Prompt #19: Moment

Characters: All – Regulus's POV

well, our lives sucked,

as the Black kids, I mean.

and we hated each other

(sirius&meda vs bella&cissa & me running around in the middle)

and all that,

but I do remember, one nice moment,

no, a lovelymoment

no –

it was a happy moment.

it's a coldsnowy christmas

the type our parents hate

and they send us out to play
in the snow

right? following me?

it's boring at first,

bella's bossy and cissa's moody

and Siri and Meda whisper secrets

and I just sit,

trying to make sense of all their words

of their two different worlds

(((trying to choose a side)))

and I'm sitting, right;

just sitting in the snow,

it's cold as heck, and

I can't stop thinking about that

dinner we'll have tonight

(songs were running through my head,
I remember quite clearly,

the ones meda used to sing to us, just after she got to hogwarts –

about parsley&sage


and two lovers caught in a quiet little mess)


and then suddenly sirius scoops up some snow

and pow! straight in my face


well I was an honorable little ten year old,

and I could hardly take

that without a fight;

so I fling it back in his face, and he promptly gets Meda

and she gets bella and cissa, and they spin around.

For a second I thought they were gonna run inside crying,

but, for some reason,

they decide to get revenge

and the rest of the day passes

in heaven

running around, soaking wet and covered in snow;

laughing like none of us thought we'd laugh again with each other if that makes sense

and sides melt away, and sometimes its bella&sirius and cissa&meda or me&bella&meda ganging up

on cissa

or even all of us, throwing snow blindly at nothing,

and no one blinks an eye because for that moment,

for that moment, God everything is perfect

and i'll never understand why, what prompted it,

but honestly I don't really care
because that moment was perfection.


but then the moment ended.

yes, the moment e n d e d.

This is for potterride, who is obsessed with Regulus who for some reason she refers to as Greg. :)