So…I haven't really been into Victorious for a couple months :/ I love the show, but I just kind of fell out of love with it for a while. IDK why, but now I've rewatched some episodes and fell in love again, so YAY! Time for fictionyness!

Okay, so this is one of those "Ten Facts" stories where you find out ten things about the characters or whatever. I've seen them around some other fandoms, and I liked the idea, so yeah. Here ya go. Before reading this, though, keep in mind there will be slight references and hints to certain ships. This story will also contain some hints to homosexuality and bisexuality. No likey? Bye bye now. One more little thing, sorry if I mix something up. Like if two characters say on the show they met in seventh grade, and in this I say they met in kindergarten, please don't judge me XD

Okay, enough talking. Time for the story! First up, Robbie Shapiro! :D


If there was one thing in the entire world Robbie wanted, it was to be cool.

Robbie envied guys like Beck. Beck was a smooth talker, all the girls loved him, all the guys wanted to be him, he was basically the epitome of cool. Robbie had hoped that becoming friends with Beck would make some of his coolness rub off on him.

Sadly, that never really worked out.


Robbie met Rex in a very unusual way.

Robbie and his mother were walking through the mall when they passed a shop window that caught the young boy's attention. In the window, sat a dummy. In fact, there were multiple dummies, as the store seemed to be some kind of puppet and doll shop. But one of the puppets captured his eyes. It was a small dummy with big eyes and some dorky looking clothing. What really surprised Robbie was how much their hair looked alike.

The seven year old began tugging on his mother's shirt. "Mom! Mom!" he begged. "Can we get that?"

After a little bit of convincing, Robbie's mother got over the creepiness of the puppet and decided to buy it for her son.

Soon enough, Robbie had walked out of the store with his new friend Rex by his side. Robbie had practiced moving Rex's mouth inside the store, and wondered if he could learn how to properly throw his voice. Robbie was simply ecstatic. Sure, he knew Rex was only a wooden figure, but maybe he could act as though he were a real person, if only to say he had an actual friend. Everyone else ignored him, so he was always alone at school.

"So, Rex, how are you?" Robbie asked his new friend.

"Alright dude, I'ma need to get out of these stupid clothes, now."


Robbie was desperate to get a girlfriend. Everyday in Hollywood Arts, he was surrounded by girls that he knew, but none of them wanted him. Tori didn't like him and barely considered him a friend anyway. Cat just wanted to remain friends. Trina wouldn't dare date someone of such low social standards. That always hit Robbie the hardest. He could deal with Tori and Cat, since those were just kind of random crushes. But with Trina, it felt different. When he and Trina kissed, he actually believed he felt sparks fly. His heart fluttered in his chest and he thought he was actually in love, but when he tried to be with her, she just slammed the door in his face.

In the end, all of this rejection caused him to feel like nobody would ever want him. It never helped that Rex loved to confirm this.


Robbie was extremely confused about his sexuality sometimes. He still liked girls, that was a definite, but then he noticed how well those jeans fit Beck, and well…yeah…


He had only drank alcohol one time in his life. It didn't end well. It was at some guy's party, he (and everyone else for that matter) had a little too much to drink. In his drunken state, he managed to kiss Cat, Andre, his hand (twice), and he managed to also make out with Jade for more than three minutes straight. All of whom were drunk as well. The group of them agreed to never speak of it again, although Rex brings it up sometimes.

Scratch that.

He brings it up a lot.


It was sixth grade, and school was buzzing all about a new student. And when the new student entered the classroom, all eyes were on her. She had long red hair and a giant smile. The teacher introduced her as Cat Valentine, and assigned her a seat next to Robbie.

The boy tried not to sweat, freak out, or spazz out. A pretty girl was about to sit next to him, this was an important moment in his life. He quickly stuffed Rex in his backpack, receiving an "Ow!" from the dummy. Cat skipped (yes, literally skipped) over to the desk where Robbie sat and took her seat next to him. She immediately turned her head and looked Robbie in the eyes. At first, he was scared, as if he had done something wrong, but that fear was swept away when the redhead smiled at him.

"Hey!" she said in a high pitched voice that would make the manliest of men blush. "I'm Cat!" She then gave a little wave.

Robbie smiled back, and gulped. What should he say? What could he say? "Um, hi," he said hesitantly. "I'm Robbie."

Cat gave a little giggle. "You wanna be friends?"

Robbie blinked, confused. "Um…sure, I guess." Then it began to sink in. Someone wanted him to be their friend. This was a first, and it was huge. He tried to collect his thoughts, which were scattered across his brain right now.

"You guess?" Cat asked.

"Yeah, sure. Being friends could be…interesting." Robbie immediately scolded himself for sounding like a complete idiot. Then again, talking was never his strong suit.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Cat practically shouted.

Robbie's eyes widened and he scooted away in fear. "Nothing! I just think it'd be cool to be friends!"

Cat's hurt expression changed back to her smile. She giggled again. "Oh, okay!" she then turned her attention to the teacher who was writing on the whiteboard.

Robbie could tell this was going to be an interesting friendship.


Robbie can distinctly remember his first fight. Some giant, steroid monkey at school had crossed the line. First, he shoved Andre into some lockers in the morning. Then in second period, he called Cat stupid which caused her to flip out and cry. Finally, he took Rex and chucked the dummy into a trash can at lunch. He did it in front of everyone too, which caused everyone at lunch to laugh, except his friends at the table. Cat looked away when she saw the big bully and Andre looked like he wanted to strangle the guy. The rest of them watched to see how Robbie would react.

Robbie, seething with anger, finally snapped and jumped up, throwing a punch across the guy's face. Robbie's jaw dropped at what he just did. He thought of running away, but the giant threw another punch as, but just as he did, Robbie managed to kick him in the groin. Now, both of them were on the ground in pain. A teacher came over and escorted them to office.

Both boys received a three day suspension. Robbie feared what his parents would say, but those thoughts floated away once he checked his Slap page. Cat had said that he had really showed him a lesson. Andre commented telling him he did a good job. Beck told him that the fight was totally cool. Soon enough, everyone was giving him props for punching one jerk. Hell, even Jade had left a comment saying, "Never knew you had the balls to hit someone. Good for you."

And as Robbie continued reading the oncoming Slap responses, he couldn't help but smile. He finally felt popular.


Not many people knew it, but Robbie wanted to become a famous singer. Specifically dealing in silly songs and parodies, much like Weird Al. He is sure someday, "Strangers on a Bus" will be a hit in the Top 40.


He was really jealous of people with siblings. It always bugged him that he was an only child. Because even the most lonely children had friends if they had a brother or sister. If someone felt alone at school, they could smile at the fact they had a brother at home to hang out with.

Robbie never had that, and it always made him depressed.


Robbie had lost count of how many times he had tried to rid himself of Rex.

Tossing him in the trash always led to him pulling him back out and brushing him off, apologizing multiple times. Hiding him away somewhere always led to Robbie looking frantically for him for the next hour. He had even tried to sell Rex once. He even succeeded, but he then chased the kid down and gave him his money back, snatching Rex back.

Robbie couldn't be without Rex, because Rex was his first friend. When Jade made fun of him, when Trina ignored his existence, when Tori snapped at him for being weird, Rex was there for him. Usually there for him with a sarcastic remark or an insult, but he was still there. Robbie was always scared that one day, everyone would leave him. Tori, Cat, Andre, Beck, all of them. And then, he'd be alone.

But if that ever happened, he knew he wouldn't truly be alone. He'd still have the one constant in his life, Rex.

And that thought alone made him happy.

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