Bullets shed, both determined and neither giving up. After an hour of fighting and analyzing each other they knew it would result in a stale mate and both dropped their weapons.

Exhausted, Homura fainted and Aigis carried her towards home, not wanting to leave a child alone. Despite the amazing weaponry and combat skills the girl had, she looked fragile while asleep.

In her sleep Homura sniffled and sobbed: "Madoka."

Aigis stared at her, frozen and regained her composure and she carried her to the rooftop of her school. She did her best to keep her warm, by giving her, her jacket and cradled her like she did with Minato many years ago after the incident on the bridge.

When she was up, Homura's hair was being played with by Aigis' hand.

Instead of bolting up and getting out of there, Aigis had a heavy hand on her chest to prevent her from moving.

"My internal stablizers sense that you need nourishment, I know of a restaurant we can go to."

Homura looked at her and then the bright blue sky.

She wasn't trying to kill her now and seemed concerned so she agreed, if she died, there was no way Madoka would forgive her.

On the walk there they chatted, with Aigis leading the way to the noodle stand.

"Your aresenal of firearms is impressive." Aigis said absentmindedly while staring at some buildings she used to visit with him.

"...Yours is too despite it being...weaker in comparison." Homura fumbled.

"To be fair I've dealt with an opponent whom has employed vehicles as well as cannons, rpgs, explosives, revolvers and bows and arrows." Aigis said recounting fighting the shadows, STREGA and her own team in the Abyss of Time.

"I've mistaken you for the enemy. The real enemy has gotten away." A demon.

"You are forgiven. I thought you were a trouble maker." A shadow.

After their mutual forgiveness and awkward silence, Aigis spoke up again.

"A child should not have those weapons on her." She said motherly like instead of mocking.

Homura re-examined Aigis.

She looked human enough but knew when her arm launched itself to punch her that, that wasn't the case.

"There was someone whom I protected once." Glad that the bow she wore on her head was unscathed.

Aigis stopped walking and Homura looked at her.

"You too?" She said with a tint of sadness.

"Guess we're just failures when it comes to the ones whom we care about the most." Homura said monotone.

Aigis held the girl's shoulder.

"That may be true but I'm sure that they were the ones that gave us a reason to protect us in the end."

"For the people she loved." Homura said bitterly, looking up.

"For the world he helped." Aigis said stared, longingly at the moon.