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It was more difficult to be the assistant of a spy instead of the spy himself. Especially when you had a major crush on them like I did. But what was not to like about Logan? He was smart, he was handsome, he was a real nice guy. And he could take out three goons with only one hand. Man, he was absolutely perfect. And as much as I liked him, I could never be with him. Being in the Agency was a serious job. You shouldn't get attached to people when you weren't sure if the next mission that you go on will be your last. And that was an ideal that Logan followed strictly.

But it still didn't keep me from falling in love with him.

"Carlos, you're making a mess," James called out and I looked down at my hand to find that the water I was pouring into the glass was more than overflowing, the water pooling around the glass and spreading out through the table. My hand shook and then I placed the jug down, grabbing a towel and wiping up the spilled mess. I heard James laugh and then he came over, grabbing a towel himself and helping me clean up. "Thinking about Logan again?"

"Is it that obvious?"

"You're always like this when you have your mind on him," he chuckled and I blushed.

"So? You always act funny whenever Kendall was around," I said and James blushed as well before giving a small pout.

"I don't like him like that. I don't know what you're talking about," James said and continued to mop up and I smiled. If it was obvious that I had a crush on Logan, it was more than obvious that James had a crush on Kendall. Kendall Knight was one of the best spies in the agency and always knew how to execute a strategic plan. And James was as head over heels in love with his superior as I was with mine. But he was in denial. They usually had a couple of fights here and there, mostly because James always had something snarky to say about Kendall's other assistant, Jo. But in the end, Kendall would be the one to make James smile again.

The doors opened and in walked Logan, dressed in his usual clean suit and tie and a couple of papers in hand. He walked over to the two of us and looked down at the spilled mess before looking up at me and sighed.

"Honestly Carlos, you need to have more concentration," Logan sighed and I looked down, embarrassed.

"Sorry Logan," I said quietly and Logan sighed once more, resting a hand on my shoulder.

"It's okay, accidents happen," he said softly and comforting and I couldn't help but blush again. He slid the papers into my trembling hand, "I don't suppose you could translate these messages from the RCT, can you?"

"Sure," I said and he smiled, the dimples that he was usually embarrassed about prominent against his skin. He looked over at James.

"By the way, Kendall wants you to go and get some papers from Agent 76 for him,"

"Can't he do it?" James groaned and Logan quirked an eyebrow.

"Well I'll just tell Jo-"

James was already running out of the room to go find Agent 76 and Logan smiled at his trickery and looked over at the spilled mess once more before grabbing a towel and continuing to clean up.

"Y-You don't have to. I'll get it up,"

"It's fine. I'm not needed in the operation room anytime soon,"

". . .So. . .how did your last mission go?" I asked, taking the opportunity to be able to talk to Logan without any distractions or interruptions. To get to know him and so he can know me better. To just talk like there was nothing in the world that could bother us.

"The client's request was a bit ridiculous honestly," he scoffed, "It feels like I don't even go on any real missions anymore. Most of these problems could be solved on their own,"

"But it must be fun though,"

"Spying is very serious Carlos. You shouldn't think it's a game," he said sternly and I gulped. I didn't mean for it to come out like that. "But I suppose the thrill of it is. . .exciting,"

"M-Maybe I could be a spy someday,"

"I wouldn't recommend you for it," he said without looking at me and I frowned.

"Why not?"

"You could get hurt,"

". . .Yeah, that's pretty much what you're setting yourself up for, right?"

"But. . .I don't want you to get hurt. You couldn't handle the stress of the spy life,"

"Yes I could!" I shouted and he looked up at me and I glanced down. I'm not a baby. Everyone here treats me like I'm some little kid. I can take care of myself, honest. I just needed a chance. Someone just give me a chance to prove myself. The door opened once more and in stepped one of the Chief's assistants. She gestured towards the hallway, looking at Logan.

"The Chief wishes to see you in his office," she then glanced at me, "and you should bring him along with you,"

Logan looked at her then at me confused, dropping the towel and giving me a gentle nudge forward. I looked back at him and he continued to nudge me along the hallway, past the various agents and assistants that carried their paperwork and information. Past all of the intelligence gatherers and the people that constructed the amazing spy gadgets that I wish I could be able to use. But I was just an office boy, I didn't even speak to the other people in the divisions of the Agency. In fact, the only people I talked to on a daily basis was James and Logan. I didn't even know where the Chief's office was.

Or who the Chief even is.

The woman led us down a different hallway, the walls a dark maroon and the tile that was in other hallways being replaced with the softening carpet that made imprints as we walked through it. And at the end of the hallway was a large portrait of a man standing in a gray suit, hands behind his back and staring straight ahead. The woman placed her hand on the painting and it moved aside, revealing another room on the other side of the wall.

It was large with leather couches situated in a square in the middle. And a rosewood desk with a large chair behind it was near some more paintings that maybe led to other passageways. Books and books adorned the walls that weren't covered in artwork and the entire room gave off a home-like feel. A feel of just being in the room made you intelligent. Kendall and James were sitting on a couch as well, both of their eyes moving to us when we walked in. James smiled and went over to pull me into a hug while Logan went to Kendall to discuss the matter at hand.

"Do you know what's going on?" James whispered to me and I shrugged.

"I'm not sure. It's not anything bad, is it?"

"Well, if it was serious we wouldn't be here," James said and I nodded. He was right; most of the assistants didn't even know when missions were happening. We were in our own little sector and completely cut off from everyone else.

"Everyone is here sir," the woman replied and the painting swooped shut. The large chair swiveled around and in it was a tall, skinny man. He looked over at me and James and motioned for us to take a seat on one of the couches before he continued to speak.

"Good afternoon, gentlemen," he started out calmly.

"Good afternoon, Chief," Kendall and Logan both said in unison and me and James mumbled a good afternoon a few seconds afterwords. The Chief made a small smile and pressed a button that was on the desk, one of the bookcases on the wall flipping over revealing a screen and startling James. Kendall rolled his eyes and James just gave a small scowl and pout. The screen projected pictures of three girls on the screen, each with cell phones and discussing about something.

"These three ladies, Jennifer Hills, Jennifer Barista, and Jennifer Collin, have recently disappeared and at the time, each were carrying government software and military intelligence that were meant to reach RCT,"

"Are they one of our own?" Kendall asked and the man shook his head no.

"They come from the CIA. Somehow their identities managed to get released and were taken hostage by an unknown corporation. Our intelligence gatherers believe that it may have been a man named Jett Stetson, who have worked along side the women, that staged the entire operation. For what reason, we're not sure,"

"So you want us to find them and take out this Stetson guy?" Kendall asked and the man shook his head again.

"I'm afraid that would be quite difficult. The CIA is only using us as a sort of scouting unit. As soon as they sniff out a lead, our service is done. But in turn, their agents that decided to take the case has either been assassinated or disappeared without a trace,"

I gulped. I didn't want Logan taking this case. I didn't want him to get hurt. Logan continued to stare ahead, the screen changing to a picture of a man most likely the one that they were after. Logan then glanced over at me and back at the Chief.

"So why are mine and Kendall's assistants here to know about this mission?" Logan asked and I glanced down. I hated that distant and formal attitude he always used when speaking to superiors. I was Carlos the assistant that had problems concentrating when we were alone and just another assistant that worked here when he was with others.

". . .The CIA is asking for four agents to look into this case. And as irritable as it may be, none of our agents want to reside over the case," the Chief grumbled. I couldn't blame them. You didn't know if you were going to be killed on a mission. This case made it seem like you'll most likely get killed or end up disappearing off the face of the earth, "and you two are our best in the Agency. But it looks like we may need to train some more agents to take over the case along with you two,"

Kendall's and Logan's eyes widened the same time James's jaw started to gape.

"Are you saying that me and Carlos are being promoted! We get to be spies too?" James said with a big grin. He leaned back in the couch, "Oh man, this is so cool!"

"Chief, are you sure about this? Not doubting you decision or anything like that-" Logan began to spoke up but the Chief held out his hand to pause him.

"Well why not? They're familiar with spy work since they handle all of your mission studies, you are familiar with them so the partnership will be easy. They just need some combat training and everything will be alright. And if they do well, they could become permanent agent residents,"

"Do we get catsuits? I want mine jet black," James continued to chirp. Wow, I never even seen him get this excited. But then again, he was always enthusiastic about being an agent. He was more upset that he was just restrained to office life instead of traveling and beating up bad guys. But then it clicked. This was the one chance that I needed. I can show Logan I'm good enough to be a spy. And since we're on the mission together, we could be able to spend more time.

This was perfect.

"I'm sorry Chief, but I-"

"Stetson is usually seen hanging around the New Town Club between the hours of 12 and 3 am. I want these two trained and prepared before the first infiltration," the Chief cut off Logan and then turned in his chair. Logan opened his mouth and then closed it, standing up from his seat and then giving a curt bow before leaving. Kendall did the same and quickly followed right after the retreating spy as me and James left a few seconds later.

"I can see it now. The name's Diamond. James Diamond. And Jo didn't get the promotion! Oh I am so going to be gloating about this when I see her," James said with a snicker and then looked at my normal smile, "and now you get more time with Logan. You should make a move,"

"Logan doesn't even want me to be a spy though,"

"Well he can't say no to the Chief. So he's just going to have to suck it up," James said with a shrug and continued to go on about his spy fantasy. I'm going to prove myself to Logan. He's not going to see me like a kid anymore. He's going to see me like a spy. An adult and well mature spy.

And maybe then, he'll change his mind.

Well, there's the beginning of the story. And the chapters are going to be alternating between Carlos and James's POV so like odd chapters are Carlos and even chapters are James. Well, I hope you all enjoyed the beginning of another BTR fic and please review! And also give me any constructive criticism if I need it!