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Important note: The action takes place after the Winter War. Ichigo did not lose his powers completely and in my version he can still see ghosts and Shinigami. Also it has nothing to do with the new arc and takes place 5 years after the Winter War.

Karin and Yuzu are 16 and in the second year of high-school, while Ichigo is 20 (he has just finished high school) and a student at an unimportant university.


To break is all I know

Chapter 1: The soccer team

Kurosaki Isshin was going catatonic. Why you may ask … well his little precious daughter … err … daughters were late for dinner. Another fact that did not snap in place was that sweet Yuzu was not home, so there was no dinner, therefore the previous statement was an illogic one. The ex captain didn't bother with his lack of logic and whined like a hurt puppy, crying at the poster of his deceased wife.

"They are late!" his face was squashed against the poster and it gave him a pathetic appearance reminding the witnessing Ichigo of a beaten up Renji. Rukia was quite violent when the pineapple head came with stupid ideas like "scaring that shit out of Byakuya" or "scaring the shit out of Rukia". You can guess the last one was the worst out of the two options.

"WHY!" cried the hurting father"My daughters are …"

"Home" Ichigo completed the sentence when the front door opened, revealing a worn out Karin and a humming Yuzu.

Karin saw her father's predicament, but she was way too tired to laugh or mock him about it. Yuzu was as happy as always and when she saw the kitchen, her smile widened visibly. Her own heaven was waiting to be used by the skillful cook (this should not by reminded in Orihime's case) and the Kurosakis were just as eager to taste her delicious dishes.

So, while Yuzu was preparing dinner, Karin took the responsibility to explain why they were so late.

"Sorry we were late, but our high school was choosing its soccer players" for one moment the girl's face brightened only to settle in a frown a moment later "But this guy …"

The way she said "this guy" could only be interpreted as annoyance, but Ichigo felt a hidden admiration in her words. He was about to ask what did she mean by 'this guy', when the always annoying father had to burst in the discussion.

"What guy? Did he do something inappropriate to you, my little cactus?" he grabbed a fork from the table's drawer and pointed it at the front door aggressively "I will show him that nobody can hurt a Kurosaki without hurting all of us. Let's go my son! We are the men in this family and it's out job to punish the ones who …" his speech continued in this direction for another –very long- half an hour.

Of course nobody paid any special attention to him, and while he was going on with his ramble, Ichigo had to satisfy his curiosity by asking Karin the question that was bugging him.

"Who's this guy you mentioned?"

Karin smirked at her brother "I cannot believe you're asking me that as well. I thought you were normal"

"I'm just curious" said Ichigo "You rarely say anything about school, so now that you have finally mentioned someone, I wanna know way. Is he your boyfriend?"

The glare Karin sent towards her brother was without a doubt the well know Kurosaki glare, and as a result Ichigo aborted the subject immediately. However Yuzu heard the short conversation and asked another embarrassing question.

"You mean the guy who rubbed you the wrong way?" Karin's eyes fell on her twin sister, and the annoyed look mirrored in her dark orbs gave up an interesting answer "So you meant him …"

Ichigo saw with the corner of his left eye the smirk which appeared on Yuzu's face, and even if just a moment ago he had gotten scared by Karin's glare, the curiosity got the best out of him determining him to pursue the subject.

"Now really Karin, be honest: who's this guy? He seems pretty important to me" his sister's reticence was proportional with his thirst for information … which made her unresponsive to his request "Yuzu could you tell me who's this guy that got Karin so … interested" when Yuzu just hummed happily, ignoring him, he snapped at his father

"Could you just stop from the bickering? It's one hell of an annoyance!"

"And so we, the Kurosakis, have a unique destiny which can be revealed only by fighting the cruel fate that was given to us by god…" but he didn't stop which really unnerved the orange haired Kurosaki.

"Is he for real?" asked Karin nobody in particular, since she already knew the answer …

No. Her father was not for real, because no real father would kick his son/daughter first thing in the morning with the pathetic excuse that this is his way of saying 'Good morning'. Also no real father would tell his son that 'the breeding season had begun and he should go breed with Rukia … or Orihime … or both'. The list could go on and on just like her father's mouth…

"In some cases I had found myself in trouble, but my friends saved me from an unworthy punishment … so that means that even if you feel like nothing can solve your problems you will always find help in …"

… or speech … which was getting longer than usual.

The fact that her brother was persisting in his quest of finding out what guy pissed her was not helping either. Sometimes the Substitute Shinigami was the spitting image of his father. Only these rare cases, which involved her or Yuzu could bring out this unseen side of Ichigo.

"It will not hurt if you tell me. I'm your brother not… our father"

This time Isshin stopped the ramble and made an acrobatic leap over the table punching an inattentive Ichigo straight in the face. The stoic boy was sent flying in the near wall, which reminded Karin why half of their expenses were thrown away on house reparations … usually the kitchen wall, the front door, Ichigo's window, Karin's window, Karin's door … sometimes even the fridge.

Karin saw with the corner of her eye her brother's expression and her feminine intuition, more like force of habit, told her this time their bill will be quite consistent. Her mind flew away …


(Earlier that morning)


"Kurosaki!" screamed the coach at her "Come here. The school committee has a request for you"

Karin grabbed her lucky ball and sprinted towards the captain thinking what did the school committee had to do with her. After all she was a tomboy soccer player who happened to kick harder than a boxer, and they were spoiled, rich bastards whose beliefs were that everybody and everything could be loaned.

When she was close enough, Karin could see a tall dark figure behind her coach, but she chose to ignore the person, fixing her point of attention on the idiot that was supposed to be her coach. The man was a walking disaster, but if the school committee appointed him as the best person to train the soccer team, Karin could only comply. This was one of the many bad decisions the committee had made.

"Because you are the captain, they asked you to accept our new student in the soccer team" Karin rolled her eyes "and I hope you understand this is not open to debate"

The only good decision those pompous bastards had ever made was to make Kurosaki Karin as a captain, but now they were asking stupid things and Karin was forced to compel because her position was on the line.

She peeked at the person she had ignored earlier, studying every aspect she was able to see with the bear eye alone.

"Is he the guy?" asked the girl pointing at the stoic male, whose expression didn't change during the short discussion between coach and captain.

"Yes. I will leave now to inform the committee that you accepted their representative" stated the trainer, only to be assaulted by Karin's harsh reply.

"I did not say yes …" she smirked at the brunette boy "We will see how good you are boy."

Karin threw the ball at the boy hoping he will dodge or scream like a girl, like most did when put face to face with the well-known, violent, Kurosaki captain. Unfortunately he did neither of them, settling on catching it in the palm of his hand like it was the most natural thing to do; his brown eyes never left Karin's face and the girl's nerves spiked.

He was pinning her down with those deep eyes, mocking her at the same time with a cruel smirk.

Karin may have thought of him as "boy", but he seemed older than a mere high school student. This impression was strengthened by his height and solid figure; the raw muscles that decorated the arms could be admired, since the summer uniform consisted in a tee-shirt, and she could guess that under the shirt she would find 6 or 8 packs of muscles.

The boy … well he was hardly a boy, so Karin settled on calling him man…the man looked quite bored and that irritated her subconsciously, because he had no idea how heavy her punch really was. She made an inner note to show him why the Kurosaki family was so popular in Karakura.

Karin dozed off for a second giving the man an opportunity to strike; and he took it. For the inattentive girl it took only a second … he had the ball and then the ball was approaching her face at an abnormal speed.

'Well, well … if the man has the guts to attack me directly, I will show him that I'm not the soccer team captain for nothing'

Karin smirked and redirected the soccer ball with an acrobatic kick, sending it right back at her opponent. He took that as a declaration of war and kicked the ball with his left arm, making the game look more like volley than soccer. However this did not bother Karin one bit, because the ball was coming right back at her.

The strategist studied the field and decided on the following course of action rapidly. Her left foot made contact with the round object sending it, not at the man, but at the lamp post behind him, which in return redirected it straight at the back of her opponent. Unknown to her, the man was quite shrewd himself. He did not bother to kick it back, just dodged elegantly, forcing Karin to do the same thing when the ball came at her. However she did not take in consideration the lamp post behind her … that reflected the ball right at her weak spot: the back of the head.

Karin's ager was proportional with the gravity of the situation.

"That settles it" said the coach, way too happily "You are now our new goalkeeper" she could almost hear the sarcasm in his voice "Welcome to the team Samaki"

"I didn't give my approval." barked Karin at the team leader.

"I think we both know he deserves …" but Samaki interrupted the conversation, speaking for the first time.

"I cannot believe you are the team captain" his voice was smooth, but deadly and it completely contradicted the words which left his mouth "If you are indeed the captain, your crew must be pretty pathetic"

Karin could feel her teeth as they cracked under the pressure and she almost lunched at the bastard who dared to humiliate her in front of her coach (even if he was a useless piece of meat that, apart from occupying precious space, didn't do anything clever)

The man grinned and Karin was suddenly hit by a wave of nausea. That guy was wearing one of the most malefic grins she had ever seen and that included all the hollows she had encountered in her life. She even flirted with the idea of running away from those eyes, from that frightening man, but she was stuck in place. It was a new sensation and somehow Karin felt … turned on by the fact that someone was able to control her so completely.

"Welcome to this … pathetic crew Samaki" the bitterness in Karin's voice was palpable "Now that you're one of us, I can only welcome you with open arms" Samaki's grin faded only to reappear right back in its rightful place.

"Aizen" he said stuffing his hands in the deep pockets of his pants "My name is Aizen Samaki"

His brown eyes scanned her slim and fragile figure, thinking of how such a little creature could kick so hard. Aizen was even tempted to massage his injured arm, but the male ego won in the end; he could not show how much that thrown ball really hurt his hand.

"Go and change Samaki" scoffed the girl at his curious glare "We have training to do"

Aizen shrugged, but complied with her request. Karin was too bossy and stubborn, even for someone like him.

"How am I supposed to call you, captain?"

Karin was approaching the benches when the man had asked for her name in a more subtle way. If he wanted to be subtle, so be it. She could play this game all day without getting bored.

"I'm you captain … and you will call me captain"

"Usually you say something before captain. A name" pacified Samaki.

"I'm captain … that's all" 'If this bastard wants my name … he's not going to get it'




'Yeah … that guy was a total ass … but also a talented soccer player and the best I have ever seen since Toshiro'

Karin's attention focused back on the living room, where Ichigo and Isshin were still engaged in a fierce fight over who was stronger.

Ichigo was literally banging his father's head against the wall smirking like an idiot and enjoying every second of it. The ex-captain was trying, in vain, to shake the boy off him failing miserably.

'The Kurosaki males are and will forever be simple minded' concluded Karin in her head.

The poster that represented the mother of the family attracted Karin's attention making her nervous again. That guy's smile was so sinister that she could almost swear … the devil had taken over him. The peaceful face of Masaki Kurosaki calmed the spike of fear which crossed her spine, but could not stop the bad thoughts from surrounding his name 'Aizen Samaki'



At the same time, in an abandoned building a tall man with brown eyes and freshly red dyed hair was glaring at the half asleep city admiring the view, or so was the impression he gave to the passer by. His deep hate for Soul Society was underpinned by the apprehension he felt regarding this city …But Karakura was the place where the Shinigami would never look for him.

He was living in Karakura, mocking him with his short bursts of uncontrolled reiatsu, treasured by his loyal friends. It made him sick to even remember that he was the one to beat the crap out of him 6 years ago.

Even Shinji was living somewhere in Karakura along with his Vizard friends. A sly smile played at the corner of his lips, recalling his ex captain's face when he saw his girlfriend sliced in half by Ichimaru's sword. He had to admit. It had been quite a sight. Too bad Sarugaki Hiyori was alive and well, proving for the n-th time that Unohana's place as the Captain of the 4-th Squad was fully deserved.

Aizen smirked thinking that even the talented healer had her fair share of burns, especially from him. Not directly of course, but the toughest cases were done by his own sword. He thought of Hinamori; her injuries, both of them, were the perfect examples in this case. She had been severely hurt by Toshiro who believed he was fighting with a completely different individual, due to his flawless Complete Hypnosis. Aizen really wanted to take credit for that injury, but he had to give some of it the child-prodigy for playing like a fiddle in his hands.

"Sweet, little, fragile Hinamori-kun" mumbled Aizen "So easy to break … like a doll. A pretty little doll too naïve to realize that the one she loved … was a monster" his eyes were shining with evilness "I cannot blame her. I'm a good actor. 100 years of plotting against Soul Society are my proof"

The man raised his head, watching the stars and the bright full moon, thinking about his revenge and the way he will get it. His maroon eyes slipped onto the top of his hand. A bruise was forming on the inner part, the edges being visible on the outside. It would be hard to hide the injured hand at school, but at least the soccer gloves will come in handy.

Being reminded that tomorrow was Wednesday, Aizen asked himself, again, when in the name of god had he become so pathetic? He was attending Karakura High School, he was playing soccer, he had a captain and the worst of them … he got bruised by a mere human girl … human.

Aizen studied his left palm, swearing it will be the last time this kind of incident will happen; his face suddenly brightened up "I'll enjoy breaking her"

He recognized, from the moment he set eyes on her, the fire and the courage that described her being. She was a tomboy with a bitchy attitude that screamed whenever her wishes were not fulfilled; he kind of guessed, from the way her teammates treated her, that she was throwing hard punches as well as she was throwing fast and powerful soccer balls.

But she was not the first tomboy he met. Hiyori was just as bad when it came to this boyish thing.

At first he could sense the fear sneaking inside her soul, but she just discarded it and composed herself, mocking him with that 'pathetic' counterattack. His sarcasm came right back like a boomerang. This was another thing which amazed him; she was able, not only to stand up to him, but to reverse his words making him look like shit.

Aizen felt a short pain in the lower regions, but he ignored it, choosing to focus on the problems at hand. One of them was the fact that his gigai was eating way too much reiatsu. With the materials he could get his hands on without alerting the Shinigami, he had been able to build a faux human body, but quite imperfect and uncomfortable. After he had tried it, the conclusion came rapidly: the body was sucking his reiatsu like a black hole. However this was the price he was willing to pay, because due to this inconvenience, the reiatsu he emanated was practically zero.

The red head smirked thinking that Urahara's gigais were better than his could ever be, yet none of them were what he wanted. For his needs this product of a low budget was perfect.

He may not solve the problem in the near future, but for now hiding in the dark and waiting for the opportunity to strike was the only thing the once great captain could do.



A/N: Isshin's expression "little cactus" is another idea I took from snowAry

I chose the color red for Aizen's hair because I couldn't picture him blond or orange green, blue, and dark hair … nooo … so RED