"That should be me holding your hand, that should be me making you laugh, that should be me oh its so sad, that should be me, that should be me." -That Should Be Me by Justin Bieber feat. Rascal Flatts

Chapter One

"Hey Tori. Can I ask ya something?" Beck Oliver came up to Tori Vega as she stood at her locker.

Tori looked over and smiled seeing him. He looked as handsome as he always did. His brown hair covered his forehead and reached just the tip of his eyebrows. "Sure Beck. What do you need?"

Beck leaned on the locker next to hers, "Jade's birthday is coming up. I need help getting a present for her."

"Why ask me?" Tori glanced at him then acted like she needed to find something out of her locker.

"Cause out of everyone you know her best. Even though you guys don't get along, you still know her better than Cat and definitely better then Robbie or André." Beck pushed his bangs out of his eyes to look at Tori more. He put a hand on her elbow gently. "Please Tori. I need your help."

Tori looked over when he put a hand on her elbow. She looked into his brown eyes and gave in. Even if she was in love with Beck. She had to help him out. "Sure." She sighed, "I'll write out a list for you of what she likes."

"Thanks Tori!" Beck hugged her gratefully. "You're a lifesaver." He smiled, "I'll see you at lunch."

Tori waved slowly as he walked away. "Bye Beck." She looked in her locker and sighed. Who was she kidding? Beck wouldn't go for her. There was a reason he and Jade were together. They balanced each other out. She made him happy. Miserable, but happy. He made her as happy as Jade could get. Tori couldn't be able to make Beck happy the way Jade did. It was good they just stayed the way they were.

"Hey Tori!" Cat Valentine, one of Tori's friends, bounced up, her light pink hair in a ponytail that day. "How's it going?"

"Oh, alright," Tori shrugged.

"What's wrong?" Cat asked concerned.

"Nothing." Tori smiled to lead Cat off track. "Just got stuff on my mind. I'm helping Beck figure out a present for Jade for her birthday."

"Oh yeah! I gotta shop for that! Wanna come with me today after school?" Cat's voice bounced excitedly.

"I can't. Sorry my parents are out of town and they left me with Trina." It wasn't a full lie. But she was gonna be busy helping Beck with a surprise party for Jade. That was one thing they had planned two weeks ago. It kept getting pushed to the side though and Beck had promised they'd do it today.

"Oh. Okay. I'll go with Robbie then. Speaking of him, I should go find him. Bye Tori!" She waved and headed off to find Robbie.

Tori leaned against her locker for a moment and sighed leaning her head back. Why was it so easy to fall in love with someone but they ended up loving someone else?

"Hey Tori." André one of their other friends came up to her. He was the one they mostly went to when they needed advice or just someone to talk to.

Tori looked at him, "Hey André."

André smiled, "everything okay?"

"Oh, I guess?" Tori shrugged, "just got a lot on my mind."

"About what? You can tell me." André was so helpful to everyone.

"I know André. But that's why I don't want to. I don't wanna make my problems yours." She smiled and hugged him to show how grateful she was, "thank you though."

"Anytime Tori. C'mon lets get to class. Sikowitz will go psycho if we're not on time." André laughed and they walked to their class. Beck never leaving Tori's mind.

A/N:Okay so this is something totally new to me. I became a fan of Beck/Tori since the Beggin' On Your Knees episode. (The first one I've ever watched ;))and I felt like writing a fanfic with them together. I've tried to watch more to get a feel for the characters first. So hopefully I got a pretty good in character groove. Tell me what you think, what I can improve, or anything. I'll probably continue. But I wanna see the response first. So please make it a good one. Thanks guys!