A/N: This story is my first-logged Legend of Spyro fanfic. I had one other, but I deleted that one.

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Prologue: A Dangerous Birth

A lone dragoness flew through the pouring rain toward a dark mountain. She was crimson with a black underbelly and wings. Malefor's Mountain had been uninhabited for the last 9 months,which made it perfect for her needs. She landed outside the entrance to the caves.

A loud cry pierced the sound of the quiet night and a shadow appeared in the sky above the dragoness and uttered another bird-like cry. As the creature was about to come upon the dragoness, she ran into the caves. This made the creature cry out in frustration and it turned and flew off back in the opposite direction.

The dragoness ran deeper and deeper into the caves, never looking back. After running for another few minutes, she collapsed as pain coursed through her body, and soon she passed out.

Hours later the dragoness was asleep on the floor of the cavern, an egg laying next to her on the ground in a nest of rocks and grass. The egg was black with swirls of crimson and dark green cutting through it's otherwise dark surface.

It was a curious sight, the egg was, but the apes didn't care. They came undetected and quietly and took the egg. They ran from the mountain's caves and into the rainy night, before they escaped into the forest when they heard the screech of the creature.

The creature was large, larger than a dragon, and perhaps more terrifying in appearance. It had jet black feathers, crimson talons that were longer than a dragon's tail, and a bird-like face. It landed upon the apes and tore at them viciously, killing all but the one with the egg in its hand. The ape shivered and howled in fright before throwing the egg behind him and running away. The creature ran after the escaping ape and disappeared into the trees.

The egg landed on a soft patch of grass, leaves, and mushrooms beneath the roots of a tree. Before long the creature came back through the trees and searched for the egg to no avail. It screeched angrily once more before flying up through the trees and into the rainy sky above.

The dragoness awoke and noticed that her egg was gone. She searched frantically for the egg, but her search was fruitless. She roared in anger and sadness thinking Malefor must have sent his apes to take it, but she had no idea what had really happened.

She lay there, on the ground, resigned to her egg's fate.