Andres POV

Laying on Toris bed, I looked up at the Pearphone in my hands as I opened The Slap App. After a few minutes of browsing through pages, I let out a groan. Looking over at me from her spot a her desk, Tori gives me a confused look.
"What's wrong?"
I look over at her in faux anger.
"You just had to say to Jade that I had the hots for her didn't you?"
Smirking she spins the chair around to face me.
"It had to be done."
Glaring at her, I let out another frustrated groan.
"No! No it didn't! She's gonna castrate me!"
Quirking an eyebrow she said, "You're over reacting."
Setting down the Pearphone, I give my evil friend my undivided attention.
"No, I'm not. And on The Slap no less!"
Rolling her eyes, she gives me a playful smile.
"You know you have the hots for her."
Getting up so I can sit on the edge of the bed, I give her an aggravated look.
"That," I emphasized. "Is no where near true."
Crossing her arms over her chest, Toris' smirk is still there.
"Please. I've seen you give her the once over every now and then."
Cheeks heating up, I know she's got me there.

'I'm a guy, and she's a fairly attractive girl. It's not like I can help it.'

My mind argues.
Seeing my blush, Tori laughs loudly.
"See? I'm right aren't I?"
Narrowing my eyes, I run my fingers through my dreads.
"I'll admit, Jade is….attractive."
The singer smirks in triumph.
"But, I'd never date her." I added.
"That'll break her heart."
I glared at her as she laughed at the look.

"Why not?" She asks through he laughs.
"Other than the fact that she's dating Beck, there's certain things we disagree about that would never work if we were dating."

She raises and eyebrow. "Like?"
"Like," I look off to the side in thought.
"Like she's extremely protective and gets jealous like crazy."
Shaking her head, Tori uncrosses her arms.
"So am I. Remember the cheese fountain incident?"
A memory of cheese flying everywhere flashes across my mind.
Chuckling, I look back at her.
"Yea, I remember. But I'm not dating you."
"True. But you want to, admit it." She teases, eyebrows wiggling.
Smiling at the mischievous gleam in her eye, I roll mine.
"You caught me Tor. You discovered my undying love for you."
Laughing at the level tone in my voice, Tori stood up from the desks' chair and posed like a model.
"I know you just want me for my body."
A small smirk graced my lips.
"You're dead on once again."
The actress laughed.
'Let's bring this up a notch.' I thought mischievously.

"It just calls out to me Tori. I can't help if my body craves your touch."
Brows shooting up, she dropped the pose. Confusion etched across her face.
"Ummm…say what?"
Standing, I moved towards her slowly; all thoughts of what she said on The Slap forgotten.
"You heard me." I said matter of factly.
I walked towards her, stopping a few feet away from where she stood.
"I need to be near you."

I gave my acting skills a test, using my eyes to try and show how serious I was. Hopefully they conveyed enough lust to freak her out a little.
"My body aches to touch you."
Eyes wide in shock, Tori stuttered. "I-I-umm…I don't know what to say Andre…I..uhh"
As she started to fidget, I took a step back smiling.
"I win."

Blinking a few times, Tori stood there dumb founded.
"Won?" Her eyes were still wide, but now with confusion.
Laughing, I crossed my arms.
"I wanted to see who would break first and feel awkward."
Blinking again, Toris face became agitated.
"I didn't even know we were playing a game! And I didn't even make it awkward! At all!"
I gave my broad shoulders a nonchalant shrug.
"I still win."
Tori narrowed her eyes. "If I'd known, I'd defiantly win."
I rolled my eyes.
"Please. I'd get in your personal space and you'd freak."
She raised an eyebrow and took a step closer.
"Is that what you think?" She asked challengingly.
I took a step closer too. "That's what I know."
That mischievous gleam was back in her eyes, along with yet another smirk.
"Then let's do this."

AN: I'm a little hesitant on this story. Like, I'm not sure how ya'll will take the next few chapters. But, I'll just have to wait and see the feedback I get from it.