A/N: Second fic ever! A few drabble-y bits of notes, letters, etc. that Fenris receives throughout the game. Not all of them will be necessarily from Hawke either!

Written as side-content to my main fic "The Journal of Marian Hawke," and reflects/incorporates plot & character stuff from that story.

Will probably be updated sporadically and not in chronological order — just whenever I think of stuff! And I hope to keep them brief, unlike the rather epic "Journal" ;)

Letter written on rough, grease-stained paper, which had been folded and tucked between a loaf of bread and some apples. Smells faintly of cheese.

Hand-delivered by Hawke to Fenris inside a gift basket, about two days after their first meeting.

11 Bloomingtide, 9:31 Dragon


Welcome to our merry band of misfits. I hope we will have a long and mutually beneficial relationship. As professionals, of course. Your skills alongside to my own have already proven to be quite effective, and I look forward to working with you.

Doubtless coming along on my silly jobs will seem quite boring, compared to what you are used to. Not that I think you enjoy being hunted by slavers and magisters. I just mean the gruntwork leading up to the Deep Roads expedition I'm planning to partner on will probably be tedious. Sorry.

Still, I hope you will stay. For the expedition. If the hunters come for you again, know that you can certainly count on me, and the others, to help.

I am very sorry that your former master fled before we could apprehend him. I can only imagine the disappointment and difficulties that his escape causes you. You said you paid me all the coin you had, afterward, but I cannot accept payment when we did not fulfill your true task.

I hope you don't think it forward of me, but I have decided to put your money towards your own needs — if nothing else, consider it an investment on my part in my new elven warrior companion. Should we find Danarius in the future, you can pay me then, if you wish.

It occurred to me that your 'new' mansion was rather in shambles — I distinctly remember causing much of the shambles with you the other night, and I hope the smell of dead shades has dissipated by now — so I wanted to give you a few housewarming gifts. I hope you will enjoy them, with my compliments.

Please, if there is anything you require, do not hesitate to ask. I am always happy to help.

Yours Sincerely,

~ Hawke

P.S. Don't let the strong smell of the cheese put you off. It is actually very good.

Letter later found wedged behind an empty jar of mustard on a bookshelf in Fenris's room.