Zack: My Sweet Life With Mack and Cody

"What!"Max hald-spoke half-yelled. "Are you crazy boy? How can he be standing right infront of me?"

Cody and I were at Max's house and I had told her about Cody situation, she obviously couldn't see him and by the was she's eyeing me she probably thinks I should be sent to a mental institute.

"Should I be worried about you Zack?" she asked.

See what I mean! My girlfriend tried to reason with me. Max had told me that I'd probably seen a reflection of myself or it was just my imagination but I reasoned back. "Look Max, if he wasn't really here why would I tell you he was? Look, I'm tickling him!" I explained as I reached toward my "invisible" twins stomach.

"Ha ha! Stop Zack!" Cody laughed as I used his biggest weakness against him.

"OH MY GOD!" Max gasped "I heard a voice! I think I-"

"You think you heard him? Yes, you did hear him. Max, give me your hand" I said as I got an idea.

Max slowly reached out and placed one delicate hand in my outstreached plam. I slowly guided it to Cody's shoulder and placed there. "Oh my gosh." she gasped as she slughtly pulled her hand away from the unnaturally warm shoulder. "What's that, why's it hot?" she asked as slowly put her hand back on his shoulder.

"It's Cody. Can you see him yet?" I asked.

"I don't know"

"Look harder Max" Cody said softly. "Your staring right at me"

Max leaned closer, squinting er eyes, tryingto concentrate on the invisible figure infront of her. "Cody?" her voice was barely audible. "Oh my god Cody! I missed you so much!" she cried, throwing her arms around his neck.

"Ha! You can see me! I missed you too buddy!" he laughed as he hugged back.

"Yo, Codes, don't get too comfortable, she's my girlfriend remember?" I teased as I joined in on the hug.

"Yeah, but she is my best friend remember?"

"Then what am I?" I whined, teasingly.

"Your my brother, my twin, my rock and my other half...well you are my best friend too" He explained.

"Awww!" Max said as she pulled back, and hugged Zack.

"Thanx bro, your all that and much more to me too. Promise that you won't ever leave us like that again"

"I promise" he said, grabbed me into a bear-or should I say wolf, hug.

"Get over here Max!" I laughed, grabbing my giggling girlfriend.

Seconds later we found ourselves rolling on the ground flinging pillows at each other, we were all in hysterics and all was well...for now...