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Makenna crept carefully and silently down the hallway, her patrona wand at the ready, keeping her eyes peeled for the disgusting green ghost known as Slimer. She had a feeling he was down this way, as the hallway was totally trashed; vases, end tables, and shards of dinner plates were strewn all over the hallway floor, and ectoplasmic residue was oozing down the walls. She hadn't heard much from her brother or her husband, which meant that they had not found him yet. Makenna picked up her walkie-talkie and pressed the talk button.

"I think I'm hot on his trail guys," she said in a low voice. "It looks like a tornado ripped through here, and there's slime splattered all over the walls."

Ray responded right away. "Oh wow! I wish I was there with you to see it, hun! Ah if only we brought the camera!"

"Well it's too late now, Ray." Peter remarked dryly. "Think you can get that booger all by yourself, 'Kenna?"

"Do you want me to come help you?" Ray asked kindly, though Makenna caught the pleading edge in his voice. She laughed. He really wanted to see what the hallway looked like didn't he?

"No guys," she chuckled to them as she neared the end of the hall. "I've got this."

"Alright," Ray replied. "If you're sure you can do it. Be careful, okay?"

"Yes, dear." she assured him. She let her walkie-talkie slide back into its holster as she turned the corner. She gripped her patrona wand with both hands again and peered ahead of her, squinting. She then stopped dead in her tracks when she saw what was at the other end of the hall.

Slimer was there, and he was half in a vending machine raiding the snacks. He hadn't noticed her yet. Thank goodness.

Quickly, she switched on her accelerator, hoping he wouldn't notice the tell-tale sound that her pack was live and ready. He didn't, due to the fact that he was still gobbling up the snacks in the vending machine.

Ready or not, here I come, Makenna thought with a grin. She wasted no more time because a minute later, she let her pack go.

Her proton stream exploded out in sparks and shot towards the ghost. She hit the section of vending machine just below him, which made the glass explode and alerted Slimer to her presence. He screamed and zoomed off through the opposite wall. Makenna briefly lost control of her accelerator, and spent a few more minutes trying to reign it in. When she finally managed to shut it off, she let out the breath she realized she'd been holding, her shoulders slumping.

"Shit." she swore to herself. Immediately, she grabbed her walkie talkie again, surveying the damage done by the patrona wand. The wallpaper was burning and peeling off as though it were melting. The floor was singed, and the vending machines were smoking and sparking with electricity from so much of the abuse.

"Ray, Peter, come back." Makenna spoke up. She heard crackling on the frequency before Ray's voice drifted into it.

"What's up, hun?" he asked.

"I almost trapped Slimer," she informed him, walking down towards the damage to check out the ooze Slimer left behind on the wall." But the damn thing got away again. He's heading in your direction."

"Thanks for the heads up, hun." Ray said. She could practically hear the smile in his voice. "I'll take care of him."

"Alright, Ray." she agreed. "But be careful, you hear?"

"Will do, lovely." he teased. Then his voice grew serious. "I love you."

Makenna smiled, feeling her heart swell. "I love you, too." she answered him.

She put her walkie-talkie again and reached into another pocket for a Petri dish. She almost began scraping the ectoplasmic goo up for later study but stopped herself. Egon has analyzed this goo already, she remembered. It's Slimer's residue anyways. There's not much of a chance that it has changed much over the years.

Stuffing the Petri dish back into her pocket, she pulled out the PKE meter that she had put away in yet another pocket, and flicked it to life. The arms rose almost instantly as it sensed the residue splattered all around her. Once she started moving again, the arms slowly fell down, the loud buzzing it emulated slowly becoming quiet.

She kept walking down the hallway at a slow place, to ensure that the meter could pick up anything about Slimer's whereabouts. At a slow pace, the meter could pick up Slimer's spectral trail. It couldn't pick the trail up as good as the PKE goggles, which allowed the wearer to physically see the spectral trail a ghost left behind, as it was invisible to the naked eye.

Suddenly, her walkie-talkie crackled to life again, and a panicked yelp in Peter's voice came over the frequency.

"Ray! Makenna! Help! Oh god!"

Makenna stopped dead in her tracks, listening to the happenings on the walkie-talkie.

"Pete?" came Ray's voice next, sounding nervous and slightly panicked. "Peter? Oh no!"

Without a second thought, Makenna stuffed the meter hastily back into its pocket and tore down the hall in the direction from which she originally came. Her legs and joints began screaming at her, begging for her to stop running. She wasn't a teenager anymore after all. But she kept going, worried for her brother's safety.

"Ray! What's happened?" she screeched breathlessly into her walkie-talkie for what seemed like the millionth time that day, bending over while she stopped to take a momentary rest before she hurt herself. "Where's Peter?"

There was a long silence before Ray's voice answered her, sounding both relieved and as though he was trying to hold in laughter. "He's fine, hun. He just got slimed again."

Makenna's terror melted away at once, and she began to laugh. Sliming Peter seemed to now be Slimer's favorite pastime.

She got moving again, walking instead of running. "Alright. Are you with him now?"

"Yeah," Ray replied. "And his sailor mouth has kicked into high gear."

Immediately afterwards, Makenna could hear a "Shut the fuck up, Raymond," from the other end of the frequency, followed by Ray's loud, wonderful laugh. Makenna smiled warmly.

At long last, she found them. Ray was grinning from ear to ear, and Peter was cussing out Slimer under his breath, drenched from head to toe in green, gooey ectoplasmic residue. "Damn mutant Stromboli snuck up on me." Peter grumbled. "Funktified again!"

Makenna laughed at her brother's misfortune. He seemed to have the worst luck today. "Did you see where Slimer went?" she asked him.

"Yeah, I did," Pete told her, wiping some slime out of his face. "He disappeared through the floor."

"Probably going to another ballroom." Ray mused. "He always seems to inhabit those after we chase him away up here, and there always seems to be a great party going on the day we show up."

"Good observation, Raymond." Peter chimed in sarcastically.

"I took the liberty of looking around when we were being yelled at by the manager." Ray confessed. He adjusted the PKE goggles on his head. "Seems there's gonna be a wedding reception going on in about…" he pulled up his sleeve to examine the watch Makenna had gotten him for their 9th anniversary. "Twenty minutes."

"Well, let's head down there then." Makenna said decidedly.

"Absolutely not!" If the manager was angry before, he was positively furious now. "The Robertson wedding reception will be starting in fifteen minutes, and I'll not have the ballroom trashed when they get here because of you three!"

The Stantz couple and older Venkman sibling were standing outside of the Ruby ballroom, with the manager blocking the door to prevent their entrance. His face was practically beet red, and if Makenna didn't know any better, she would say that his hair had grayed a little more in the last half hour since they saw him.

"Would you rather have our little green friend trash it instead?" Ray asked, looking slightly agitated but was trying to keep his cool. As if on cue, they heard the smashing of glass and maniacal cackling from the other side of the double doors. Ray raised an eyebrow as if asking 'Well?'

"I-I'm-I'm willing to risk it!" The manager stuttered stubbornly, standing up straight, his nose stuck snootily into the air. "He actually causes less damage then you do!"

Husband and wife exchanged 'Is he for real?' looks while Peter took a step towards the doors.

"You're not going in there, and that's final!" The manager spat. He crossed his arms over his chest and fixed them with a death glare.

Finally, Peter sighed. "Alright then. Come on, guys. Service has been declined beyond this point."

Makenna sighed too and blew a lock of her bangs out of in front of her face. Of course the manager was going to be difficult. And honestly, who could blame him? The Ghostbusters may have been known for successfully defeating a giant demigod in the form of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, but they were also known of their tendency to miss their target a few times, causing thousands of dollars worth of damage. Usually it was that little quality of the business that set people on edge. Even with the bill the Mayor passed four years ago that stated the city would pay for all Ghostbuster-related damages.

A wedding reception, he said? The couple was probably going to head out to their honeymoon the next day, and were staying here for a night along with their guests. Policy at the Sedgwick Hotel stated that a ballroom couldn't be rented unless the party was staying at least one night.

Briefly, Makenna remembered her and Ray's wedding reception. She remembered when Peter stood up and gave a speech about her, being the only relative she had that was alive, or at least cared. She remembered when she had turned around and had thrown her bouquet over her shoulder into the waiting crowd of single women, which at the time consisted of Janine, Dana, and many of Makenna's and Ray's friends from back in the day. She remembered hearing her friend Monica's triumphant squeal of joy upon catching the collection of flowers. Then, she remembered when it was time for Ray to take off her garter. She remembered blushing furiously as his head ducked under her dress with all of their family and friends watching, a few of them even whistling and cat-calling. She remembered feeling his warm hands caressing her legs and he slid the garter down. She remembered the smile and wink he gave her when he resurfaced from the folds of her dress, and remembered laughing when he chucked it deliberately at Egon, who caught it, blushing as red as she had been.

She blushed presently from the memory, hoping Peter or Ray wouldn't notice. Unluckily for her, Ray noticed.

"What?" he asked with a smile.

"Just remembering our reception." She mumbled low enough for Peter not to hear. He smiled and leaned in, planting a kiss on her cheek. She giggled before noticing that Peter was watching them impatiently. She snapped back to professionalism at once, as did Ray, and they both joined the third member of their team.

"You know, it's the weirdest thing," Peter remarked to them as they walked a little ways away from the ballroom doors, which were still being barricaded by the manager. "This is starting to feel like déjà vu."

"No kidding?" Ray replied absentmindedly. He was staring at the manager, who had taken his glaring eyes off them long enough to address some issues at the front desk. Makenna could practically see the wheels turning in her husband's mind as he grabbed her hand, motioning for Peter to follow them.

"Quick, while he's distracted!" he hissed to them. Makenna picked up the pace, understanding what was going on. They were going to sneak into the Ruby Ballroom whilst the manager was otherwise occupied.

The three were on the door in an instant. Ray threw it open as quickly and carefully as he could, so as not to get the managers attention. Both Venkman siblings scurried inside, with Ray following last as he shut and locked the door behind them. They heard the manager's voice yell "HEY!" and the sound of running footsteps, followed by the rattling of the door.

"Open this door at once!" the manager screeched at them. No one replied to his growling. Then they heard him yell at someone else to get the key.

"Barricade the door!" Peter whispered with a grin.

In no time they had tables and the two couched from the small hallway leading into the ballroom piled against the door. The Ghostbusters were positive that nothing now could interfere with their job.

Ray turned to his wife and brother-in-law, motioning with his head towards a large velvet curtain draped near the wall. The two followed him silently behind the curtain, and they stood there, waiting and watching.

Ray had the PKE goggles pulled down over his eyes, scanning the room for any signs of their "pet".

Finally, after what seemed like several hours of silence, Makenna heard Ray's telltale intake of breath. "There he is!" he whispered. "He's near that piano."

Makenna peered out from behind the curtains, and sure enough, Slimer was hovering near a beautiful baby grand piano. It was a shame really, that the piano had to be destroyed because, though she didn't like to be negative, she knew they were going to miss the ghost terribly and probably hit the beautiful instrument.

Oh well, she thought. That's the price that has to be paid for catching a ghost.

"Okay, get ready." Ray whispered, sneaking out from behind the curtain. "Makenna, you go to the left. Peter, the right. Try to sneak around behind him so he won't expect it.

"Can't really do that, Ray." Makenna pointed out, but nonetheless moved towards the left. She readied her patrona wand as she watched her brother mirror her on the other side of the room. She looked towards Slimer to watch him stuff a big handful of wedding cake into his mouth. She could see a large chunk missing from the beautiful white cake sitting nearby on the food table. Boy, the newlyweds were NOT gonna be happy about this. "The piano is nearly pushed against the wall, in case you hadn't noticed."

"Get as close as you can, then." Ray replied distractedly, his eyes glued to the ghost, not even looking as he primed his thrower.

She looked at Peter, who was glaring up at Slimer, his eyes gleaming with desire for revenge. Makenna chuckled lowly to herself. Well, he was surely going to get his settling of scores.

"Alright, that's good enough." Ray whispered to them. "You ready?"

Makenna nodded her head as Peter gave the thumbs up sign.

"THROW IT!" Ray shouted. His patrona wand exploded as the stream of orange and blue shot out towards the ghost. Makenna let hers go as well, watching her stream rapidly fly upwards towards the same target. All three of them missed as Slimer rolled out of the way, grunting in panic. Peter's stream dove down and dragged across a few of the tables, shattering the plates and wine glasses and setting the tablecloths on fire. Ray's targeted the wall, burning a sizzling hole in the middle of it, the wallpaper peeling off as if it were melting. Makenna's stream, unfortunately, hit the piano, setting it ablaze and snapping all of the strings inside.

"Shit…" Makenna swore again, quickly turning off her pack before it could do more damage. She saw that Peter and Ray did the same, each panting heavily due to using a lot of energy to reel their streams back in. Her eyes darted around, scanning the room for the whereabouts of their target. She found him on the opposite side, near the bar, panting for breath just as they were. He was weakening. If they managed to hit their target this time, they could successfully capture him.

Makenna motioned to Ray and Peter with her head towards the floating green blob, using her eyes and eyebrows for extra emphasis. The two nodded and began to follow her lead. Ray unclipped the trap from his belt and handed it to her, putting her in charge of deploying it. Afterwards, he and Peter split off from her, getting into position to spring their attack.

"Alright, I'll throw in a confinement steam." Ray told them, aiming at Slimer. He let his stream go, finally aimed correctly as it hit the ghost in the back. Slimer let out a surprised shriek and began to struggle from the web of orange and blue that had him trapped. "Pete, GO!"

Peter shot off his stream, joining Ray's around Slimer, who shrieked again. The ghost's arms were flailing about wildly as he cried out, trying to get free.

"Okay, trap's going in!" Makenna shouted over the sound of the proton packs. She set the trap on its wheels and pushed it away from her, where it rolled directly under their target and stopped. She watched as her brother and husband began lowering the onionhead down towards the ground and the trap that awaited him.

"How many times do we have to teach you this lesson, you slimy bastard?" Peter bellowed at the ghost. "Never slime a guy with a positron collider!"

Makenna rolled her eyes. Peter should realize that Slimer was probably never going to learn.

"HIT IT!" Ray yelled. Makenna immediately stomped down on the foot pedal, and the trap opened in a flash of white light. She made sure to look up at Slimer and not down at the trap. No making the same mistake twice.

"You know the drill guys!" She hollered. "NOW!"

She stomped on the foot pedal once more, clenching her eyes shut so as not to get blinded by the trap's light. She heard the sound of Ray and Peter shutting their packs off, and she guessed that they turned away to avoid the light.

Three minutes later, there was silence.

Makenna cracked her eyes open to see that the room was darkened once more. She spotted her husband out of her peripheral vision creeping over to the trap, which—as usual—began smoking and letting out a small beeping noise.

Ray picked up the trap by the chord and held it away from him, so as not to inhale the smoke. His breathing was labored as he looked to her and her brother with a grin. "That wasn't such a chore, now was it?"

Makenna laughed, sidling up to him and pressing a kiss to his cheek. He returned it eagerly, pulling her closer with his free arm.

Peter grinned at them. "Aww, you two are just so adorable!"

The two of them blushed and smiled, reveling in the ecstasy of the aftermath of the capture.

The ecstasy was short lived.

A door near the back of the ballroom opened, and in scurried the manager, who wore an expression that looked like a cross between horror and rage.

"What have you done?" He wailed, his voice high and panicky. The three looked at the floor guiltily, not wanting to look around them at the damage they had caused. Tables were on fire, the walls had scorch marks, and the piano and bar had been obliterated. "The ballroom is destroyed! The reception is going to start in ten minutes! How are we going to—"

Just then, a member of the hotel staff rushed in the same door the manager had and tapped him on the shoulder. The manager paused, holding up a finger for them to wait a minute as the staff member muttered something to him quietly enough that the three Ghostbusters couldn't hear him. Finally, the manager turned to them, looking surprisingly much calmer than before.

"Well," he said coolly, wringing his hands. "It seems as though the reception has been cancelled."

Ray and Makenna glanced at each other, and then back at the manager, who was fiddling with his sleeves.

"Seems the bride had run off with the best man." The manager explained in a murmur.

Briefly all four of them began feeling sorry for the groom.

"Well, then." Peter cleared his throat, bouncing back to his goofy self almost immediately. He pulled out the trademark pad of payment slips and pen and began scribbling down on it. "You know the drill, sir. The total cost is four thousand."

The manager looked around awkwardly as he took the bill; surprisingly not mad about the cost. "Yes, yes, of course."

Makenna smiled and leaned in to her husband, who wrapped an arm around her shoulders again and gave her a squeeze.

"Alright, let's blow this popsicle stand!" Peter said cheerfully, walking towards the door they had barricaded with a spring in his step

Husband and wife chuckled together before following after him.

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