didn't seem to work. Instead, I went downstairs to grab and drink a cup of fresh cold water. I made sure to fill my cup up to the very top and sure, it woke me up, but it gave me more of a brain-freeze than expected. "Ugh…," I moaned in response to the sudden cold. It almost made my head hurt more than that time I was eating that snow cone or whatever over at Kiku's house.

By the time I checked the clock, it had already passed 6:30. "Fuck," I mumbled, "I guess I gotta get to cooking now." I freshly baked some brioche and made a cup of café ole complete with an abundance of milk. Now all that's left is to cook the ham and eggs with cheese and we'll have some delectable ham and eggs to eat! Now that I think about it, I think we have some tomatoes somewhere around here… Might as well whip together a quick salad while I'm at it.

By the time I had practically finished all the preparing for our breakfast and the smell of the baked brioche had begun to spread throughout the house, Feliciano decided to wake up.

"Good morning fratello! That breakfast looks delicious!"

"Of course it does," I replied. "Who the hell do you think is cooking? …Just make yourself useful and go get the newspaper or something."

Feliciano replied with a quick 'Roger!' and stormed out of the kitchen toward the entrance.

Alright, I should get to my final preparations.

I put the brioche, ham, and eggs onto a large plate and brought those plates and a few other utensils to the dining room table. I made sure to go back to the kitchen to grab the café ole as well and headed back toward the dining room table as quick as I could. By the time Feliciano came back with the newspaper, our breakfast was ready to be eaten.

"Here's the newspaper, fratello~"


I removed my own apron and took the newspaper out of Feliciano's hand. It's not like I want to read this damn thing! I only want to research, you bastards! To know what kind of society I'll be disappearing from.

"Fratello, thanks for the food!"

"Yeah yeah, just eat."

I dunked my brioche into the café ole to eat. Yup, tastes just as great as usual. The salad, hams and eggs were delicious as well. I've got to say, it's probably one of the best meals I've made in a while.

"You know, fratello, cooking really is the only thing that you're great at!"

"What was that with the 'only thing' I'm good at?" I rolled up the newspaper off to the side and lightly tapped Feliciano's head with that stray newspaper.

"Ve~ It hurt…"

"That's because you deserved it for saying something so rude, damn it!"

Feliciano continued to cry 've' 've' 've~' for the rest of breakfast as I ate quietly. I really don't have much time left here… I quickly cleaned up my meal and motioned to leave the room.

"Oh yeah, you said you were going someplace, right fratello?"


"So… you're really not going to be back in time for dinner?"


That's right. This is the last meal I'm going to share with Feliciano. The moment I leave this house, I'll never see Feliciano ever again. I really did feel upset over this face, but nonetheless, I walked toward the entrance door to leave this house for good.


"Feliciano," I began with a harsh yet serious tone. "Even if something horrible happens to you today, there will always be something much better coming your way the next day. So don't look down. Don't feel like the world is over. More than anything, just keep that smile on your face and continue to laugh and move forward…Addio."

I'm not even completely sure if Feliciano was able to hear me, but I grabbed that paper bag from the other day and left the house. I wasn't just going to go about and ask him if he heard my little speech there or not, because to be honest, I'd be just the slightest bit embarassed if he listened to that entire thing. I mean think about it: saying something so philosophical! That's totally unmanly! "Please let Feliciano continue to live in peace," I said quietly to myself.

My brother whom I have learned to both hate and love from the bottom of my heart. Truthfully, I'm a little jealous that you get to continue living on within this world, but you deserve to continue living more than I do.

I began to walk further and further from the house, but I decided to leave a few last words for my idiotic brother: "I love you, you fuckin' bastard…"

Right after I stated these words, I ran off further and further away from my house, refusing to turn back even to glance over at my brother's reaction.

I continued to run.

Run to Antonio's house. The place that smelled so much of sun and dirt that it simply made you feel as if you belonged there with the nature of Earth.

With the unusually fast pace I was moving, I did not make a single mistake reaching that house, not even making the wrong turn. By the time I reached his house, it was a little before 12. I found someplace along the way to change into the outfit that Elizaveta made for me, now all I'll have to do is to see that tomato bastard.

"But now that I think about it, how the hell did I even survive wearing this everyday…?" I sighed then rang Antonio's doorbell.

"Oh, is it you, Lovi? I remember you told me to stay home but did you have to talk about somethi-" Yes, when he stopped was when he finally opened the door.

"I came to come hang out with you, bastard!"

"Lovi… What's up with those clothes…?"

What's up with my clothes, he asks? I'm now currently wearing an emerald green onepiece dress, complete with a bright white apron. An exact replica of the one I wore when I was younger, except this one, of course, is larger so it could fit my now fully grown body.


I just wanted to spend time with him just like in the old days, but now that I think about it, this is kind of awkward, isn't it? Having to see an adult wearing something meant for a younger FEMALE, nonetheless. Just look at Antonio's downstruck face-… Wait.

"WOAH! LOVI! YOU'RE SO CUUUTE! But what's up! Did France bribe you into doing this! ALRIGHT THEN, LET ME JUST GO BEAT THAT PERVERT UP FOR YOU! But really, Lovi~ You're so CUTE!"


Well, that was unexpected. I totally expected him to be disgusted or something. "Francis has nothing to do with this," I informed. "I did this of my own accord…"

"What? Did something happen to you, Lovino?"

"Not really…"

It may have been because he noticed my sullen face, but he brought his hand up to my head and began rubbing it gently like back in the older days. Just like then, his hands were still very large and warm… Those hands that I can't help but love.

"It tickles, you dumbass!"

"That's because you look so sad, Lovi~!"

He smiled down at me with that absolutely sheepish smile. I really am weak when he flashes that smile toward me…

"Just today… I want you to stay with me like we did back in the past."


I faced down at the ground in hopes of hiding my embarrassed, red flushed face from Antonio. "Like in the past… I want to go tomato gathering and make some churros… with you, bastard…" I could feel the blood rushing to my face greatly little by little until I heard a loud laughter coming from Antonio's direction. "Wh-What's so funny!," I asked in surprise.

"Because, this is so unlike you, Lovino! Do you have a fever or something?"


Doubting my words, he brought a hand up to my forehead. I'm telling you all, I don't have a FEVER!

"It really does seem like you don't have a fever so let's go gather some tomatoes then~ Shall we?"


"You're the one who said you wanted to go gather some tomatoes, remember? So let's go!"

Antonio pulled out 2 pairs of gloves from his pocket and now that I look at it, he was carrying a large basked in one hand as well.

"I was just about to go out back so you came at such great timing!"

"…Alright then, let's go, damn it!"

I neatly covered my hand with the pair of gloves he passed me and we headed toward his garden. It was right by his house so it didn't take long to reach our destination. Even if I say 'garden', it's really only filled with tomatoes, but whatever…

I was quite happy with all of the tomatoes available to us, but at the same time, this place seemed so empty in an odd way. "…This place really is only infested with tomatoes."

"Well, it's delicious so there shouldn't be a problem, right?"

"Yeah, I guess so."

I borrowed one of his large scissors used especially for cutting off tomatoes from the plant itself and every now and then, I'd carry a tomato or two toward my mouth and munch. Yup. Out of all the tomatoes I've ever eaten, his tomatoes have always been (and still are) the best. I'd cut then eat, cut then eat, and eat, and eat, and eat…

"Lovino!," He yelled. "Do your work correctly!"

I replied back to him with my 'best' lie as usual, "Shut up. Those tomatoes of yours are just begging to get eaten by me so I can't ignore their wishes." It really did remind me of those older days.

"You never change, Lovi…"

"Why don't you quit talking and actually work, dumbass?"

"Why don't you get to work too!"

So we continued on with our little tomato gathering session and by the time I checked the clock afterwards, the hands of the clock signified it was 1PM. Fuck, I'm already tired!

Maybe he happened to notice my exhausted state of being, but he brought up his own proposition. "Lovi, why don't we have a siesta around here? You're tired, aren't you?"


Antonio pulled my arm toward a nearby tree even whilst he was carrying that basket full of tomatoes. How he does it? I have no idea. Nonetheless, the tree's shade felt absolutely relaxing and amazing.

"How do you like it? Isn't it nice and breezy here?"


"Lovi? Are you sleepy? Why don't you sleep for a bit?"

"Yeah, I'll sleep."

"Alrighty then… I think boss'll have to take a little nap too…"

He called himself a 'boss' again. But ever since I left his house, I haven't heard him referring to himself as boss so it felt rather awkward.

"Good night, Lovino," he said in a soft tone of voice, bringing his hand down to run his fingers slowly through my hair. Quit doing that, damn it! It's hard for me to keep a straight face when I'm still conscious and attempting to sleep, bastard… However, I was quickly able to forget about everything around me and soon enough, I had fallen right to sleep.

When I woke up, the sun had already begun to set. "Nn…"

"Lovi, Are you awake?"

"I'm awake… Wait, what time is it!"

"Um… I think it's 5."

"Oh… I slept a little too much…"

The remaining time I have left is 7 hours and I still have so many things I want to do.

"Lovi, isn't it about time you headed home?"

"I'm not going home today."

"You're going to stay for the night?"


"Did you get into a fight with Feli-chan?"

"Not in particular," I stated uninterestedly (or so I made it seem) as I stuck my hand into the basket right by me and grabbed a random tomato to eat. At this time, the sun had completely set.

"Yeah… Let's just head inside the house. Dinner might just be a few random things, but is that ok?"

"I'll help."

Antonio laughed enthusiastically, making sure to thank me over and over again. Back in the day, I couldn't even do any cooking, but that one day after Antonio taught me to make those damn churros, I've always wanted to practice and make some more so I could please that tomato bastard with my own food. But no matter how great I got at cooking, I continued making churros in the same way he first taught me.

"I want churros," I told him when I finally reached the kitchen.


"I'll make some churros!"

"YOU WILL, LOVI! All by yourself! You sure you're not going to burn yourself! And what if you mistake the sugar for salt!"

"That's rude, damn it."

It seemed as if Antonio was absolutely surprised at my confidence in cooking all alone and I could see him almost dropping his tomato to the ground. Everybody didn't have to think I was some idiot who couldn't do anything, damn it! I examined my surroundings and carefully noticed the broadness of the entire house. Far too big for a house to be inhabited in all alone. "You're always here alone?"

"Hm? Of course. I'm used to it by now~" He attempted to add in some enthusiasm into his voice, but it was pretty obvious that that smile and voice inflection was only there to hide his inner sadness.

"Well whatever. I'm borrowing your kitchen, alright?"

"Do you know where it is?"

"WE'RE ALREADY HERE, DAMN IT! And how long do you think I've lived in this damn house, you bastard!" It was only right around the corner from the entrance, actually, and it was a beautifully decorated system kitchen. Alright then, let's cook! "Antonio, where's the bowl and the other ingredients?"

"The bowl is right under the sink. The ingredients are all in the cupboard… But are you sure you don't need my help?"

"Yeah. You can just sit back, shut up and watch!"

I made sure to grab the bowl from wherever he indicated and I was successfully able to grab every other ingredient as well… except for the damn flour. I reached my hand up high but I simply couldn't reach.

Antonio stared worriedly, "Why don't you use a chair?"

"I can… reach… it… fuck! AH!"


The flour came falling right onto my head. I hate things going into my eye and things that hurt, so I instinctively closed my eyes and simply stood and shook at my spot in fear. But… The pain from the whole bag of flour falling onto my head never came.

I simply heard coughing coming from right next to me. "…That's why I told you I could help you!"

"…Pfft," I noticed that the voice happened to be Antonio and he looked absolutely hideous. "Ahaha, oh god! You're all white!"

"Don't laugh at me!" He pushed me down to the ground as if he was attempting to hug me, and smothered my head with the flour covering his hands.

"What was that for!"

"You're not hurt, are you?"

"Hm? Oh, nope. I don't, you bastard."

"Alright. Then that's good." I'm happy he's rubbing my head so lovingly, but the more he rubs, the whiter I'm getting! "Hey, Lovi! You're all white now too!"

"What did you say, dumb asshole!" I picked up some random flour spread across the ground and threw it right at the Spaniard.

Antonio made a retarded "Pffft" sound and accepted the pile of flour to hit him right on his face. "Ugh… Lovi, you're so mean!"

"It's because you made me all white along WITH you, damn it!"

"Here!", it seems as I was too busy laughing at his white-ass body, he had somehow grabbed a handful of flour too and hit the center of my face. "You look great like that~!"


Soon enough, this flour throwing session had grown into a full-on war. We should've both been pretty mature adults by now, but we continued to play around as if we were still young. We didn't return back to our normal, calm, adult selves until the entire kitchen itself had turned white.

"Pfft! Lovi~ You really did turn all white now! Wait… why did we start this again?"

"I don't want to hear it from you! Oh yeah. I was in the middle of making churros…" But then again, if I started cooking now, the kitchen could potentially catch on fire due to all the random powder covering… Well… everything. "I can't make any damn churros in this environment, damn it."

"You're right… Well then why don't we shower first? It is getting kind of late."

I glanced over at the kitchen clocked and it seems it's already past 6. Fuck… Time passes by fast…

"You're fine with dinner after your shower, right?"


"Well then why don't you shower first? Boss'll wait for you," he stated pointing his finger in the direction of the bathroom.

Now, normally, I won't even consider this at all, but today was a 'special' day… "…Let's go into the shower together, you bastard…"


"I'm telling you to get into the damn shower with me!"


I literally grabbed the collar of Antonio's shirt whilst he was sitting in his chair and I pulled him in the direction of the shower. Maybe it was because he couldn't seem to understand the situation well since I was the one who asked for this unexpectedly, but he was simply being dragged by me, barely able to walk normally. He finally spoke when we got to the washing room's entrance.

"Lovi, I don't have any of those baths like over at Kiku-chan's house, you know!"

"I don't think that's what you should've picked on, but…"

"I only have a single shower head and not even a regular bathtub! You'll catch a cold!"

What the hell is he even saying? Why is he saying all this? Does he honestly think they're going to be showering naked?

"And… If I ever go into the shower with you, Lovi, completely naked, then…!"

Yep. I was right. "What the fuck are you thinking? I don't see why I have to shower absolutely clothesless with another man."

Antontio's face turned absolutely red, and yet he stared in my direction with a confused expression. What? Did I say something wrong?

"Wait… Lovi, then what do you mean?"

"So I'm trying to tell you is, I'll get into the shower naked, you leave your clothes on."

"…You have some weird kinks, Lovino. You kind of reminded me of France there…" Hey, don't compare me to that damn pervert! Hold on there… now I'm getting even more confused. Seriously, what the hell is going through his mind? "Doing it with my clothes on… I-I don't know if I can handle it, Lovi…"


"I'm wrong…?", he asked. I could almost see a question mark just hovering above his head. Of course he's wrong, damn it! You're my fuckin' boss. I was your UNDERLING. Exactly what kind of eyes have you been looking at me with…? He really is a pedophile.

"I'm going to enjoy my shower and you're going to come in with your clothes on and you're simply going to wash my hair."



I feel like I had this kind of conversation with a particular someone just yesterday. So I guess friends really do begin to resemble eachother over time. Or were they just of the same kind since they both became friends…?

"My mind kind of went a little hay-wire…"


"Let's get into the shower…" After that conversation we just had, I began to hesitate a bit. Is it really safe to shower with this pervert…? "Lovi, you're creeped out by me, aren't you…?"

"Just a little."

"I won't do anything weird, I promise!"

"CHIGIII!" 'I won't do anything' my ass! That's exactly what he said as he pulled my fuckin' curl. I've told him so many times to NEVER TOUCH THAT CURL! "QUITE IT…! CH-CHIGIII-!"

"Oh… Sorry. I just kind of pulled that without thinking… Ok, raise your hands." I raised my hands the moment he said so and he pulled off my shirt skillfully. Why the fuck is he so good with his hands…? He threw the shirt into the laundry bin and motioned for me to head into the shower. He seemed to want to keep his hands off my pants, though. Maybe he's just unconfident of seeing me completely clothesless without having any dirty thoughts. I wonder why I didn't think about all this ahead of time. Aside from winter time, I've always hung around practically naked! He should be used to it by now! "Hurry on in, Lovi. You might catch a cold."


We both welcomed ourselves into this shower that is barely large enough to hold one person: so imagine two adults here. Nonetheless, I set that thought aside and simply grabbed the plastic chair and seated myself on top.

"Lovi, grab the shower head, please."

"Hm," I handed the shower head to the Spaniard and he thanked me for the somewhat kind gesture, I suppose. He checked to make sure the temperature of the water was perfect before even washing me down.

"Alright Lovi. Close your eyes."


And out came the wonderfully warm (but not too hot) water: it was the best temperature for me.

"It's not hot?", he asked out of concern.

"I'm fine, damn it."

"I'm putting on the shampoo. It's a no-no to open your eyes right now, alright~?"


I smelt the sweet scent of the shampoo he was using. It was the same kind he always used to wash my hair back in the days I was much younger… Rather too soon, if I may say so myself, Antonio's large hands washed off all of the flour on my head.

"Alright, I'm going to wash it all off~"

The moment he brought the warm water closer to my head and began washing the soap all off, I closed my eyes harder than I did before. If any of that fuckin' soap gets into my eye, I swear to god I will be able to find enough energy to blow this entire house up, damn it.

"You can open your eyes now."


I opened my eyes and viewed myself in the mirror before me: I was completely clean. The fact that I was downright dirty earlier seemed almost like a dream.

"See? Aren't you all pretty and clean now?", he asked with an eager expression. Don't look at me like that. It pisses me off, you bastard!

"True… Well then, I'm getting out."

"Oh, then wait one second. I'll go grab you a towel and some change of clothes." He ran out of the washroom and was soon out of my sight.

I was left all alone by the shower and for some odd reason, tears began falling out of my eyes. …I wonder why the hell I'm crying right now… Even I didn't really understand.

"Lovi~ …Wait… Why are you crying!"

"You're late, bastard…"

"You really are a cry-baby, aren't you?"

"Shut up."

Antonio used the towel he brought for me dry my hair carefully. It honestly didn't hurt my head at all at the pace he was moving his hands.

"All dry~ Now head on out without me."

"What are you going to be doing?"

"Hm? Shower, of course."

I was forced out of the shower before I knew it. First of all, I needed to remove my now drenched pants to get changed into far dryer articles of clothing. But then that's when it hit me.

"Fuck… Our waist sizes are that different…?"

The sweatpants that Antonio had brought me kept falling to the ground every time I attempted to pull it up. I've always thought about working out to enlarge my muscles like the bastard over there, but apparently I didn't ever work out enough… I guess I should be fine with just a t-shirt. But see, it was a little bad since our heights didn't change all that much.

"Maybe I'm a perv for thinking this get-up is going to at least last me for the day…"

It kind of reminds me of one of Kiku's proverbs he used to say: Obi ni mijikashi, tasuki ni nagashi (Literally: too short for a belt, too long for a sleeve tie). In this case, I guess I could compare it as being which would I rather deal with: my underwear barely showing or not showing. See, if this was a woman, I would be absolutely astounded, but I'm sure nobody would be happy with me like this.

"Might as well go ahead and make some churros while I'm at it."

This time around, my determination had set in and I finally headed toward the kitchen, bringing myself face-to-face with the battle ground we haven't cleaned yet. I guess I should at least clean up the random spills first then get to cooking. I was able to efficiently finish my cleaning (I can do it if I try!) and I made some nice dough using the flour from a new, unopened bag. I made sure to stick the substance into the oil and watched it as it slowly turned into a brownish color and the sound of the oil itself was ear-catching.

"Alright! I should get to the chocolate while I wait for the thing to fry."

Inside the pan, I stuck in a lot of stray chocolate bars and milk and mixed them together on top of the fire. I was careful not to burn it, of course. Once the chocolate was liquidy, it was finally done. I brought down my finger and dipped it into the chocolate to taste. "Damn, it's sweet…" And then there was something else bothering me…

"How long are you going to be standing there hiding?"

"Oh, you noticed me?", chuckled Antonio as he wiped his hair dry with the towel whilst finally walked out from the corner he was hiding.

"Of course I did, asshole."

"Lovi, where's your… bottom? Pants…?"

"The size was too large, damn it."

"That doesn't mean you have to walk around in that outfi- HNRGH!" Yeah, I had walked toward him and shoved a steaming hot churro into his mouth to shut him up. "THAT WAS HOT! WHAT WERE YOU TRYING TO DO TO M-" "Is it good?" "Yeah, it's good."

When I passed him a bowl of chocolate, he dipped his churro within it and began eating. He sure did eat it as if he enjoyed it quite a bit. That relieved me.

"You've gotten a lot better at cooking!"

"Of course I have. Who the hell do you think I am, idiot?" I wonder why I can never thank him honestly…

"Alright! As an appreciation for the wonderful churros, I'll make a great REAL dinner for us both!"

"Then I'll help."

I followed all of Antonio's instructions to the tee after this: I carried the dishes here and there; I helped gather all the ingredients needed for him to cook, and etc. Now a good 30 minutes passed preparing for the meal and the table was already filled with a wonderful array of food items. We had albondigas, huevos a la flamenco, chilindron pan con tomate with onion vinaigrette sauce and broccoli tortilla. He even made some gazpacho and calamares fritos. Now let me ask one thing that simply needs to be asked: HOW THE HELL ARE WE GOING TO EAT ALL THIS! THERE ARE ONLY 2 OF US! "Antonio, STOP! Are you seriously going to continue making more?"

"Hm? Of course!"

"Even after you look at the table carefully?"

"….I'll stop." It seems he finally got the point. But to be honest, I don't even think I'll be able to consume this much food alone. "Lovi, we can eat now!"

"I don't think I need to be told…"

" "Let's eat" ", we both said rather enthusiastically.

All of the food he cooked was actually pretty delicious. They were all so good that I couldn't stop digging my fork into the food. "You really are good at this kind of stuff," I said in between my chews.

"Hm? Did you say something?"


I love Antonio's cooking above all else. Maybe it was because I'm so used to eating his cooking since I was younger, but whenever I'm eating his food, I seem to be in the best of moods. It's kind of like everybody loving their mother's cooking: for me, it's Antonio.

"It used to be so hard to cook for you back in the days~"


"Because you used to be so picky with your food! And can you believe it? You didn't used to like raw tomatoes! I bet you don't remember."

Now that I think about it, I do kind of recall getting sick of the raw smell that came from that thing. Well, now it's become my favorite food, but whatever. "You know, because of you, I've learned to eat a whole bunch of stuff."

"It's not good to be picky with your food!"

"I know."

But seriously, this was a lot of food… I don't think either of us are going to finish all of that. After some time, we were somehow able to finish more than half of the food but eating anymore will… kill me. Even Antonio's fork speed seems to have gone down quite a bit: the end is near for him.

"Lovi… I don't think this boss will be able to eat anymore."

"I… I think I'm done too, asshole."

"I think we can be done now…"

" "Thanks for the food." ", we said in unison. It was said at such perfect timing that we laughed our asses off. Our stomachs were filled to the top. Little by little, whatever was left on the table was slowly sent into the fridge. "I can't move anymore, damn it," I mumbled.

"Lovi, was it good?"

"Of course."

My words seemed to have relieved him because he lightly chuckled to himself.

It is currently a little past 8. I guess we had dinner a little too late. Whilst I was being absolutely occupied with the clock, I saw Antonio had something in his hands.

"Do you want to play with a deck of cards?"

"…Alright, dumbass." He pulled out the cards from its' box and he began to mix them well. "What're we going to play?"

"I guess we could just start off with Old Maid."

"Sure. Let's stick with that." I grabbed the cards passed to me one by one. I still have a little bit of time so I might as well enjoy the time I have left by playing a care-free game of cards with Antonio. I just want to forget about all the bad things for now. I want to continue smiling for this bastard no matter what.

"You have to sleep early and wake up early, Lovi!"

"Is what you say but it's already past 11:45, you dumbass."

"Speryu~n "

"Don't try to fool me bastard."

The time we headed to bed was only a few minutes before the day was going to end. We were so caught up in playing with our cards that we had completely lost track of time. Sure, maybe it was even before the cards: like when we were busy playing with the pile of flour. We really are despicable adults…

Antonio rolled around in bed first and since there was only 1 bed available, of course we decided to share. Back when I was little, that was fine, but look at how much space we both take up now. However, looking at Antonio holding both of his arms out in bed made me feel obligated to go lay down next to him.

"Come on over, Lovino."

"Chigi… At times like this, you'd actually say my name…? You oblivious dimwit."

He was complaining about how mean I was, yet he seemed to laugh it off and smiled. Don't be so damn carefree, damn it!

I nudged myself into Antonio's arms.

"Good boy," he muttered quietly.


This is when reality set in and I felt like I had to verbally speak of it; bring myself back into reality.

"Hey, Antonio… If, hypothetically speaking, I were to disappear, what would you do?"

"WHAT! Lovi, you're going to disappear!" Antonio stared at me with eyes of surprise and deep concern. Don't look at me like that, damn it! You're making me feel guilty about my decision!

"I only said 'if', you idiot…"

"If you disappeared, Lovi, I'd cry. I'm sure Feli-chan, France, and even Gilbert will cry. Holland, Belgie, everyone… Everyone will cry and mourn for you, Lovi. Everybody loves you after all. So don't even mention something so upsetting. Just thinking about you leaving… Lovi… It's… it's…"

"HEY! Don't actually start crying! It was my fault for bringing this up!"

I wiped away his tears for him and laid back down firmly against the bed. He really does get overly emotional over things. But so open about his feelings… I slightly envy that…

"So Lovi," he said in a deep tone, "Don't ever… ever bring that up again… Even as a joke." He seemed to be saying this with hints of tears by his eyes. Don't make that face…

I heard the fingers of the clock as the time continued to pass by. Maybe we seemed to talk a lot more than I ever expected, but by the time I noticed, I only had 5 minutes left in the day.

I feel so tired…

I want to continue staying awake, but almost as if somebody was forcing me to sleep, my eyelids begun to feel heavy.

"I want to be your underling again…", I muttered.


I yawned. "It's nothing…"

"Lovi, you're going to sleep?"


Antonio hugged my body tightly. My body temperature seemed to rise as the time came near, almost as if my body was turning back into its' child form.

"Hey, Antonio."

"Hm? What is it?"

"Arrivederci," I said with the best smile I could ever muster. It was most likely the largest smile I'd ever flashed anyone. I slightly opened my eyes to examine his reaction and the tears that he was attempting to hold back earlier had begun to stream out.

I'll just pretend I never saw that.

Because more than anything, I loved seeing that bastard's brightly smiling face.

I'm not afraid anymore.

I'll be fine now.

But please lord, if you really exist and I could have just one wish, let me have this granted:

Please create "me" in the future again.

And next time, I'll be sure to tell everybody that I love them.


I could hear the sweet voice of man I loved.

The man who always rubbed my head with such enthusiasm with his large hands.

I lived a great life.

"Good night," I mumbled one last time.

Everything begun to turn black and I could feel my thoughts becoming blurred by the second.

But even then, I'm not scared of anything. If anything, this felt almost nostalgic that I felt like I wanted to cry from the familiar warmth.

"Goo-…d… night…"

I felt like I heard something similar to a bubble popping and at the same time, I felt like I lost control of everything within this world. I could feel myself falling deeper and deeper into some unknown place.

Thanks for telling me that you liked me.

Thanks for cherishing me so well.

I'm sure I'll be able to see everyone again someday.

So next time I am able to open my eyes again, I'll be sure to be nicer to Feliciano and Francis.

I'll be sure to actually converse with the potato bastard and I'll say a lot of thanks to Elizaveta.

And whenever I see you again, Antonio, I'll eat a lot more tomatoes, take a lot more siestas with you and…

Tell you that I love you.

I want to be by your side.

I'll try to be more honest next time, I promise.

(I looked up at what I thought was supposed to be the sky.)

(I never thought the sky would ever look so beautiful in my entire life.)

(I guess I really did love this world.)

(So for now, thanks and good night.)

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