This story takes place anywhere between Sexy (2x15) and Rumors (2x19) before Artie calls Brittany stupid because I don't like Brittany/Santana but I love Brittany/Artie (if you're gonna write reviews that are like "Brittana 4ever Bartie sux" (or something like that) don't comment). BTW when they're passing notes Quinn is writing in italics and Finn is writing in bold.

Quinn POV

Finn, I don't think this is working out. I'll always love you but as a friend only. -Quinn

It's a good thing Finn sits in front of me in class or else someone might read the note.

I don't think this is working out either. Being friends is fine.

Good luck with Rachel.

What are you taking about?

I see you staring at her... you obviously want her back.

Good luck with Sam... you obviously want him back.

No I don't what are you taking about?

I thought I was being secretive, but I guess not. I wanted to be prom queen and make Sam jealous, so I used Finn. Going to help Sam after school is the highlight of my day. Sadly, when I look at him he looks at me like I'm a huge bitch. Even when I help Stacy with her homework and it takes hours he still looks at me like I'm a bitch. Serves me right. I lost the most amazing boyfriend in the world. He treated me like a princess and I didn't think that was supposed to happen because Finn didn't treat me like a princess and Puck certainly didn't treat me like a princess. When I kissed Finn in the auditorium I realized Sam was the one I wanted to be with and when he sang Justin Bieber to me I was positive Sam was the guy for me. It all would have been fine if we didn't get mono. Santana is such a bitch she ruined my life. I can't sleep without feeling miserable that he's gone and he'll never take me back. Since Finn and I are broken up now I need to win him back because he's certainly not gonna take me back in an instant like Finn did.

Oh please. I see you starring at him in Glee club. Not as secretive as you thought you were.

Damn it. Not secretive at all. I hope he was the only one who noticed. The bell rang and I put the note in my bag to throw it out at home. Jacob would do anything for good gossip, even look in the trash.

Santana POV

Something dropped out of Quinn's bag. I saw her passing notes with Finn so I hope it's their note. I can give it to Jacob... but I can't. Brittany will think I'm being a bitch and she'll never go out with me. I picked it up. It was the note! Ha! He'll never give her a second chance.

"Hey Brittany" I said in a flirty voice as I walk over to her. I can't believe she chose wheelie for me. I'm so hot and he's an ugly nerd (I think Artie is a cute nerd, but I'm just trying to write as Santana so don't write comments like "How can you find Artie ugly?"). "Quinn still likes Sam, but you can't tell anyone" Knowing Brittany she'll tell wheelie and he'll tell someone else and they'll tell someone else and it'll eventually get back to Sam.

"Okay Santana" She went off to tell to wheelie. I stayed to make sure she did. She did. My work here is done.

Will update once I get 2 good reviews. Do you think Quinn is nicer when she was with Sam because I do?