Chapter 1 2011

2011 was going to be their year. So many events took place. After bringing out their second album, the boys of Big Time Rush finally went on a real tour through the US. The four hockey friends from Minnesota were ecstatic. They travelled coast to coast. And then the best news of all; their album went Gold.

Gustavo had saved the best news for last; they were to go to Europe to promote their album coming out.

On the evening before their flight to London, the boys sat around the Palmwoods campfire. They sang and laughed with their friends. For three weeks they would be gone. Their time had finally come. Things could only get better.

Sleeping was the only problem they were having that night. Pretty soon one by one all get up from their beds and stroll into their apartment.

Logan walks in, yawning loudly and stretching. He is surprised to see the TV on. He walks to the orange couch, smiling when he sees Kendall sprawled out.

"Hey." He says, smiling slightly, before turning his head to the TV again. Spongebob Squarepants. The show all four of them grew up watching together. It was something they still shared.

"Move over." Logan quietly tells him as he attempts to sit on the couch as well. He pushes Kendall, who reluctantly scoots over. Logan sits down and lets his body rest against Kendall's. Kendall just snickers and shakes his head.

The four had always been this close. Touching each other like this, as if they were actual brothers was something everyone around them had grown used to. It was just how they were.

"Couldn't sleep either, huh?"

Logan smiles. "It's weird. I feel so tired, but just the thought of what we're doing tomorrow is enough to keep me up."

"Yeah, I know what you mean. Dude, we are leaving for Europe tomorrow. How cool is that?"

They just lay there for a while, before another member shuffles into the living area. But instead of asking nicely, he just drops his body into their laps. They groan loudly.

"Ugh, James.. get off.." Logan groans sleepily. James just smiles, making no attempt to get up. The others are so tired, they give up after a while, just letting him lie there.

"Can you guys believe it? We're leaving for London tomorrow! London!" He quietly yells, careful not to raise his voice too much. Wouldn't want to wake Mrs. Knight or Katie.

"We know, James. We know." Kendall quietly says. He shares a look with Logan, who has the same excitement shining in his eyes as he himself does.

"So, where did you put Carlos? Did he go to the bathroom or something?" Kendall and Logan look confused.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, Carlos isn't in his bed. When I saw you guys, I just figured he must be here too."

"Uhm, he wasn't here when I got up. And I've been here for like an hour." Kendall tells his friends.

Suddenly James grins. "You guys, he probably did go to the bathroom and fell asleep. It's happened before." The other guys share a worried look anyway, before watching James get up and walking to the bathroom. They slowly get up and follow him to the door.

James demonstratively opens the door with a wide grin. "Behold, a sleeping Carlos." The other guys share another look.

"Uhm, James?" Kendall mentions. James looks up and follows Kendall eyes as he points to the bathroom. Empty.

James walks into the room, checking everywhere, before coming out, looking confused. He tries to hide his worry with a big grin, but the other guys see through it. He was always closest to Carlos, getting together to pull crazy stunts or parties.

"Maybe he just went for a walk." Logan offers.

"In the middle of the night?" Kendall asks him. Logan just shrugs.

"It's Carlos. When does he ever make sense?" He answers with a small smile, trying to reassure James, whose smile is starting to fade.

"Be as it may, he's never gone out in the middle of the night by himself." Kendall says.

"Well, what should we do? You want to go look for him?"

"I do." James says in a small voice. Kendall sighs before nodding.

"Let's go."

"I'm sure it's nothing. I'm sure he's just so excited, he went to walk around the Palmwoods. Maybe it's just nerves, you know?" Logan keeps trying.

The boys look all around the Palmwoods, which seems a little creepy with it being so late and dark. Everything is quiet and seems deserted. Even though they have been here before, with the 'Palmwoods ghost' night. But still, it wasn't something they were used to.

After an hour of searching in and around Palmwoods, the boys come back into the lobby, looking more worried than ever.

"Look, maybe he just went for a walk to calm his nerves. I'm sure he'll be back in time for the flight tomorrow." Logan offers to James, whose face has become slightly pale with worry etched onto his face.

"Logan's right. We should go to bed. I'm sure he'll be right there having breakfast when we wake up." Kendall agrees.

"Go to bed? We can't just go to bed.. What if something happened?" James asks them in a panicky voice. Kendall grabs a hold of him, making him look right at him.

"James, I'm sure he's fine, okay? If he's not back tomorrow, we'll go look for him again, alright?" James doesn't look convinced, but he solemnly nods.

The boys head back into the apartment and into their rooms. Logan and Kendall in one and James alone into the one he shares with Carlos. His eyes land on the empty bed on the other side of the room one more time before he climbs into bed.

Even though all three were tired, none slept that night. And it wasn't because of the plane ride to London causing it. Concern filled their minds. Anger also filled Kendall's. How could their friend just go and make them worry like this? Always the irresponsible one. Why couldn't he just think before he did things? Didn't he realize what he was doing to other people?

These were the thoughts he had in his mind when the first rays of sunshine shone into their room that morning. He jumped out of bed, angry look etched on. Ready to face their friend and let him know exactly what he thought.

"Alright, Carlos. This is the last time you…" He stops talking when he finds only his mother, Katie and James sitting at the breakfast table. All look concerned. "He's still not here?"

James just shakes his head. "He knows it's breakfast time, Kendall. But he's not here."

"Is he back?" Logan's voice suddenly sounds behind him. But one look on the worried faces at the breakfast table gives him all the answers he needs.

"Just relax, okay? I'm sure he just wandered off and fell asleep. It can happen, right?" Kendall tries a smile. But it fades as fast as it came and no smiles are returned.

Pretty soon everyone at the Palmwoods is enlisted in helping to find their friend, Carlos Garcia. Their flight to Europe completely forgotten and put second. Even the people from Rocque Records are soon searching through LA.

The police are called in when they themselves have nowhere else to look.

But after a while, they have to inform the family that the 16 year-old Latino is officially on the list of missing persons. Nowhere to be found.

The three friends never give up. But their friend seems to have vanished without a trace. Lost in the world. His family soon accepts that he is really gone, never to return. They even hold a funeral for him.

But for James, Kendall and Logan, this is just a mockery. They refuse to go. Refuse to accept their friend to be dead. In their minds, he is still out there. Out there somewhere, waiting for them to find him and bring him home.

2011 was going to their year. But it was all over in one night, when they lost one of their own. Some say it was that moment Big Time Rush was officially over, even though they never announced it until six months later.

One thing was true, 2011 was a year they would never forget. This was very true. For all four of them…

So, another story by me. Expect a lot of drama, hope you like this one as well.

Until next time!

Love, Baxxie