Chapter 27 Reunited

It's been a few minutes since the strange people entered the house. The man has his gun trained on the group as the woman closes the door. The group walks backwards with their hands up, while Katie has grabbed on to Kendall from behind for safety.

"Who are you? And what do you want?" James angrily demands. The man grins menacingly and then starts to laugh. James frowns at him. "What's so funny?"

"You want to know what we want? You know what we want." The man states.

The woman suddenly giggles with glee and removes her disguise. Logan gasps right away as the image of the woman clicks in his mind.

"I'm going to go look for him." She tells the man and kisses his cheek. Then she claps her hands eagerly as she practically skips away. "Teddy? Oh teddy bear? Guess who's here?" They hear her shout happily inside the house.

"What is going on?" Kendall hisses in a whisper towards Logan, who looks a lot more scared now and he didn't miss the gasp either.

"It's them…" Logan whispers back as the guy suddenly pulls out a cell phone and starts to make a quick call with his free hand.

"Who's them?" James whispers in confusion when the man hangs up and grins even wider. Then he starts to take off his own disguise and Kendall sees it.

"Oh my god…" He whispers in shock.

"Hey! What's with the whispering over there? Didn't your mother ever tell you it's rude?" The man spats as he steps towards them. Everyone stops talking right away.

It suddenly dawns on Kendall what the man said. His mom. His mom can get them out!

Logan has seen the look of realization and relief on Kendall's face and nudges him. When Kendall looks over the brunet gives him a questioning look. Kendall just shakes his head, signaling now is not the time to explain.

They stare ahead in confusion as the man just stands in front of them while eying the front door.

"What is he waiting for?" James then whispers, causing the man to whip his head around angrily.

"Hey! I said, no whispering!" He yells as he draws his fist back. James gives the broad and large man a challenging look while waiting for the blow.

A sudden knock on the door has everyone looking up in confusion. The man narrows his eyes at James one last time, before grinning wildly.

"Finally. Let the real show begin." He says in a haunting voice as he opens the door.

Everyone's eyes widen as they witness the four huge muscle guys walk over the threshold, holding large dufflebags.

"Come on in, boys." The man tells them as he lets them in with a smile.

"Who the hell are these guys?" James whispers to the others while Katie suddenly whimpers.

"I'm scared, Kendall…" Kendall holds her close right away as they all keep a close eye on the four new men who grin at the scared looking group.

"It's going to be okay, baby sister. We'll get out of this." He whispers as he kisses the top of her head.

"Okay, boys, first things first. Tie up these kids in the living room and get the rest of the room ready. I want to make sure everything is perfect for the show to start." The man orders while giving the group another menacing grin.

Everyone protests as they are pulled away from each other by the heavy duty men and pushed into the living room with force. Thin ropes are used to bind their hands together behind their backs.

"Watch it!" Kendall yells as one guy pulls his ropes too tight. They are all surprisingly placed on their own large couch after the Freight Train like men have turned it to face away from the TV. They look around in confusion as the kitchen is cleared of furniture, save for one chair, which is set in the middle of the now open space.

"What are they doing?" Kendall asks in a whisper.

"I don't know. And I'm not sure I want to…" Logan says in a frightened whisper as he watches one of the duffle bags opening up. His eyes widen as they take out heavy silver chains and a collection of weapons. They range from a baseball bat to a huge glistening knife.

When they are done setting everything up, the 'leader' stands in front of them with a smile.

"What do you think? Perfect right? Perfect setting for the show. You know, I've never had a live audience before. This will be so much fun." The man finishes with a toothy grin.

When the man turns away for a small moment as one of his men asks something, James quickly turns to the others.

"What the hell is he talking about? What show and live audience?" He frantically asks them, panic slowly setting in.

But before anyone can answer, the man turns to face them again.

"You know, there is just one thing missing here. I mean, how can we do a show without the star?" He asks with a glint in his dark eyes.

Meanwhile, the blond haired woman searches everywhere downstairs and when she can't find any sign of her 'teddy bear', she makes her way up the stairs instead.

"Teddy? Where are you?" She calls out in singsong as she looks in every room.

Inside his playroom Carlos sits in a far corner, knees held to his chest as he holds a hockey stick tightly in his hands. His body trembles as his breathing has gone erratic as soon as he hears her voice.

He curls up into a ball even further and whimpers quietly as tears start to flood down in his state of fear.

Sweat trickles down his face and his heart pounds loudly in his chest when he hears her opening his bedroom door.

"Teddy? Why won't you come out? It's me, Molly. Haven't you missed me? I just want to cuddle." She innocently calls out as he desperately tries not to let her hear his panicked sobs.


"Oh teddy, you really are the best at cuddling. I don't ever want to let you go." The voice tells him as she lays her head on his naked chest. He freezes as she wraps her arms around him. She lets out a content sigh. He just lays there and stares at the dark ceiling, while silent tears fall down his bloody and bruised cheeks.

He is quickly pulled out of his flashback when the door handle of his playroom is jiggled. He holds his breath.

"Teddy? Are you in there? It's okay to come out, you know me." She says and he can hear the smile in her voice. "Teddy?" She asks again and then sighs in defeat.

He can hear her leaving the room again and finally lets out his breath. His body still trembles as he listens to any sounds of anyone else coming up. Safe for now…

Back downstairs…

The group sits in silence as the men keep their eyes and guns trained on them, while the leader paces through the room impatiently.

"Johnny… I can't find him anywhere." Molly says with a pout as she descends from the staircase. The man grumbles underneath his breath and sighs, before turning to face the group.

"Alright, where is he?" 'Johnny' asks impatiently. James frowns.

"Where's who?" He asks in full confusion.

"You know who I'm talking about, now tell me where he is!" Johnny yells at them, making them jump a little.

Kendall and Logan lock eyes for a brief moment and make a silent exchange.

"There's no one else here." Kendall states simply. Johnny throws him a death glare and gets up close to him, putting the gun to his neck and pulling his hair back. Kendall doesn't look at him and keeps a hard look on the kitchen table.

"Do I look stupid to you, blondie? Huh?" Kendall grits his teeth when the man pulls harder on his hair. "You and I both know he is in this house and you are going to tell me or maybe I will just have to ask your little sister over here." He says with a menacing grin as he lets go of the hair and uses his free hand to stroke Katie's cheek next to him.

"Don't touch her!" James yells quickly. The man grins and whips his eyes over to him. He lets go of the Knight siblings and walks over to the pretty boy.

"Hm, so pretty." The man mutters as he brushes a strand of hair from James' eyes. James flinches at the touch. Johnny grins wider and then grabs the brunet's chin and leans in close. James struggles in his restraints as he can feel the man's breath in his ear. "If you care about the girl so much, just tell me where the boy is." The man whispers.

James sends a scared look towards Katie, who looks absolutely terrified.

"Come on, you can tell me. I promise I won't hurt the girl if you just tell me where he is." The man quietly repeats, so now the others can hear it. James just keeps staring at Katie, who can see the doubt in his eyes. She quickly shakes her head, pleading with him not to do it.

"I uh…" James starts, obviously struggling which decision to make. "I… don't know…" He finishes and finally tears his gaze away from the young brunet, whom sighs in relief.

The man's grin fades right away. "Really now?" He asks.

"There's no one here but us." James repeats the sentence Kendall gave before and the man stands up again. He nods and strains his jaw.

"So no one is going to talk, huh?" he asks quietly as he walks by the four tied up teens. They all firmly keep their eyes trained on points in front of them, refusing to look at him. "What about you, shortie?" He questions as he looks at Logan. But Logan ignores him fully.

"Alright, fine. You know, I wanted to do this the easy way. But you're giving me no choice." He informs them, before walking towards two of his 'men' and whispering something to them. They nod and suddenly walk up to Katie and snatch her up from the floor.

The guys' eyes go wide.

"hey, what are you doing?" Kendall demands as he struggles to get to her.

"Let go of me!" Katie yells as she tries to get away from them. All the guys protest as they lead her towards the chair. She is forced to sit as they start to use chains to tightly confine her to the seat.

"What's wrong? This is what you wanted isn't it?" The man asks them innocently.

"She didn't do anything to you and neither did we! There is no one else here, so why don't you just back the fuck off!" Kendall yells in his restraints. The man grins.

"We both know you are completely full of shit, blondie." Johnny says quietly as he leans forward towards Kendall's face. Then, without any warning, he delivers a solid punch to his jaw with the butt of the gun.

"Kendall!" Katie yells at the top of her lungs as her brother's face is swung aside. He looks up with a daze, heavily blinking as he does so.

Upstairs, Carlos has heard the yelling. Despite not hearing exactly what's going on, he knows his friends are in trouble. His heart is pounding again as he glances at the door. He bites his lip as he contemplates on what to do.

While Katie has silently started to cry for her brother getting hurt and the danger they are clearly in, the man steps forward and grips her chin.

"Now you see this beautiful young face? You see what you made me do? Now she's crying." The man tells them.

"You bastard. Why can't you just leave us alone!" James spats at him. The man chuckles.

"My dear boy, I am not going anywhere until I get what I came here for. And as long as you don't help me, I'm afraid I just can't play nice with you." He says as he keeps his grip on Katie.

"Johnny?" Molly suddenly asks from the spot on the side, where she has been watching everything. "Can I play with her first?" She asks innocently. James and Logan exchange a very worried look. The man just grins and steps away.

The woman squeals in delight and walks forward. She leans in to Katie's face.

"You are so pretty. You'll make a wonderful daughter." She mentions as pure terror appears in Katie's eyes. Then the girl gasps as something shiny is pulled up to her face. Molly puts a hand on her mouth as she starts to struggle.

"Shh, I'm just going to mark you. This will only hurt a little bit." She says with a loving smile as she brings the knife closer to Katie's cheek.

The shouting from the guys and the sudden loud scream from Katie is all he needs to hear. All of his limbs are shaking with fear and so many alarm bells are going off, but he can't let them get hurt for him.

Johnny laughs out loud as Katie screams, while the guys shout for Molly to stop.

"Stop it!" Another voice suddenly shouts from the upstairs banister. The entire house is suddenly hulled in deadly silence as all eyes are directed towards the figure at the top of the staircase.

Molly gasps and drops the knife immediately. "Teddy!" She shouts with glee as the others look at their friend in horror.

"Well, well, well. Look who showed up just in time for curtain call." Johnny says with a menacing grin. "It is good to see you again, Carlitos. You're just in time for the show to start."

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