Three months later Eames was cooking dinner in Arthur's apartment.

[Eames (6:31 pm): I hope you like nipples]

[Eames (6:31 pm): *nipples]

[Eames (6:31 pm): *nipples]

[Eames (6:32 pm): COCK]

[Eames (6:32 pm): *chipotle]

[Eames (6:33 pm): I'm cooking children]

[Eames (6:33 pm): Yes, children chipotle, I can hear you laughing from the future]

[Eames (6:33 pm): *chicken]

[Eames (6:34 pm): you know I had seriously been considering sending Steve Jobs a thank you note after all this. Fuck that.]

[Eames (7:12 pm): Do you have fresh garlic?]

[Arthur (7:13 pm): I don't know check my panty]

[Arthur (7:13 pm): PANTRY GOD DUCKING DAMN IT]

[Eames (7:13 pm): thank you dear]

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