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Well, here it is! the long anticipated sequel to Yes, Of Course They're Serious! I decided that I was not going to do Ghostbusters 2 as the sequel, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to do it entirely. I have decided that I'm going to write a series of scenes from the 2nd movie involving Makenna. I have a legitimate reason for not doing Ghostbusters 2 now: Makenna is pretty much useless during it according to my AU storyline. You'll see why after you read this next chapter :)

A few notes on this chapter: Raychelle's name is pronounced like Rachel, just spelled differently for obvious reasons. One of the boys, Noah, was originally named Navi, but I'm changing it because that name sounds too odd for Ghostbusters...

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Disclaimer: I do not own Ghostbusters. If I did, the 3rd movie would be out already and I would be in it, and my OC's would be real. I only own Makenna, Raychelle, Alex, and Noah.


Peaceful was not a very good word to describe New York City. It was called 'The City that Never Sleeps' for a reason. But you couldn't help but think that this particular morning was very peaceful indeed. The sun was low in the sky, peeking over the horizon, slowly rising with the passage of time, shining brightly in contrast to the dark clouds off to the north. A storm was coming to the Big Apple.

People were beginning to rise from their beds to start another day of their lives. There was no exception for the people living in a two story townhouse squeezed in-between two large buildings. This was the Stantz residence, and this is where our story starts.


It was six thirty a.m. on a Tuesday in September of 1995. The alarm on the man's bedside table was going off, signaling that it was time for him and the woman next to him to get up and start a new day. The man's hand slinked up and hit the button to turn the annoying blare of the alarm off. He sat up and rubbed the sleep from his brown eyes, then running it through his messy, brown hair. He looked over to where the woman was still sleeping; her honey blonde curls had complete and utter domination of the space around her head. His eyes softened as they gazed lovingly at her, his mind and heart hating that he had to disturb her from her peaceful slumber.

"Makenna, it's time to get up." Ray mumbled, throwing back the covers and swinging his legs over the edge of the bed. He turned around to look at the woman, and noticed that she was still sleeping soundly. He reached out a tentative hand to caress her cheek. His fingers gently skimmed over her warm, soft skin, and her eyelids twitched. She stirred and inhaled through her nose as her eyes fluttered open, revealing forest green orbs.

"Morning, sleepyhead." Ray smiled lovingly at her. She stared at him for a few minutes, blinking her eyes, still trying to focus and get used to the light.

"Does six thirty always have to come so quickly?" Makenna grumbled, turning over to smash her face into the fluffy pillow, her back facing him, wanting nothing more than to go back to sleep. Ray stood up and walked around the bed to her side.

"'Afraid so, hun." He murmured with a smile, poking her in the shoulder to make her face him. She did so, and he leaned down and pecked her lovingly on the lips, making her smile.

"Mmm, you always know how to get me up in the morning." She hummed affectionately to him. She reached up to touch his tousled bed-head of brown hair, pulling him down by his shirt collar for another kiss. He happily returned it and winked at her when they parted as he strode into the small, walk-in closet across the room. She got up from the bed and headed out the door in her short-sleeved, mint green nightgown, loving the feel of the soft, cream colored carpet under her bare feet. "I'll go wake the trio up."

Many things had changed over the years since joining the Ghostbusters. A year after the incident with Gozer–a demigod who wanted to bring about the end of the world–and a year after Ray and Makenna started dating, Ray had gotten down on one knee and asked Makenna to marry him. There were no objections, of course, to which the former was relieved. The latter was overjoyed. She loved Ray to distraction, and he felt the same way about her. Now they could be together forever, bound by love and friendship. Makenna Stantz couldn't see a better way to have it.

Not only that, Makenna had blessed her husband with three beautiful children. This was the trio she was going to wake up now. Their oldest was a girl of eight years, born three years before the incident with Vigo the Carpathian–a spirit in a painting who wanted to be alive again. Ray and Makenna's daughter's name was Raychelle Kathleen Stantz, born on September 15th, 1986, and she took after her father in more ways than one. The other two were boys, twins born during the Vigo incident. While Ray and the Ghostbusters went to deal with the ruthless Carpathian, Makenna had been rushed to the hospital by the Ghostbusters' secretary, Janine Melnitz. Three painful hours later, she had given birth to the twins. Their names were Noah Phillip and Alex Patrick Stantz, both born on January 1st, 1990. It was sometimes hard to tell the two apart, but Ray and Makenna managed.

Makenna tiptoed into her daughter's room–which was decorated with different shades of purple in the curtains, walls, and bed sheets–,watching with motherly affection as Raychelle slept soundly. Her head was dominated by many frothy, honey-blonde curls that reached just below her shoulder blades and now splayed out on her lavender-colored pillow, creating an beautiful halo around her head. Her facial structure and eye color had Ray written all over them, but her hair was undoubtedly Makenna. A combination perfect for a beautiful little girl like Raychelle Stantz. The girl's mother crept to the girl's bedside and began tickling her stomach through the sheets.

"Time to get up, sweetie." Makenna murmured gently. The child began moaning and stirring as she was pulled from her peaceful and wonderful sleep. Her large, brown eyes opened halfway, and Makenna felt like she was looking directly into her husband's eyes, they were so exact. "You need to get ready for school."

"I don' wanna go to school, Mama." Raychelle mumbled groggily, turning over to attempt to go back to sleep, just as her mother had done earlier. "Can't I stay home today?"

"I'm sorry, honey," Her mother replied, yanking the covers off her daughter's small form. "You can't miss your test today."

Raychelle moaned in protest. Her mother just had to remind her about that darned math test, didn't she? She'd been trying very hard all weekend to forget it.

"Five more minutes?" she begged her mother.

"No, Raychelle." Makenna shook her head. "We have to go to work after we drop you off. There will be no one to watch you."

"What about Aunt Janine?" Raychelle accused, opening one eye to look up at her mother.

"She's busy enough as it is, Raychelle. Now come on."

The oldest Stantz child groaned again, but sleepily got out of bed, revealing her purple, short-sleeved nightgown that had PRINCESS printed on the front. She shuffled past her mother and out of her room in bare feet, rubbing her half-lidded and heavy eyes to wake herself up more.

Makenna's next stop was Navi and Alex's room, which was a complete and total mess. Comic books, action figures, toy cars, and clothes were littering the floor, making it almost impossible to see the beige rug that was underneath. The walls were a deep blue with white light curtains in the window, swaying with the breeze from the open window. The smell of rain wafted in along with it. It smelled good to Makenna, and let her know it would be wise to wear a coat. The mother skirted around the cluttered floor to the bunk beds pushed against the far wall. Sleeping soundly in it were her identical twin sons.

"Wake up, sleepy heads." She called softly to them, grabbing the shoulder of the one on the bottom bunk, gently shaking the little body. "Rise and shine."

The one on the top bunk, Alex, felt the beds wobble due to his mother shaking his brother awake and rolled over, pulling the sheets over his head, mumbling something unintelligible. Noah, the twin being shaken on the bottom bunk, sat up and blinked wearily at his mother, trying to squint to keep his eyes open. It barely registered in his mind that he had completely switched sides overnight, and that his feet were now buried under his pillow.

"But I'm tired, Mama." Alex complained more clearly. Navi nodded and flopped back down onto the mattress, his brown hair sticking up at odd angles.

"I don't wanna go to school." Noah grunted in agreement with his brother.

"I'm sorry boys, but you have to go. At least you have a field trip today." Makenna tried cheering the two boys up as she dragged off their covers. She used the edge of Noah's bunk as support as she stood on it and struggled to lift Alex into her arms. He had gotten quite heavy, obviously because he wasn't a baby anymore. Oh, what I would give for them to be my chubby babies again, Makenna sighed sadly.

"Yeah, to the police station." Noah groaned unenthusiastically. "That place is boring!"

Makenna shrugged as she stood the twin staying limp in her arms upright. "It's an important system in today's community." She explained. But both boys were too tired and disgruntled to care. She smiled affectionately at them and shook her head.

"Come on, you two." She said at last, walking out the door after dragging Noah out of bed. "I imagine Dad has breakfast waiting for you."

And she was right. When she got downstairs, there was a box of Frosted Cheerios sitting on the table, next to a paper plate of toast slathered with peanut butter. Two empty bowls were set where the twins usually sat, along with two glasses filled with milk. Raychelle was already sitting at the table, spooning cheerios into her mouth and trying to stay awake so she didn't face plant into her bowl. Ray was seated next to her, munching on a piece of toast while reading the New York Times, which was laying on the place-mat in front of him. He looked up to watch the twins slink into the room behind their mother, slow as sloths. He smiled.

"Good morning, boys." He said cheerfully with his mouth half full.

"'Morning, Dad." Chorused the boys in unison as they pulled themselves into their chairs. Ray swallowed his food just in time for his wife to come behind him and give him an affectionate peck on the lips. He heard Noah groan out "Eww."

Makenna giggled quietly.

"Ready for school today, kids?" Ray asked his three children.

"I'm not ready for that test." Raychelle mumbled as she took a bite of toast. "I'm gonna fail it, Daddy. I just know it."

Makenna walked behind her daughter just then, ruffling the girl's messy hair as she poured herself a mug of decalf coffee.

"You'll do fine, Raych." She assured her daughter.

Ray smiled at the motherly attitude his beautiful wife always had around her children. He knew from the moment he met her that she would be a great mom. And he was right. And he supposed he was doing his job as a father right.

"You're mom's right, Raychey," He agreed, smiling. "You're a smart girl. You'll ace it."

Raychelle didn't respond, too busy eating and nodding off.

Ray began reading the paper again, skimming over the top news articles when something caught his eye. And then the paranormal investigator side of himself kicked in.

"Makenna," he called to the woman sitting across from him. She looked up from her piece of toast. "Come look at this."

Makenna got up from her seat and circled around the table to stand behind her husband. She peered at the article in the New York Times that he was pointing out to her. It's heading was "EMOTIONAL GHOSTS TERRIFY CITIZENS IN CENTRAL PARK". It explained about some hauntings within the park, and described the ghosts as apparitions who could shape shift into things that made a particular person angry or terrified, and there were large amounts of ectoplasmic residue on the scene. Most of the people there had been drenched with it and, upon seeing these ghosts, felt the residue begin to burn them. It seemed that the more angry or scared they were, the more the slime burned them. Makenna raised an eyebrow.

"Ghosts that can shape shift into things that can cause you to get mad or scared." She summarized through a mouthful of toast. She looked at Ray. "What would you say? Class seven?"

"It's possible." Ray nodded. "But we can't be sure until we actually see them."

"It's too bad they couldn't get a picture…"

"The reporter on the scene must've gotten drenched with the slime and ran because he started getting burned." Ray shrugged.

"That ectoplasmic residue kinda sounds a lot like the mood slime," his wife observed, reading the article again. "but instead of making somebody feel like a savage or all warm and fuzzy, it burns you…"

"I've never heard anything like it. Must be some really powerful stuff." Ray bit into his toast again as he tossed the newspaper onto the counter behind him. "What I don't get is why they didn't phone us about it."

"Ray?" Makenna didn't reply to his last thought. Her voice dropped to a low whispering so the kids couldn't hear her. Not like she really had to worry anyways, because the trio was too focused on staying awake and eating their breakfast. Ray looked at her, noticing the worried expression that was plastered onto her face.

"You don't think that something…big will happen again, do you?" she asked.

Ray noticed the worried looks she kept shooting at their children. Now he understood where her uneasiness was coming from, and why she wanted to know this information. If something big were to happen, how would they know the kids would be safe?

"I hope not, hun." He answered her truthfully. He finished his toast and cleaned up his spot on the table, taking her hand gingerly in his own. "I want our kids to be safe as much as you do."

Makenna bit her lip and nodded.

The three Stantz children had finally managed to eat all their breakfast without falling asleep in it. Ray took them back to their rooms to help them get dressed while Makenna cleaned up the table and began making three sack lunches. As she spread strawberry jelly onto a piece of bread with peanut butter on it, she kept having the hope that nothing big would happen in the city again. She didn't want anything to happen to her children.

But I should be focusing on here and now, she told herself while she wrapped an apple in a paper towel after rinsing it. It would do me no good to fret about something that might not ever happen again.

She stuck the prepared food into three paper bags. Each was labeled with each child's name so they wouldn't get confused with other kids' lunches. As an added treat, she stuck one sugar cookie inside each bag.

Alex wandered back into the kitchen first, dressed in a blue and white striped polo shirt, khaki pants, and black converses. His messy bed head of tousled brown hair was less wild, but it still was untamable. Overtop was his navy blue jacket and forest green backpack slung over both shoulders.

Afterwards came Raychelle, dressed in a turquoise sweater, a brown skirt that went to just below her knees, and black Mary-Jane's. Her honey-blonde curls were brushed, looking shiny and lightweight and beautiful. Tied around her head like a headband was a ribbon that matched the color of her sweater. This was something that Raychelle always loved to have done with her hair, and Makenna found it to be adorable.

Finally, Noah stumbled in, wearing something similar to his brother, except that the stripes on his shirt were red and white, and his backpack was dark red instead of forest green. His hair, also like his brother, was equally wild.

Makenna smiled at her children, who looked so clean and fresh and reluctantly ready for another school day. She gave them each a kiss on the head as she walked into her and Ray's bedroom to get dressed. She picked out a simple white blouse, a red sweater vest, and a pair of black pants. Laying them on the covers of the bed, she pulled her nightgown over her head, throwing it onto her side of the mattress. Suddenly, she heard a wolf-whistle sound from the doorway.

"My my my," Ray's voice said. "I don't believe I've ever seen a woman as sexy as you, hun."

Makenna blushed, flattered and slightly turned on by her husband's comment. "Ray, not now. We have to go to work soon. Besides, the kids are down the hall."

"I know." He laughed, sidling up behind her and wrapping his arms around her waist, pulling her against him and giving her a loving, open-mouthed kiss on her neck. "We can always wait until tonight."

"Mmm." She smiled, feeling a wonderful, tingling sensation she always felt every time any part of Ray touched her skin. Her shoulders relaxed—her only just realizing that they were tense—and leaned her back into his chest. She rather liked the idea that he was suggesting for tonight. But it was just for tonight. Not sooner. "I love you."

"I love you too." Ray whispered, turning his wife's head so he could kiss her lips. Makenna felt rather silly, and would be embarrassed if their children walked in and caught them like this: Her standing there in only a black, lacy bra and blue and red striped underwear, being kissed senseless by her lovable husband, who just couldn't keep his hands off her. Ray's lips moved perfectly against hers, opening slightly to add a touch of intimacy, giving her the tiniest taste of what she was going to get later that night.

She pulled away from the kiss when she started to feel a bulge pressing against her butt, and his hand starting to slide under her underwear.

"Now get out of here," she playfully shoved her blushing husband out the door, a huge smile gracing her tingling lips. "I don't need you distracting me and rushing tonight's plans. We'll be late if we do."

Ray laughed, not putting up much of a fight as his wife shut the door behind him with a firm SNAP.

Makenna pressed her fingers to her still tingling lips, her smile still in place and a giggle escaping her mouth. She felt like a young schoolgirl again, feeling practically weightless because the guy of her dreams had just kissed her. Surprisingly, Ray still had that kind of effect on her. It didn't matter what he did, may it be a soft peck on the lips, a heated, intimate kiss, a loving hug, or even the slightest touch of his fingers on her skin. She would always find it pleasing and it always managed to set her pulse racing and her face to turn red.

She let another chuckle slip from her lips as she plucked the white blouse from the bed, finally starting to get dressed.

Twenty minutes later, the entire Stantz family was in the car–a white 1991 Dodge Dynasty–weaving carefully through New York City's morning traffic on the way to the school. Raychelle, Noah, and Alex were all enrolled at P.S. 23 Richmondtown School, which was just a couple blocks from where Ray and Makenna both worked–The Ghostbusters Headquarters.

Ray sat in the driver's seat, both hands placed at ten and two on the steering wheel, and his eyes trained on the road and the cars around theirs. Makenna was in shotgun, looking into a mirror and fussing over a cowlick that had decided to spring up near her hairline. The three children were in the back, their sack lunches sitting on their laps, all three dangerously close to falling asleep again.

The car pulled up in the drop-off line outside the school, where a small hundred of kids were walking inside, and Raychelle opened her door.

"Have a good day, you three." Makenna rolled down her window as Raychelle, Navi, and Alex scooted out of the car and onto the sidewalk. She gave Noahi a kiss on the forehead first, followed by Alex, and then Raychelle. "Now, Alex and Noah, be on your best behavior today and be respectful."

"Yes, Mama," the twins answered in unison. Makenna smiled and fought down a gleeful squeal at the adorable-ness and turned to her daughter, whose brown eyes were darting back and forth nervously.

"And Raychelle, you'll do fine on your test. Pace yourself."

"If you find yourself stuck on a question, skip it and go back when you've finished the rest." Ray added, hoping to calm the little girl's nerves down.

"Okay, I'll try." Raychelle said quietly, still not entirely convinced.

Ray smiled at their children. "Have a good day." He echoed his wife.

"We love you." Makenna added.

"Love you too." The three replied, standing awkwardly in a row by the car, acting like they really didn't want to part with their parents just yet.

"We'll see you later." Ray waved. Makenna rolled her window back up and waved too, just as the car pulled away from the curb and onto the main road. She could see their three children waved their little hands back at them in the rear-view mirror before turning around and reluctantly disappearing in the crowd of kids walking into the school.

Makenna sighed, sinking into her seat. She looked to her husband, who had just steered onto Moore Street. "It just seems like it was only yesterday that they were the cutest babies I'd ever seen."

"Yeah," Ray agreed, tapping his thumbs on the steering wheel. His normal smile turned melancholy. "They're growing up so fast."

"Don't remind me." Makenna moaned out, sticking her lower lip out in a pout. "I don't want them to grow up this fast."

"Unfortunately, that's something that we can't stop, hun. We just have to enjoy this time while it lasts."

"I know." Makenna said sadly. "It means we're getting old, too."

Ray smiled. He took one hand off the steering wheel long enough to reach over and take his wife's hand, his fingers lovingly and affectionately entwining with hers. "Hey, as long as were together, I don't care if we get old."

"Aww, Raymond Francis Stantz," Makenna smiled back, feeling her heart melt as she leaned over and gave her husband a tender kiss on the cheek. That was one of the things she loved most about him. He was such a sweetheart. "You're such a softie!"

He blushed, a goofy smile on his face. "Thanks, hun."

She smiled back just as a few raindrops hit the windshield. The dark clouds that had been coming in from the west had finally settled over the city and were releasing their torrents of rain on the inhabitants. Ray switched on the windshield-wipers as more drops of precipitation fell around them.

The car slowed to a stop in front of an old looking firehouse with a fluorescent sign that had a white ghost crossed out in red. The happily married couple got out and walked quickly in the front door that was cut into the large garage door, trying to escape the downpour of rain as quickly as possible, their fingers still laced with each others. Another day at the Ghostbusters place had begun.

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